Romeo's studio tour....Where Bloggers Create 2013

I had planned on participating this year in Karen's, Where Bloggers Create.  Things in the studio were about the same.  But no matter, because some of you have never seen it before and those who had, probably didn't remember it much anyway.  So I was going to participate and it was going to be a relatively simple task.

Key word: was

Relatively simple post. Until she found a piece at her last show.  Measuring 30 inches deep and 70 inches long and rusted to purrfection.  Not exactly something that could be squeezed in the corner, hung on a wall or stuffed under something.

But she was not leaving this one behind especially since Dad offered to pay for it.  She was so excited about this piece that before she left the show plans were being made regarding what would have to be moved out and sold.  And what would have to be moved to another place in the studio.

All the while, I was home, never suspecting the incoming upheaval that was about to occur.

Never. Saw. It. Coming.

Comparable to being run over by a goat with tin can lust in it's eyes.

Thanks for the warning Dad. I survived the shock but paybacks are a coming.

As you might guess....in the end, most of everything had to be moved and nothing left the room.

Except me.  And that was a matter of self preservation - tails and paws are a precious thing you know.  And if you've ever experienced one of her "re-arranging adventures" you know that you have to go wash the dog or read a book in the litterbox. In a different room. At the other end of the house.

And before I forget..... for those of you who follow along on my adventures, the answer is "yes" - she went from painting and rearranging the office, immediately to the studio project.  Which also meant that she was so busy that she had to admit she did not actually see me doing anything wrong (accused of evils against tiny innocents in the previous post). So it could not be proved that I was the evil do-er.  And for those of you who backed me and were willing to boycott on my behalf....we are victorious!!!!  Oops. Sorry, this is about the studio right?!  My studio! Sorry got a little excited there for a moment......

Back on track.....let me show you my place.  Let's start as we walk in the door from the office and look to your left....kind of hard not to see this unless of course you are looking to your other left and you run into it.  Then you see it. Up close and personal.  If you eye isn't swollen shut.  Because it is solid industiral metal.  No forgiveness from this piece.  Do you suppose that's why she put it here? To discourage visitors?!?

We are not discouraged though.  I gotta tell you though that it was hard to get a decent picture of this because of the angle at which it is placed.

So because it is hard to discern what this contraption is let me help.  This is a rolling industrial shelf with pull out steps in that blue that she loves.

It was one of the pieces slated to go before she found a place for it.  Just as well because on my bucket list is getting to the top so I can nap in that basket of vintage eiderdown comforters.  And I have not completed that task yet.

One day I will though.  Just as soon as I figure out how to pull out these steps and knock the books off.

Right smack next to it is the new piece. Well not so new.  Actually old enough to have rusted to a fine patina.

Anyone know how long it takes something to rust out in the rain?

No? Me neither but it's probably a bit older than that.

I think.

Oh wait.  I should warn you.  Viewer discretion is advised.  To properly view this post, you have to love rust or risk fainting away at the overwhelming amount you'll find here.  So for those of you who seek perfection and sleek shiny surfaces, look away now before it's too late! Although everything was cleaned extensively before bringing it inside, it is still going to be purrfectly....imperfect, rusty and old!

However, for those of you who do appreciate this type of impurrfection, don't forget, you can click on any picture to see a larger version.  Just letting you know in case you don't have feline vision.

With the exception of the young orange fuzzball, Tessa (appearing in the above photo), you'll find a scattering of old stuff currently on the counter....

The Dazy churn frame has been re-purposed so that doll clothing hangs there patiently waiting for her next creation idea utilizing these purrfect little cuties!  I would like to point out that I had no problem with the addition of doll clothes.  It was either here on the frame or on me.  Need I tell you - no problem at all with where they are?

My addition was the lamp from Target.  Well actually, the idea for the contents.  That was my idea.  Totally all mine - such creativity, yes?

