Am I getting old?

”She” went to Illinois last week and I opted to stay home.  That's what happens when you get old isn't it? You prefer to stay home.  But the weather there was at least 30 degrees colder with fur-parting winds, some rain and threats of snow.  I don't like being cold and having my fur blown off my body - so does that mean I am getting old?  I mean really, who in their right mind would willingly make an eleven hour drive for cold weather???

One of "her" traveling finds on the trip
“She” would.

And “she” did.

Told me "she" needed to check in on a few relatives – one in the hospital fighting an infectious nasty something or another; and another having recently had an emergency heart bypass and now in assisted living.  Some serious stuff and totally not my idea of a friendly alley to prowl. So I declined to go with. I’d probably end up with a fur ball or something from the seriousness of it all.

“She” also wanted to go up to St. Charles and check out the Flea Market for possible business options.  Again, I declined, don’t need no fleas!  So I told “her” to get the information, check it out and get back with me so I could make the executive decision.  Gotta keep her on a leash or at least a bungee cord regarding business matters.

What “she” did NOT tell me was that “she” had plans to also meet Rebecca.  Yes, the Rebecca of Vintage Living.  Now if I’d known that I may have considered going.  Maybe.  They had lunch together with “her” Aunt at a wonderful little Italian restaurant, Chianti’s. And they talked and just had a good time.

Beautiful Ladies - THE Rebecca and Aunt Bernice

Without me.

How is that possible?

 Yes, I’m pouting.

Or was. Until I saw what “she” brought home for me…

From the Iowa Junk Gypsies - LOVE this mirror!

“She” said that there was some wonderful folks there 

One of the nicest and loveliest gals was here at Willows
.....and some very talented ones with nice displays that I would have enjoyed.  Check out “her” favorites....

Willows Beautiful Garden Display

Special attention to detail was a signature of the gals at Willows

Lisa of The Frenchman's Wife had the most wonderful French soap!
Willows creativite touch!

The Frenchman's Wife Display

Did I mention that I got some kewl  new junk?!!

New bling and a shoe for my tail....
Life is good.

Even if I did NOT get to purrsonally meet Rebecca…


Catherine said...

Goodness ~ that was a lovely trip she got to go on! I think I might have braved the cold weather for it too. But it's nice to stay home in the warmth as well... ;)

NanaDiana said...

Owwww Yeowwwwlll...Looks like SHE had a fabulous trip (without you)...how can that be? AND she found some fabulous itesm to boot. I hope you are over pouting now because I would hate to have you get a big old honking furball for no real reason except that you were snooty about the whole thing.....after all, sick relatives need some support, you know!?! AAAAND..she did come home to YOU after her PURRfectly wonderful trip, didn't she? So, buck up buddy! The kit&kibbles is waiting for you! Big old smishy kisses on your sweet little nose...Diana

Rebecca said...

So she got back home safe and sound I see and she is now probably cleaning the kitty litters. I just want to say thank you for letting her go and I am thrilled to have gotten to know her... even though I didn't get any pictures. Next time purrrhaps! And it was nice meeting Bernice also.
She did find some cool stuff and I am happy she had a good time.
Thanks again

Lynn Richards said...

ooooh! you missed out on some big time fun, mr. kitty. but I'm with you. forget the cold!

The Feathered Nest said...

OMYGoodness girl!!!! OH, I mean Romeo...but for now, I'm talkin' to Deborah...you got to meet REBECCA??? How wonderful is that??? I bet you found the best stuff girl ~ I'm still dying to get up to Antiques at Old Town again. It's so good to hear from you....hugs and love, Dawn

Diane said...

Poor boy! It was probably best that you stayed home even though you didn't get to see one of your favorite people. I'm glad she's back and that she had fun and found some wonderful things. Now she's yours again for awhile. Diane

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Thanks for coming by and visiting with Niki, the bunny. I see that "she" got to meet some of my favorite people while she was here in Chicagoland!


Lululiz said...

I think you got it purrfectly right, you were at home nice and warm and cosy while She did all the running around in the cold and you ended up with the nicest new treasures without having to lift a paw. You clever thing.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo, she did really well and you did the right thing staying home. You got the fun of her finds and warmth of staying home.

