Anyone need assistance?

Yep, it's almost that time.

You know what I'm talking about.....Karen Time.  Where everything but time is created!

My apprentices and I have been busy helping "her" take pictures.

For some reason the camera is not doing what she wants.  Some of the pictures are coming out blurry even when she uses the automatic setting.

I keep suggesting that maybe it's the lighting.

Is "she" listening?

Yeah, sure "she" is.  Told me that I should go get a snack to help with all the brainpower I am using.  "She's" right all this thinking I am having to do to help "her" must certainly be draining my resources.  So I go get a snack.

Hard to believe, but I over estimated the amount of brain power I was using.

Ate too much.

Yep, barfed it back up.

Hey, at least I hit the hardwood floor instead of the carpet.  Besides, "she" needed a break anyway.

I don't think "she" fully appreciated the break.  I'm thinking purrhaps I have been undervalued in efforts to assist with this adventure.

"She" will thank me later.

I'm certain.

"She" told me I could have the afternoon off.  But being the gentleman I am, I ask.....anyone need assistance?


Greatma said...

Loved your post today!!!!!!!!!!Brought smiles to my morning!!!! Antique Rose

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo you can always help me!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...Oh my...I do so love the "Kitty World"!!

stefanie said...

your a big helper!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I don't need any assistance cause I have 7 that love to give me assistance...lol..and one always gets too much brain power and barfs it up all over..she is our power puker..not in just one place...she loves to give me breaks as well...and why is it always on just mopped floors...I love the pictures that your mama took...you are all such cute specimans for her to photograph..:) have a wonderful rest of your day relaxing...:)

Jan LaFollette said...

I'm sure Romeo knows that "cats are natures way of saying your furniture (carpet, bedding, clothes) is TOO nice". He'll take care of that!

Deb said...

Beautiful photos. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

The Rustic Victorian said...

What a gentleman indeed, we do so much for them, making a gift on the hardwood instead of the carpet is always a good one. We do what we can. I was thinking of your frogs,,,how lucky you can go out, I am trapped inside, so, I do bugs well. Handsome photo of you. You do know you are my fav internet feline.
Miz. Pennywinkle

Anonymous said...

I tell you.....you get more handsome each day. :)
good grief, how did lil Tess get into the pic....child like Energizer Bunny ! You'll get there Romie, don't give up....
love, grammie

Terri said...

Love the kitties and I absolutely adore you creative space ..what a treat

Anonymous said...

Romeo you live in such a wonderful enviorment with such a creative "her". I love how you share your life and insights in the world of this beautiful lady. Aunt Carolyn

Rella said...

Romeo, this is my favorite photo of you......so handsome.....strong..wonderful. I would come over to play, but Ms. Rella does not let me out..EVER!!! so I must be content to just dream of sharing catnip together.


the one she calls BratCat