On the other end of the counter.  Books that she thinks make her knowledgable.  
Purrsonally, if she is supposed to be intelligent, why would she need the books???!?  
Just one of the many things I ponder.

And balanced on the scale is a colander of shells and a few tubes of vintage paint.  

Perched at the base of the scale....

You think of vintage sand shovels.  
I think of emergency pooper scoopers.  
It's all purrspective.

And speaking of purrspective....this is the view while sitting at the counter.
On a rainy day.  One of many during the past month.

In back of the counter is the stepback that she purchased in southern Georgia.  On the bottom of one of the drawers the maker signed his name and dated it, 1940.

Sorry but I am not going to dump the drawer out so I can show you.  I'd never get everything back in there.  So purrhaps you can just trust me and use a bit of imagination?

In this photo below can you see a glimpse of the paint?  
This is the way it was found - honestly aged and crackled! 

Moving toward the window, in the left corner, is my back door to adventures and next to it the fireplace.  I warm my fur here in the winter.

Nestled into the fireplace surround on top of the fireplace..... yes, a surround on top.  Hey, I never said she was normal or that she follows the rules for how things are to be used.  Should I have warned you earlier?!

Then we come to the dead tree solidly rotting away in a pile of books.  

Did I say "rotting"??!?  Oops, rooting.  It should say "rooting".

Reaching up towards the 16 foot peaked ceiling, one can only imagine how she got this inside.  Actually, I wish I had a video of that one.  It was entertaining to say the least.  As a side note, if it ever has to go out....well it will be in pieces. Many small pieces.

Under the tree, is my workbench and an antique medical chair.  Which by the way is quite handy for jumping up on the workbench.  It also has a nice glass top that feels wonderfully cool after sunning myself out on the deck.

The warmth is good but sometimes I fall asleep and get a little toasty.  Too toasty.  I mean have you ever fallen asleep outside in the sun wearing a fur coat?! Go ahead and try it for the proper perspective and a new appreciation of my glass top workbench.  But no, you cannot use mine to cool off.  You're on your own. Nothing purrsonal, I just don't think we would both fit on there.

I've worked hard to make this piece uniquely mine.  Bird books, bunnies and bird nests.
I'm telling you I should start my own decorating service just for us cats.

 Being not only talented but generous,  I did allow her to put a few things on the
 industrial rolling ladder next to the workbench.
I'm not all tough and stuff.  I do have a few kind whiskers for her.

In back of the workbench we find....

more rust.....

and old cabinets....and not so old cabinets filled with jars of buttons and supplies for creating.

And windows....in case you are wondering or had not noticed, the entire wall is one of windows.  
Yes, this is why this is my favorite room if I have to be inside.  And why I have deemed it as mine.

Above is another bucket list locale.....
One day I will scale that mountain  of antique hand loomed linens!  
They will be mine I tell you!  
My cat fur will reign supreme on their once pristine surfaces!!!

Next to the wardrobe are the boys, more fabric and stacks of children's books.
I am hopeful that one day she'll make me a huge blankie and 
read me some of those stories.

Now on the other wall is this huge stepback. 
Oops just realized, this is another exception to the rule of old.  
This is a reproduction but a good piece because it holds lots of junk stuff.

It used to be by the doorway to the office but had to be relocated to make room for the counter.  Works better over here anyway because in the winter you can see the neighbors house.  Which is a rental and a mere ten foot off our property line.  Ew.  Yuck.  Shove that over here, I yelled!

And now it nicely blocks the view.  And their view.  MOL (meow out loud). Nothing worse than working and having the feeling someone is watching over your shoulder.

Not to mention that should the neighbors see all this old junk stuff, they might call and have the house condemned, deeming that it looks abandoned and haunted.

And so completing the circle on the last wall, opposite of where we came in, is the big blue cabinet that is nine foot tall and was a gift from.....my Dad.  It was a surprise and while I'm not the syrupy kind of cat you might think, it was a pretty sweet thing he did.

