Wonders of the world (part two)

Welcome back! As promised, although a little later than I would have hoped for....c'mon along....I want to show you the other four wonders of my world.....

Number Four
The more beat up and tattered, the better it is.  Give “her” something that has been loved and used … no longer useful to the rest of the population and “she” is head over paws in love.  

Many years ago, Dad would look at what "she" would drag in and rhetorically question, "you're not bringing that in the house are you?"

Grand-dad was more helpful.....he would ask if "she" needed help putting it out to the curb for the garbage man to pick up.  Thoughtful, yes?

The greater wonder though is that “she” will pay money for this afore mentioned junk.  Yep.  Good cat snack money squandered away.  On junk.

Certainly, you wouldn't pay for this stuff.  I mean the shoes are too old to wear, buttons missing; the rabbit...well his stuffing is coming out and he doesn't even have any eyes! And the lamp shade....oh dear, it's hanging in tatters.  If "she" were to put the ceiling fan on high speed I am certain there would be nothing left of the lampshade.  Really!

You wouldn't buy this old junk....would you?!?  Oh please say no....you wouldn't want to see me faint....oh oh....my whiskers are feeling limp.....

Number Five

Remember my trainee, little MissTessa?  "She" rescued this limping damsel in distress and found soon enough that she was fine.  Tessa was born with only three legs.  Okay, technically, she is a special needs cat.  Some might go so far as to say she has a disability. 

Sure thing.  Special needs. Three legs…..with extra umphf that allows her to propel  that little orange fluffiness to new heights. 

But does Tessa get in trouble?  I mean she's up on the mantel.  Or on top of a cupboard.  Or scaling to the top of a large stack of vintage linens.  

And yet, “she” only watches in 'awe, isn't that cute'.  Or runs to get the camera to take Tessa's picture.  

Up on top of where I wouldn't be allowed.  

Hmphf.  I wonder, why do I get in trouble if I do the same upward propelling?!?Do you think I need to work on my cuteness factor?

Or maybe I could work on a limp.....surely "she" wouldn't yell at me if I had a limp......

I think I'll try this.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Number Six

This is “her” trailer.  Seventeen foot, double axle, v-nose trailer.  Lots of room. 


Of junk. 

To sell. 

Some to keep. But there is no more room in the house.  Unless Dad’s stuff is moved out into the yard.  Or the barn.  

See? The trailer looks full.  Yes?

No, apparently not.  “She” went to an auction last week.  Again.  And brought home more junk. 

It’s a wonder.  The tires on the trailer aren’t flat and the bottom hasn’t fallen out.  


Check back next week, there's another auction.  

I'm pretty confident there will be more junk brought home by bidder 705.

I think I'd better get "her" motivated into listing some more junk inventory on Etsy.  I wonder if they have bargain rates for someone like "her".....

Number Seven

I saved the most astounding for last.  But you knew I'd do that didn't you? Ah, no fooling you.  Good thing you're not a mouse.

Anyway, number seven is that one thing that continues to astound both "her" and I on a daily basis.

Can you guess?

It's my love for "her".  I mean I am a ferocious feline of a cat!  I climb trees and chase shadows monsters.  Yeah, yeah I know my name is Romeo.  Smoochy boy and all that junk.  But really I am a cat.  And ferocious.  (Did I mention that?)

And if you were not aware, ferocious cat beasties, such as myself, are not known for liking humans, must less love.  But there it is - the truth.  And now that I've confessed this wonder that truly leaves me feeling whoozy, let's try and forget it. 


I have a reputation to maintain.  Ferocious loving smoochy adoring of "her".  So um, let's see.....

Revision: Wonder number seven is how I can be so much more ferocious than any other cat ever known. Oh yes, and handsome.  Don't forget handsome.  And ferocious. 

I bet you have wonder all around you too......take a close look, it's right....there.....


