Reality bites.

Have you noticed lately that there is a huge difference between what we are told and the real facts?!  No?Purrhaps you need to pay a bit more attention.  Yes, really!  You'd be surprised what you will find. I decided to pay more attention.  You know check into reality.  And you wouldn't believe what has really been going on. Take for instance the following:

She goes to Ohio in September for the Country Living Fair.  To sell.  Or so I was told.  Really?

Reality: She went to the Country Living Fair as a vendor AND visited a friend and her two cats AND a shelter with SEVENTY plus other cats.  Rumor has it that the friend brought steamed chicken to feed them. Really?!  While I was at home pining for her.

Allie of Pet Guards Shelter.  This is NOT the Romeo.

She goes to Atlanta in October for the Country Living Fair.  To sell.  Again, this is what I was told. Yep, sure was.

Reality: She went to the Country Living Fair as a vendor AND stayed at a hotel that had two feral cats.  Not her fault I know. BUT she went to McDonald's every night and bought them both a hamburger. Hold the pickles and mustard.  Seriously? While I was at home with NO hamburger despite the fact McDonald's is only a bit over two miles away.

And just last week, she went to Rowann's Christmas Open House at Antiques in Old Town.  To visit with Rowann and to be inspired.  (Her very favorite place to go).

Reality: She went to Antiques in Old Town to visit with Rowann.  And be inspired.  And to visit with Mr. Wiskers! AND to bring him a bag of kitty crack Tempatations Cat Snacks AND a catnip mouse!  While I slept alone until midnight because that's what time she finally drug herself in. WITHOUT my evening cat snacks and NO catnip mouse. Well none that I could find at least.

Mr. Wiskers at Antiques in Old Town



And now?  
She is decorating for Christmas.  Seriously?!?  
What about my Thanksgiving turkey drumstick????

I think I am checking back out of reality and going to my happy place. 
Anyone got any cat snacks? How about a drumstick?


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo at least she does come home to you! Poor Charlie is mad at me because I left him for 35 days to stay with my Mom in Houston and I loved on her cat Sam each day while poor Charlie pined for me! It's a harsh world out there. I think I'll go give him some kitty crack to make up for it! Go to your happy place and dream of a drumstick!
hugs, Linda

Olive said...

Dear Romeo, your mama loves all cats which is a very good thing. Of course you are her favorite and her child. Clovis and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. He is now on the deck soaking up a sunbeam. xo, olive

Ellie VanCaster said...

Poor Romeo-why oh why doth they forsake us??? We are chained by
our love to them all-perchance they
will love us enough back...sigh.
Jada & Scully

Cindy said...

Well, Romeo, I hate to tell you this, but she also sent Trixie the cutest catnip sachet for Valentine's day AND that she still sleeps with it each night.... You have such a hard life....

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Romeo- You poor, poor, poor boy. I think you need to come and live with your sweet, catnip loving Nana Diana who will love you and coddle you and NEVER EVER leave you alone to go visit some OTHER CAT! After all, you and I both know that you are just not another cat! What regular old CAT could be as articulate as you are?

Well, I hope she did well at the Country Fair and I hope she had fun visiting her friend...BUT...the next time that happens you just hop the closest Greyhound and come stay with me. No other CATS allowed here because YOU are PURRRfect! xo Diana

Diane said...

Well it does look bad Romeo but I don't think it is. "She" is a very nice lady who loves creatures. Look at it this way.........she probably made money so you would have more treats and, who knows, you might get a drumstick for Thanksgiving. Diane

Magpie said...

Poor Romeo! Reality here is even worse. While 15 humans gorge themselves on turkey and fixings, my 2 cats will be cooling their heels upstairs (in separate rooms because they can't be trusted not to fight). Some of the human guests have "allergies". After reading about your plight, I'll be sure to deliver a small plate of turkey dinner to each of the "prisoners"!

Lynn Richards said...

Poor kitty! Our animals suffer so much at times... I often wonder what Miss Party thinks when she can smell that i have been paying attention to another animal! Don't worry. I'm sure you are still the favorite!

Bohemian said...

Awww... Poor Romeo! But I know her Heart is in the right place... just think, you have her 100% of the time and those poor ferals only had her for a few glorious days. Bless you my Friend!

Dawn... The Bohemian