You see a friend had this cabinet at mall she used to sell at (10+ years ago).  But it was out of her price range.  So she worked hard to sell her stuff to get enough money to buy this monstrosity.

And she lusted over it every time she came into the shop,  hoping that the cabinet was not sold yet.  Because well, maybe she would have enough sales and maybe be able to buy it.  Maybe.

Then the inevitable happened.  The cabinet was sold.

And she was so disappointed.  So she told herself it just wasn't meant to be.  Even though deep down she was still sad about not being able to get it.

Until she saw a card with her name on it.  It was from Dad and he had bought it for her and left a card that said, "just because".  Pretty sweet husband, yes?!  But she still loves me best.  Of course.

Next to the cabinet is my chair. Which I might add seems to be continually occupied by someone other than myself.....

How is it this three legged cat seems to be everywhere at once?!??

Guess I'll just have to go rest somewhere else. 
There is a table in the center of this side that I love to sprawl out on.....

When I can get there first.

Sheesh, I think I need to make some "reserved seating" signs!  I'll save a seat for you should you decide to stop back by.  I really appreciate you stopping by today even though there wasn't a chair for you to sit down in.  I'll fix that for you next time!

Now however, I think purrhaps we should head out for an adventure!  There are many more studios out there waiting for us!  They probably even have a chair we could sit in.....

And of course a special thank you to Karen for your continued dedication and your initial vision to create this  fun party! We appreciate you!

Where Bloggers Create 2013


Maureen said...

Oh Romeo (and her).... I ADORE your room! The windows, the cabinets, the rust!!! I am in love with it all (and you all of course). I dare say that if I ever entered that amazing studio, I would never leave! Thank you for the wonderful tour and the tears in my eyes about Dad surprising her with the cabinet of her dreams. What a great story. What a great guy.

I had such a great visit. You make me MOL too.

Have fun at the party!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are much more eloquent than Bleubeard, who is NOT exactly a junkyard cat. But I definitely LOVE your studio. It is so vintage and beautiful. I can tell you and SHE love antiques, and put them to good use, too. Purring at meeting you, too.

Silvia said...

Oh my what a wonderful room. I love that everything looks like you just found it. It certainly is original and I love it

Diane said...

Wonderful the way "she" used all the great old stuff to make a cozy, interesting office for "herself" and you cats. Thank you for the great tour, Romeo. Hugs, Diane

The Feathered Nest said...

OH.MY.LAND. I am over hear foaming at the mouth!!!!! Deb...sorry Romeo, gotta talk to mom now, your studio is AMAZING!!! I'm so, so in LOVE! So many incredible pieces and so much goodness tucked in each and every corner. I love that you have all of that natural light too! That lamp really came from Target? I've not been there in ages...really, it is all so very beautiful and worth all the time it took for you to cram it all in there! I miss you ~ wish I could break into your house and steal a few things ;) hugs and love, Dawn

Gail Thayer said...

Gorgeous space, lucky you!!!!

cynthia lee designs said...

Romeo...love the room that you and her create in. Thinking that she really does the creating and you do some sleeping in there while she works. It is a great room to do some dreaming in!!

Rebecca said...

Ok... I think I died and went to heaven...
You are the master! Loved every inch of this room and your hubby is a saint for getting you that fabulous piece :)
How have you been Girl? When you coming up to these parts again... if you do try to save a few minutes to get together.
Blessings today

Lynn Richards said...

This has to be the MOST insanely beautiful room I have ever seen. Truly gorgeous. I am now wiping copious amounts of drool off of my computer. You have SUCH a knack for finding and arranging-it's incredible. Really.
O.k. I will stop gushing now, as it's getting embarrassing.

marie said...

Wow...just wow! I love it all. My favorites...that blue cabinet and your chair. Loved the narrative too!!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh what a wonderful read and visit here today! Loved the "stepback", though it's the first time I've ever heard the term. While I don't necessarily have MANY antiques, I truly appreciate the ones I DO have. I love that, whatever it may be, there's a story.. a history of some kind within each one.. something that yearns to be remembered... Thank you, Romeo, for this wonderful adventure I found here with you today! I really enjoyed it! ~tina

Olive said...