Monica@The White Bench said...

Just wanted to say hello... love your last pic! And glad you had fun! Oh poor Romeo ;)
Monica x

Barbara Jean said...

You do just crack me up when I visit here!!!
She did indeed find some wonderful treasures, and meet the nicest people. Oh to meet some of them myself. Will just need to settle for blogland friends. (that is pretty good settling) =)

OK, now to nests. I never really quite know if you are serious about needing some of my nests, or just hoping some little feathered friends might come your way.
So if you are seriously in need of some, let me know. Meow my way, or purr a bit. =)
And, either way, thank you for your oh so kind words about my nesting abilities.

blessings and a few stokes down your back.
barbara jean

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad your mom had a great time and brought you back some goodies..glad to see you are blogging again as I have missed our chats...I hope you stay safe with that coyote around..lets hope they find it soon..please tell your mommy to give you and your siblings great big loves for me..and please give one to her as well.;)and tell your mom to post a picture of herself..so we can see her too.;)

victorian parlor II said...


My goodness, between my mom's battles and your mom's shopping you and I are being sadly neglected! Perhaps we need to leave a few more hairballs around to get their attention. I heard my mom 'ooohing' and 'aaaahing' over your mom's stuff. Just what I need...shopping trips which I'm sure she's going to take now that she saw all the great stuff your mom brought home!

Purrs and meows,


Anonymous said...

I did not get out either that weekend, Romeo. I had to stay home and wait for a refridgerator delivery. The resident cats said they were tired of me not keeping their treats fresh, or they had to wait for them to thaw.
I will come back to click some links and see if there are more pictures and reports from the weekend. Grayslake market looked exciting too and I missed out.
No one brought back goodies for me.


Greetings from Southern California

I am your newest follower.
I invite you to visit my blog and follow me :-)

God Bless You :-)


Burlap Luxe said...

Oh!! Romeo!
It looks as if she had a wonderful time given all the anguish she had to go through while planning to leave and getting there to help loved ones.

Nope I don't think it is quite old age, I think you are just tired of all the bad weather and its got you tired and lazy.

I wish I had known purr-haps you could have come for a warm visit to sunny California, yet we have been getting some rains these past few weeks here and there, oh and some wind that indeed would blow a fine hair do a mess :)

Love all the treasured photos she has shared with us, it looks like not only you missed out on some fun, but I too missed out :(

Well Romeo, I have to go and catch up on some inspiring reading here.

sse you soon.
Whisker Kisses

Hilly said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,
I am with that Kramer cat that left a post a little before me. I mean really! My mom was drooling I tell you, sheesh, over all that kewl stuff your mom brought back. Now I know my mom is going to want to get advice from me on what she should get on her shopping trip(s) that are inevitable thanks to your mom's trip. I try to tell her it is all just junk, well, except for the stuff for me but does she listen to me? NO! I honestly don't know what I am going to do with her - there is so much stuff here already you have to walk sideways in lots of places in the house, "no, I do not need to go on a diet!" Well, I guess no real harm done, your mom is back home safely tethered to her bungee cord.
Happy mousing,
P.S. No, you are not getting old - just plain common sense is what you have!

Bob West said...

Very Interesting blog. I am now a follower. I thought you might want to check out Paradox Principles
All the best, Bob West

Rebecca said...

How is it going over here? I hope all is well with everyone.
Just checking in

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time on your trip.
Also wanted to let you know that I emailed you some samples designs on Saturday. Just let me know what you think about them.

Susan S. said...

Hi there....I just popped in your cute blog and am glad I did. How clever that it's told from your sweet cat's point of view...LOVE IT! I've added myself as a follower and hope you drop in to visit me. You REALLY got some good "Junque" on your trip.

Curtains In My Tree said...

I have always wanted to attend that St Charles flea market also.
However it is 8 hours from me.
I need to just bite the bullet and go by myself

Anonymous said...

Just popping by to say hello and I miss you. It is still cold here in Wisconsin and I know part of IL even had snow last night.
Not junking weather yet.

Hope things are going well for your family.