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Romeo..you are just one big loveable handsome kitty...you put on a mean face..but I know deep down you are a lover not a fighter..;) I love coming to see you and wish you would blog more...but I know you are off doing things that kittys do..like being ferocious etc.;) I love little Tessa..she is a sweetie..but I won't let those good looks fool me..;) have a great week..and tell Mama to give you all a love for me.;)and maybe some catnip too;)

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post sweet kitty!!!! You just "think" you're ferocious.....you're just a love machine!! My goodness Deborah...you always find THE BEST STUFF! I see all sorts of yummyness in the trailer ~ I hope you're doing so good sweet friend!! hugs and love, Dawn

Burlap Luxe said...

Oooooh! Romeo tell her I too am head over heals over junk, yet I turn it into new junk :)
Thank you for meandering over to my place, and enjoying my Sanctuary place and sign. I am inspired by you Romeo you have such a way with words and your... Paw-ssion for life and excepting "her" quirkiness yet her is the one that feeds you.

I still have little wild one making he or she visits every night for a meal. I have yet gotten close enought to catch the little hissing one but we are getting closer every night to that great catch letting it know how it is loved.

Now my dear I will let you get back to your life and your Junk yard Cats :) oooop's did I say a bad word?
I will always leave your fair share of Fish sticks out for you dear one! Thank you romeo for your visit.

It was a purrrr-fest visit with you today :)

Whisker Kisses
Dore & the wild one

Burlap Luxe said...

I meant to say that I had a Purrrrr-fect visit with you today:)
Whisker Kisses
Dore & wild one

oldgreymare said...

Romeo you are so very handsome. Thank you for the recycling info and for stopping by.

Enjoy your weekend even if she does bring home more junk. Be patient with her. She is only human after all...


The Monkeys said...

Hello Romeo! We are very happy to meet you and your human!

We can see you love her very much...umm, we mean you're ferocious...yeah.


With a name like Romeo, we knew you had a soft side. If your name had been Clawed, Freddy Cougar, or Edward as in sissorhands, we would have thought you more ferociously! Love the bunny even though it ate away your cat treat money. You look like you could miss a treat or two. lol

Olive Cooper said...

Hello you hunky beast you. Not whoozy are you? Stop monitoring all of Mom's junk..it is a futile effort. Trust me. thanks bunches for visiting me. BTW my cat, Clovis, has taken over the rattan furniture already! hugs♥olive

Lynn Richards said...

how could one not love a stuffed rabbit like that???? so much personality! don't mice usually come with junk??

victorian parlor II said...


I had to take over the computer because my mom is still laughing so hard at this post she can't type right now. I thought it was a pretty thought-provoking post myself. My mom tends to bring home lots of old stuff too. Of course, she likes to bring home those needlepoint chairs for me to use as scratching posts-what can I say, she loves me. I don't understand why she keeps slipcovering them though-makes it impossible to scratch. Needless to say I understand the love, I mean ferocious, part of our kitty personalities. I think mom is done laughing now-I better get off of the computer and try to figure out how to get under those slipcovers.

Purrs and meows,


Gaby Bee said...

What a beautiful post Romeo! I'm really happy to meet you and your loved one.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice note and thank you also for following me. Are you agreeing to do an exchange of link? I would love to have your blog listed on my blogroll.
Have a wonderful weekend and have fun with your junk yard cats:-)
your new friend Gaby

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Romeo for your visit, and you would put on a celebration for me!!
Oh so sweet you are :)
it was a purrrr-fect honor! one that I will never forget. Do you think that there may have been a cat over at Romantic Homes Magazine that took a fancy to my birds, and perhaps wanted to be friend me to have a closer taste...I mean look !!

Well Romeo I will be getting back to my place to check on the birds and little wild one who may need a spot of cream :)
see you soon

Vespa and Crew said...

Romeo- our mom has decided you are going to be her favorite thrifting and vintage post. She should be doting on us and handing out late afternoon treats but she is reading post after post on your blog.
Stop being so amusing and interesting. Mom already spend too much time on the computer.

Griselda said...

Ohh Romeo Romeo...
Your blog is very inspiring :)
I wish my cat was indoors, alas the two dogs do not allow it and they hate to type :(