Please tell "her" it is a splendid space. Love the old cameras. Naturally I am partial to the Georgia piece. I do wish you could visit and get this kitten straight Romeo. She is a wild girl-has broken scads of things. xo, olive

Art and Sand said...

I know I would get nothing done if I had your work space. I would just sit and look.

I find your creative world to be-

awesome, beautiful, calming, delightful, enchanting, friendly, glamorous, heartening, inspiring, lovely, marvelous, pleasing, quixotic, refreshing, stimulating, tempting, uplifting, eXciting and so much more.

Blessed Serendipity said...

I throughly enjoyed the tour. LOVED everything and I can tell you do too by the way it is all displayed. Simply gorgeous. I am a new follower.


Carmen said...

Romeo, that is such an eclectic space you've got! It reminds me a bit of the cable tv show "Oddities." In a good way and a little less creepy... :-) The rust and crackled paint seem to fit perfectly in the surroundings. I really enjoyed me visit. Thank you.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Love your AMAZING space with all its wonderful vintage treasures! Oh what a glorious place to work and create. I spied a Corona typewriter - I have one similar that belonged to my Dad...love it. Romeo is such a cutie too!

Thanks for sharing!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo, please tell 'her' that I love the room you created for 'her'!! It's unique and full of interesting rusty things. I must admit Charlie and I are rooting for you to get to the top of that shelf!! Meanwhile I think it's great of you to give her such a great space to create!

Linda & Charlie

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

What a glorious space! I adore all the natural elements and lovely fabric pieces. Thank you so much for sharing. It is so well pulled together. I imagine it is a lovely place to create in.

NanaDiana said...

Well, Holy Cow! WHO knew you had such a great place full of rust and chippy fabulousness? Not me! Wow~ You REALLY have lots of storage and your space looks like a shop! Better than some shops I have seen, actually. Glad I got around to see you, Romeo, (and her) I have been on a dead run all summer. Just know that I've been thinking about you even if we haven't "talked". xo Diana

StasaLynn said...

I think she has done a wonderful job decorating! I cannot even imagine the rest of your house that you share with her! Not only can you be inspired and I am sure she is too - it is just eye candy to look at. You must be so proud of her! Thank you for taking the time to share and show off what she has done!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

You are one lucky cat, sweet Romeo! Your Mom has created a gorgeous place for you both to play in. I love the furniture and all the vintage treasures very much. Rust is good! The view is great too and I can imagine that you enjoy being in the studio. I enjoyed my visit for sure, even though there wasn't a free chair to sit on. Thank you for the wonderful tour!

Lululiz said...

Romeo, you are such a big hearted fella, to let HER put all that stuff in YOUR room. I mean, YOUR chair is in it, so surely it is your room, right? Generous to a fault, thats what you are. Her junk is pretty darned gorgeous though, really, even you have to admit that. Secretly, of course. And she kinda made a decent job of the decorating, right? Altogether not a bad place to spend your time in ;-) xxx

Sarah said...

It's one of th ose places you could just get lost in, hunting around and finding intersting things, thinking - where could I put that or what is it?

Plus love the cats to!!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Hello again. I was back for another visit and so enjoyed the tour. Fine furry tour guide you have too- even if he is a "little" opinionated. :) You have the most wonderful gathering of treasures and have displayed everything so beautifully.

DogsMom said...

Ah Romeo, how I have missed you while I was away. I actually came here from a Mad Tea post and love that there is an Alice book featured in your room!

Now you draw me in and I will spend more time sneek peeking into blogger surroundings but I doubt any will capture my heart as does your room.

Rowann Wilkerson said...

