Country Living Fair - Ohio

Well she's back home after her adventure in Columbus, Ohio.  Good thing too as I would hate to have gotten to the point of admitting I missed her.  It was close, but no, I survived and only slightly missed her.


{a few of the tattered cat pillows}

{Ephemera from Jenni Bowlin's space.}
So I sorta maybe missed her.

{Not sure who this was....she was running by to get back to her space as the gates had opened and it was a stampede....really? I think this story is embellished just a bit.....}

Just a little bit.

{Primitive Beginnings....she thinks this was the name....}

Oh all right.  I missed her.  There I said it.  

{Katy of Primitive Beginnings}

I did miss her as Dad severely limits my adventures and snacks. Something to do with maintaining his life expectancy  I told him to ignore whatever instructions she left. She really is harmless. But he wouldn't listen.

{KD Vintage - her  wonderfully nice neighbor.}

{Kim's Brocante, her other wonderfully nice and helpful neighbor}

All I do know is that she did not bring me back any special Ohio catnip.  Seriously?!

{Jenni Bowlin}

Instead she brought back some pictures of the fair.  

{Stash - certainly a favorite}
And even then she only took a few pictures.  
Told me that she couldn't get any until Sunday, shortly before they opened.  

{Urban Farmhouse WAS packed full, but this is the last day so......}
Pictures from the last day of the fair.  Sunday.

{Above 3 - Summerthyme Chic Boutique}

Pictures. From. THE, LAST. DAY?!?!

(Jenni Bowlin and her significant other!}

{cute dolls made by a neighbor in back.}

{the tattered cat's space...}
Sure hope you enjoy these pictures. Purrsonally, I think she better raise the bar for the Atlanta show - more photos and premium catnip!

 Meanwhile? I'm going to go out and get my own catnip.  Hmpfh. Pictures! For a cat??? Really?!?


Olive Cooper said...

Dear Romeo, your mommy did good with these photos. Tell your daddy he must spoil you whilst mommy is out working. I am here at the FIGHT CLUB which is what I call it when Shelley and Clovis are in the same room. xo, olive

cynthia lee designs said...

Great photos from the Country Living Fair. I see some of my embroidery work in your creations...so pretty!! I just might have to go there next year...I was not all that thrilled with the flea market.

The Feathered Nest said...

Looks like it was WONDERFUL girl!!! I hope you sold tons and tons...everything you have to offer is always so amazing ~ I'm sure it will be just as beautiful in Atlanta! I'm sorry I'll not be able to see you but you know I hope you do SO, SO GOOD! hugs and love, Dawn

Diane said...

I suppose when she got to this fair she probably forgot catnip, with all this fun stuff. She did get some great pictures and to us humans they look very, very interesting. I realize that cats have other ideas of heavenly things. Like how about some nice warm laundry, just out of the dryer piled on the bed to be folded????? Now are you interested? Well, now that "she's" home, things might settle down to normal for you. Thanks for showing us her shots of the fair. Diane

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo I am glad you admitted to missing her! She did take lots of photos and I bet she was very busy. Still I hope she thinks of some nip next trip!
Linda & Charlie

Lynn Richards said...

So.Much.FUN. Looks like you missed her for a good reason. The Country Living Fair??? Well. Pretty cool, especially when all the photos are making me drool. Which is something I'm pretty sure you never do.

Cindy said...

I wish I could have been there, lots of great stuff!
and Romeo, I am sure you were very well taken care of, but moms usually spoil us just a bit more..

When is the Atlanta show??

Bohemian said...

Thanks for dropping by for a visit and a bit of a unanimous Rant! *Winks* Now I have a mental pix of Romeo blowing bubbles! *LOL* The Show looked Amazing and I'm surprised that even on the last day they still had such great Inventory for the last minute shoppers! I can only imagine what the 1st day must have looked like!?! My Cats would DEFINITELY miss me... but only because I'm the #1 Kibble and Water Gal... the rest of this Clan might just forget we had Cats?! *Gasp!* Well... except for Yul maybe, but only because he stealthily tries to sneak into the House every chance he gets... must have been an Inside Cat in his former Life?! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Debra Taylor said...

Wow! This looks like so much fun. Makes me want to find a similar place to treasure hunt!

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