What inspires

Me?  Well a can of tuna fish or even watching the piranha in the small pond out front; a bird in the bird feeder, or a warm sunbeam or a bowl of milk.  It doesn't take much to inspire me.  I'm just that kind of cat - well rounded and easily inspired (with the right motivators of course).

What inspires her?  

Better have a seat in a very comfortable chair.  This could take a few minutes.

Her inspiration?

It's everywhere in nature...

...and in the studio...

...and in the office.

Vignettes here and there. 
In my office and studio, which she believes to be her office and studio.
No matter really.  It means she cleans them ;)

Inspiration tucked into corners and shelves.  

On top of cabinets and the cabinets themselves.

So while function is important, everything in the office and studio must also inspire. 

She has spent years gathering and changing out as well as adding furniture and small doses of inspiration.  Playing to get it just right. 

 It's one of those things that takes on a life of it's own - knowing a direction, not because it's in style or something everyone else has.  Gathering and just knowing that "this" is what inspires and what should be a part of the studio or office. A part of her inspiration.

Everything comfortable.  Everything with history and a story.  A gathering of items that culminate to a point in time during which there is not one piece of furniture that can be bested, and every detail scrutinized to be sure it's still "right".

So although she's at that point where not much has changed since the last time you glimpsed the studio or office, small details have moved around and perhaps been added to.  Maybe something subtle that began like a whisker tickle while vacuuming or dusting.

After all, for her, what surrounds her in the studio or office or nature inspires, and thus breeds more inspiration and creativity.  

Kind of like rabbits I suppose.

Or fleas.

Well maybe not like that - that's not such a good thing.  But yes, maybe like rabbits.

And what else inspires?

Bloggers who create.  Yes, that's right - YOU and you and you!  Everyone who has even one small ounce of creativity inspires her.  And yes, of course, those cats who own those same creative people -  well they inspire me.  To be a better, more creatively motivated cat....albeit still ferocious ;)  And right now there are a bazillion of you out there who have recently posted about your studios and attending Karen's party - Where Bloggers Create!  

So what are you doing here?!?  Head on over, I'll be there just as soon as I grab my top hat and a can of tuna for the road...... But before you go, tell me purrlease - what inspires you?


cynthia lee designs said...

Oh Romeo...please tell her that I love, love, love her studio!!
I need to get into mine and start making more jewelry...only 12 weeks until my Fall show.

Megan Chamberlain said...

Romeo, I love your studio and it is so kind of you to let your human share your space. You have such wonderful stuff displayed, just how I would love my space to look.
Greetings from Mishka, Merlin and Leila, studio cats from England.

Mark said...

Comedy inspires me. So thanks for the laughs!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful space! Full of inspiration indeed. And so many fun things for sweet kitties to play with I am thinking! LOL!

I hope you are having a beautiful July Romeo!
xo Catherine

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a lovely space! Romeo you are so lucky 'she' has made this awesome studio just for YOU! I'm inspired by the beauty of nature and Charlie (of course) and my Grandson! Life is beautiful. hugs, Linda

Jane said...

I so concur - our surroundiings really do fuel our creativity. I love all your vignettes - everything is so cozy and dripping with history. If I were Romeo, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from rolling around in it all, lol!!

Carole said...

Oh Deborah you do right now. I was just turning my computer off and thought heck maybe I'll check who just posted. SO glad I did. I've been lurking at WBC and haven't seen many as wonderful as yours. Opps should have kept that to myself? You need to get Karen to put you on the list! HURRY!!!! lol
Ok have to run but will come back for a better look tonight.


Faye ~ Wild Rose Vintage ~ Cabin Creek said...

Romeo, you are just too much fun! I think you would get along with my black cat named Zena.

Seriously, I loved the comment you left! I am a cat lover so I 'get' it. Your studio is purrfect in every way! Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm am going to be your newest follower.

NanaDiana said...

Romeo- You tell HER that I love her studio...and you....and her. Amazing pictures and tour and I am so thankful she let you post about it here- xo Diana

Bohemian said...

Her Enchanting Studio would Certainly Inspire me too Romeo!!! BTW: Do you know I now work with an Antique Dealer named Romeo? He is a Retired professional Stuntman and has many Amazing Stories of his years in the Entertainment Industry. I Love Inspiring Beauty AND good Stories... so She and I have that in common...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn and the Bohemian Cat Boys + Yul The King Of Siam

The Feathered Nest said...

o.my.land...Romeo, step aside and let me talk to your mama!!!! Your taste has always, ALWAYS been so wonderful dear Deborah and your studio is just breathtaking...just as I imagined it would be!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share these photos ~ so many wonderful displays and so many gorgeous treasures, I've got to go back and look again!! I hope you are doing so good sweetie, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Olive Cooper said...

Hi Romeo, do tell her that the studio is inspiring. It's every detail is splendid. I am sure you have many places to sleep and hide. Clovis and I have traveled to our old house and he and Shelley are learning to be roomies. Some days are better than others. You inspire your mama to create okay? xoxo, Olive

Cindy said...

You, Romeo, are one lucky cat! What beautiful surroundings! Many places to curl up! I LOVE everything, the white, the chippy, the stars, the birdcage.. all Amazing!

Maureen said...

Oh Romeo! What inspires me? Humour, beautiful things and furry friends. So obviously THIS blog inspires me! "Her" studio is absolutely wonderful - so glad I popped by so I didn't miss it.

Monica said...

Beautifu, beautiful, beautiful. I'm happy to know more about you. I find inspiration in many things, but surely nature and silence are at the top of the list!

Anonymous said...

Well of course "she" has done a wonderful and inspirational job...I always love to peek in at her, err, your office and studio and it wise of you to be so free with it, after all then "she" cleans it! Smart kitty you are Romeo, even Raphael often comments so! Alas, I missed out on this year's party but I came by to tell you I am having a party this weekend over at my blog...a Mad Tea Party with a magical cat and all! You and Mom are invited to pop over and bring your friends the more the merrier! http://elisabetpollock.blogspot.com
Hugs and whisker kisses,
Raphael and Mom (make sure you understand dude the hugs and kisses thing is all MOM!)

Lynn Richards said...

Wow, homes like yours inspire me!!!
I love each detail, each vignette, and your tenacity to work with it until you love it. I also love the fact that you change things around all the time....and that each item you have collected has found a beautiful spot.

When you change things around, do you keep everything out or do you put some things away? If you put them away, how do you remember what you have?

Bohemian said...

Hi Romeo... Thanks for stopping by for a Visit... if "She" needs some Inspiration too, have "Her" come for a Visit, just finished Posting our Adventure at "Art Unraveled"... so glad my Friend was so persuasive, I had a wonderful time and am now amply Inspired to climb out of this Creative Slump and get back to making Beautiful Art! Plus, the G-Daughter convinced Gramma to go get my hair Braided Up with her Sunday afternoon so that we'd look like 'Twins' and both be Pretty *Winks*... she starts 1st Grade Today and it warmed my Heart to go do something Special Together like the Trip to the Salon... I feel Pretty inside and out now! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Lynette Killam said...

Romeo...this post is full of inspiration! I love all "her" treasures and the artful way they're arranged....could settle in and play happily for hours...sigh.

As you yourself are a work of art, what more inspiration could you possibly require...:)

Anonymous said...

Goodness what a lovely creative space you have!! Not sure how I missed you at the Where Bloggers Create party- I found you lovely birdcage on pinterest and had to come right over!! So glad I did as your blog is lovely!!! Now a follower!

bee blessed