WOW ! Love every inch of your world. INSPIRING !!!! Still working on my mess...but I did get that wonderful cupboard I got from you moved into my room ! Love it ! Hope we get to see you again soon .... Meows from Whiskers !

ImagiMeri said...

Okay, your studio is perfection! I adore rusty chippy goodies and you've got it all. I can find such things here in AZ, but they cost a fortune, so I usually have to make my own using newer furniture. Having said that, I am blessed with a few pieces around the house, but would absolutely love to "live" in your space. Thank you for sharing. Stop by if you wanna see some whimsy!


Cindy said...

can I PLEASE just come and sit in this room! I Love everything about it! Romeo and I will just curl up in the corner and observe your creative mind...beautiful!

Barbara Mason said...

Love all of your weathered and rusty pieces and the cat is divine...do things just decay more beautifully in the south???

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great space! I love all the displays and those books ~ perfection to me! : ) I could really enjoy hanging out in this room and creating.

. said...

What a lovely "just Because" gift from your husband. And what a lovely space you have, oh my another space that I would nothing against being locked in too : ) Fantastic storage and display pieces and all put together so well in that space. However, I just have to ask, how did you really get that big tree inside?

Maureen Hayes said...


I read your post about her and your room with great interest. The woman I own is just starting to try to put together her studio, and let me tell you, it isn't going so well here! How do you put up with it? I try to give her the logical cat purrspective, but she is completely dense on certain points. Purrhaps you can give me some pointers on how you trained her so well?


Karen Valentine said...

Be still my heart!!! (No, really... it needs to be still because right now it is pounding!) That is one of the bests posts I have read so far Romeo! You are one talented Cat and I am in love with your studio Deb!! Everything is perfection. I always enjoy visiting both you and Romeo. You guys rock!!!

Cindy said...

Romeo, you are the purrfect host! Thank you so much for showing me your space that 'she' changes so much! I do love the rust and unique pieces and hope you are able to get to that bucket list! Hugs! http://connell-crafts.blogspot.ca/

Diana Seal said...

Hi Romeo, thanks for showing us around her beautiful creative space, so many vintage treasures! Love the story about the blue cabinet, what a sweet guy!!!
Thanks for sharing your and her space!
Have a great weekend!
Your newest follower!

bobbie said...

Romeo ~ thank you so much for the great tour of your room! You and your bipedal food-dispensing machine make a great decorating/crafting team!(she couldn't do it without you!)

CATHY said...

What an inviting warm creative space you have - I would love to stop by and have c cup of coffee or come back as your next cat : ) Cheers from Singapore.

fairyrocks said...

WOWzer I would give Romeo any amount of tender kat treats to view your space in real time. {had a peep at the house painting below too I would go all out on a can of tuna for that in siders look} I LOVED every inch of this space, you are a girl after my own heart with the trash to treasure.
Keep smiling and creating, and thanks for sharing PS...I have a Romeo who allows me to bring home the shabby treasures too...I married him LOL

Leann said...

Oh I want tom live here - is there room for my bed??:)

Your style is gorgeous and you get to have fun here too!


Your newest follower!

Something Special said...

Oh I could spend a few hours pouring over each picture to see all the many wonderful chippy, shabby bunch of junque here. fabulous! I just want to squeal.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Geez Romeo what a fabtastic tour! I love all the vintagte, rusty and industrial pieces in "your" studio and how she has put it all together so beautifully! That vintage camera collection is so cool. My daughter collects vintage cameras too so I help her with her collection, that's why I don't collect them for myself. So nice that you let your 3legged companion lying on your chair and sitting on your table! You are a good dude! Please say your mom I said hi and would love you and her to visit me back @ Boxwood Cottage studio. I should have taken a picture of Riley the cottage cat napping in my studio but when the weather is good like right now he prefers the cottage yard. Happy napping! ;-)

CatieAn said...

wow I woulld love to camp out in your studio for about a week---just to see what there is in there in all of that storage and funky goodness. How beautiful and of course that is romeo's room!! My two cats let me use 'their' room as well. SOrry Romeo but I sometimes have to push them out of the chairs to use them for myself.
Thank you for sharing.

