Picture happiness!

It was hot. Again.  Today.   No rain.  

Not even a spitball from Mother Nature.

So I opted to stay inside most of the day. And hoped for a few extra cat snacks using my handsome good looks and charm. But it was not to be that easy….

“She” was distressed about the quality of her latest pictures. I assured “her” that the pictures of us furry ones were still very good ones – showed our purrsonality and sometimes our more angelic side. Sometimes.

Arwen, who has lots of "character"

But “she” could not be consoled so easily. So out into the studio we went for some picture taking.

Quality picture taking.

Absolutely no hurry.

Total concentration because I promised not to barf up a hairball during the session. Do you have any idea how difficult that was to do? Much less promise?!?! But I needed to do something. I mean when a simple purr and head bonk won’t console “her”…well drastic measures were mandatory.

I think “she” was happy with about 1/3 of what “she” took. Which really isn’t too bad – I mean sometimes you have to take a LOT of pictures before you get the good ones.

At least that’s what I told “her” and what I believe to be true. You can’t get it purrfectly right every time, if “she” could…well “she’d” be a cat (or yes Howie, purrhaps even a dog).

Tessa who looks purrfectly angelic....at this moment

It was also a good creative push to work on my blog image. It was one of those things “she” had been working on for several weeks but just couldn’t find anything that really made me do the catnip crazies.

But  today there were some pictures that made “her” rethink the design and I think purrhaps, “she” is close, very close….so while I am a creature of habit….I’m preparing for change…..the way my blog looks type of change….soon.


Julie Marie said...

Hello Romeo... "her" photos are quite lovely, but I must say, my most favorite one is of YOU laying upside down, how purr~escious! I also love Howie!!! Kitty kisses!... xoxo Julie Marie

cristinoel said...

ditto! Also loved the crocheted antique lace! But twll her, she might think I was going to copy it.

stefanie said...

gorgeous pictures, but the picture of you is the BEST!!! soooo handsome

Burlap Luxe said...

Tell her to stop catnipping over bad photos, these ones are amazingly beautiful. I really wish mine were as Purrrrr- fect as hers.

Every picture spoke to me, and I saw a little conversation in each one. Happy you were a good boy for her while she was creating that photo shoot moment.

Romeo!! did you send me some of your neighborhood friends over here, a strayyy ma ma! and her 2 babies have been in our yard for 2 days and we have taken up feeding them, they were hungry little tikes. I am going to have to figure out what I am to do! :)

see you soon handsome!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo I can't tell you how proud I am of you for not hacking up a fur ball while the photo shoot was going on. She takes some great photos and those of you are of course most handsome!! Charlie says hi and he was not as considerate this morning as you... :)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH Romeo..you are such a good little kitty..you are such good encouragement to your "mama"..but she doesn't need it..she is a wonderfully talented arteesstt.and I love seeing the photos she takes of each of you...I have a sleeping Silly Millie on my lap as we speak..she too love to help her "mama" do her blogging and such...you guys are great little helpers...my kitties love getting the catnip crazies...do you like rolling in it..they do...and then they eat it..Oh and Romeo thank you so much for the wonderful book you sent me...I will treasure it always..;) I hope you have a wonderful weeking doing what kittys love to do..please make sure your mama gives you a love and the rest of the kids as well..;)

Katnip Lounge said...

Hi! Thanks for coming and visiting! We think your Mom does beautiful photography. Of course WE like the Cat ones best! Arwen is a stitch.

Dorthe said...

The photoes are just wonderfull, love the one of you, and all the other beautifull shots from the house.
xo Dorthe

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Romeo,
tell "her thanks tor stopping by.
The pictures are purrrfect-love them.

Catherine said...

Hello! What a wonderful blog! Love your photos and of course, being the cat lover that I am, enjoy the pictures of kitties the best! :)

So fun ~ I will be back!

cheryl kuhn said...

Oh Romeo, can I be your Juliet?....lol....

Romeo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cassandra said...

Oh how sweet! What a splendid blog! Cats are amazing :) I wanted to say thank you for stopping by to visit me. I have much enjoyed my visit here. :) Cassandra

Holly Loves Art said...

I LOVE all the kitty-love here! You have a beautiful blog! My mom's 1-year-old pup is named Romeo... always a favorite name of hers. Happy I've found you. :)

oldgreymare said...

Oh Romeo, my sweet romeo, you made me laugh and maybe even a loud guffaw when I read this post.

Tell "her" she is taking some lovely photos, to enjoy the journey, not the outcome, a hard lesson I struggle with myself, and Romeo play nice..no hacked up hairballs.

Howie is in the dog house,though still asleep after hogging my bed all night and making, shall we say.. disgusting digestive noises all night after sneaking into the treat bag and eating too much roughage? Bad Howie. Bad Howie.