Over the river and through the woods to Grammie’s house we go….

Hi Flag!  Can you come out and play? 

Don’t want to?!  Oh forgot you prefer the air conditioning.  Sheesh, typical girl cat. 

Well then, is Grammie or Gramps home?  Maybe you could send one of them out to play – I’m bored.  I think I’ve already killed all the moles in “her” yard.  All the lizards are without tails.  And I don’t want anymore worms….too gritty.

Wow – a bird’s nest!  Bummer, it’s empty. This must be the one that fell out of the tree when we had those fur bending winds last week. 

Oh my whiskers are vibrating….here comes someone, sounds pretty big, even for one of the fluff boys (they are four pawed like me, BUT one weighing in at 19 pounds – gotta watch him, he’ll eat the rug you’re standing on)….oh hi Grammie!!!  So glad you could come out and see me!  Got any snacks???  (Grammie’s always have snacks)

Got any snacks in here?

Thought so!  SCORE! (Romeo is happy to report that his belly was fully for a complete 10 seconds.)

Wha’cha going to do Grammie?

You are putting “her” to work you say? 

Oh yeah, that typewriter was looking a bit rough.  You were tired of the dead plants?!  But Grammie, they matched the typewriter.   Since when do antique typewriters NOT match dead plants?!?! 

You worked so hard to kill those, I don’t understand why you want to change them out.  I mean c’mon you watered them until they floated, then you decided not  to water them until they looked dry like a dog bone, then you put them in the sun and fried them to a dark brown crispy color,  then you decided to try and baby them and put them in the cool shade….purrsonally, I think it’s the comfortable shade that did them in……see what it does to me?

I almost forgot – I promised my furriends I’d show them your pee-on-me bush. 

What do you mean you don’t know what a pee-on-me bush is?!?

C’mon I’ll show you.

Yes, this one! What?

Pee-on-me….Peony….that’s what I said!

It’s beautiful is it not?!?!  Told you it makes “her”  pee-on-me bush look pitiful.

I don't remember what happened next. All those snacks and exercise....well's it's enough to wear a tough cat out....but still, it was a good day!  I hope your's was too!


Linda said...

Romeo you have me rolling on the floor with the pee-on-me bush!!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH my goodness!! I love your blog and love seeing your adventures that you take me on.:) tell your human that I love!! kittys..I have 7 and 1 stinky puppy..I am known as the cat mama in these parts..I collect cat stuff and just love my babys..I love your pee-on-me bush...Thank you also for the birthday wishes...I have a feeling we are going to be great friends...I mean your human loves cats and junk...me too.:)

JC said...

Loved your report of what you did. You must have taken a long nap after that.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh yeah, snacks and a nap in the sun after play-that's the life!

Purrs and Meows,


Deb said...

My God Romeo, your diet is disgusting. How are you so distinguishably handsome when you eat worms? You sure are in a funny mood today. I have one of those bushes too and I will never look at it the same again. Hugs, Deb

Anonymous said...

lol@pee on me peony, to funny.Romeo looks so much like my kitty.My kitty loves to run fast lol.

Happy Weekend!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh Romeo,too funny,,,, I do wish you lived next door. "they" could have alot of giggles at our expense.
Miz Pennywinkle