Marlynne said...

Absolutely love all your yummy old stuff!

Devon Smith-Breidel said...

Everything belongs so well together-you do such an amazing job! I had to review many times to catch every detail. You are such a gifted writer-I have read animal point of view before, but you are cracking me up! I have to follow you because I want to keep laughing! devon :)

Susan Clayton said...

Sumptuous. Magnificent. Love branches and 'rooting' trees too! Love your 'voice'.

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

O My Goodness, this was just amazing. The view out the windows is to die for and all of you rustic treasures gave me chills. Those old suitcases make me jealous and those darling cloths pin on that rope inspired me. Thank you for the visit.

big hugs

Bohemian said...

Well Romeo, 'she' has a pretty amazing Creative Space... is there any room in there for ME I wonder? *Winks* And your Styling Elements to the Vignettes are Purrfect of coarse! Loved the Sweet Love Story about the Awesome Monstrosity finding it's way to 'her' house in such a Romantic way! Thanks for taking us on the Studio Tour... I'm having Studio Envy big time! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

victorian parlor II said...


Long time no communication. My mom kept the computer busy but not with blogging so I couldn't even post! Ugh! Anyway, I can sympathize with your plight and I must say my mom is drooling over these pics! She finally started posting again and are you ready for this? She didn't include a picture or even a phrase about me! It's a pretty pathetic situation. She went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea so I jumped on the computer and came straight to see you. Uh oh, I hear her coming back! Gotta go! Talk to you soon!

Purrs and meows,


suziqu's thread works said...

I just wonder Romeo whether you wouldn't mind moving over just a little so I could share that chair with you for a wee while while I gaze my eyes around for a really close look?
Well Deb I just adore rust and actually I've just rusted a quantity of silk, linen napkins, old embroidered shirts which I am currently using in a fabric journal.

This one is not in my current Giveaway post for WBC but you may like to check it out anyway!!!

Thanks for sharing your very joyous space with us - I know how long it takes to collect all of these wonderful treasures and we really appreciate it and feel inspired by it too!

Nanna said...

I could stay in that room forever!love how you pulled your antiques inot your space

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Save me a seat!! I would LOVE to sit and just look at all of your treasures!! LOVE this space!! Filled with so much eye candy!!

I truly enjoyed your tour of your fantastic space!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Me again!! Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words!!


Gwen Simmons said...

Hi to Romeo and Deborah-- I am blown away. I love your stuff. What a completely cool place to work and play. While I am not quite as enamored with rust as you are perhaps, I love things that are old, worn and a little rough around the edges (like myself these days). I had actually stumbled by your blog once before and seen the office paint job. Kudos on that post also. Delightful-- I'll be back.
Gwen Simmons

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Oh wow!! What cool stuff you have!! I enjoyed your post very much!!
Your TX furiends,

Hi I am Clementine! Would you two like to become Tabby Cat Club Members!! You can check it out here!
We would love to have you both as members!

Glenda said...

What a fabulous room, and such a great story teller you are Romeo. I had a dresser just like yours when we first got married in 1970 on the farm. Oh how I wish I still had that dresser. Thank you so much for sharing.

Catherine said...

Oh my gosh ~ so many wonderful things to look at and inspire! I would not get any work done. I would be too busy looking and admiring all the pretty things! Especially pretty kitties! ;)
xo Catherine

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Romeo! You are quite the tour guide. I loved the great tour. I could spend hours poking around in there! I didn't have time to clean up my space, so I'll have to try again next year! Meanwhile, Snuggles says Hi and hopes you notice she's lost a pound or two!

okcamp said...

Holy wah! Are you ever organized. I wouldn't show a picture of my workroom in a hundred years, which is about how long it would take me to straighten it up. Cool stuff you have there.