Let the reindeer games begin!

Santa Paw's favorite reindeer - Zoe, the large fluffy one
We're getting ready for Christmas!

And Santa Paws!

You do believe in Santa Paws don't you?

Certainly, you must.  I mean who else do you think leaves all those great presents under the tree?

No, no, not the random hacked up fur ball, I mean real presents.

For us. And you. And yes, even you!

Cat snacks, catnip mousies, warm fluffy blankets, dog bones and chew toys! Oh my whiskers are curling with excitement!

Crickett - watching and waiting for Santa Paws
Of course everyone will tell you that we have to be good.  Angelic. On our very best behavior. You know all the usual bribes - 'you better be good or Santa Paws won't bring you any presents'....and....'Santa Paws can see you and knows you missed the litter box on purpose'.

So be good?  Until Christmas morning?!?!

Don't panic.  I'm here to let you in on a little known secret.  No worries, you need only be very good for a short time.  Really. Not long at all.  C'mon, Santa is old and you've dealt with those ancient ones, right? Don't forget, anyone older than yourself....need a hint?  Look around the house.  I'll wait for you.  Go on...go take a look.

You didn't have to go far did you?  By definition there are probably a few old and oldER humans wandering around the house.  Yep, anyone at all older than yourself is old!

You may have found someone sitting reading a book or watching television.  Taking a bath or doing the laundry. Fixing dinner or maybe they are just standing.  You know that sudden stop thing that oldER people do.

They walk into a room and then stand there.

Just stand there.  I've seen cows who move more.  And you can tell that the thought process that brought them to that standing spot left kept on going without them to an undisclosed location.  So they stand there some more.  Eventually, it may return.  Maybe.

It's just something that happens when you get oldER.

So back to the point I was trying to make....think on this.....Santa has been around forever.  I mean really.  Ask the oldest purrson you know if they know about Santa.  Chances are even if they are 105, they know who Santa is.  How's that for forever?!?

Yes, Santa is old.  Probably ancient.  And I'm certain his memory on who was good and who was bad probably won't last beyond the end of this month.  I mean c'mon he's probably already exhausted cleaning out the reindeer stalls.  Heck, if it's like "hers", by the end of the day, her memory can usually be found at the bottom of no where land.  Last train. Last stop.  Train service resumes tomorrow at 11 a.m. After morning tea.

So I ask you, just how hard could it be to be purrfectly angelic?  For a short time?  Purrsonally, I can be a good boy for a day or maybe even a week.  But, here's the really good news...

Top secret stuff....you don't even have to be good until a week or two before Christmas.  That's right - you still have time for a few more 'bad boy' and 'no, no, no' days!  And that's just to be sure that Santa Paws will have forgotten that you ate your sis-fur's food before she did or any other happy day moment occurrence.

Matilda, four months old and dreaming of Santa Paws
Yes, this being good stuff is do-able.  Especially, now that you know all the details no one else bothered to tell you.  Yes, it's good to have friends in the know, isn't it?!


oldgreymare said...

pitter pat pitter pat and those aren't claws clicking..that is her heart going crazy over those two crazed brown pitchers.

"z" loves them



Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

so true so true..nicely said..I love your fur babies and that last photo is so angelic.;) I have our babies christmas presents..they will go in soon in their stockings..you must stop by for a peek maybe tomorrow at the living room..you will see the stockings my sister made for our babies.;)loved your photos..;)

Catherine said...

I am thinking all kitties are sweet ~ so they will all get presents under the tree! :) And the photo of Matilda? Adorable!!! Love it!

Happy Holidays Romeo!
xo Catherine & banjo

victorian parlor II said...


I fell off my window perch I was laughing so hard at this post! I have to tell you, mom has Christmas music playing and as soon as I looked at the picture of Matilda the song 'Silent Night' started playing! Maybe Santa Paws is watching! After all, what are the chances that 'Silent Night' would start playing when I saw the picture of Matilda sleeping? Spooooky! Maybe I shouldn't keep pulling all the silk flowers out of mom's arrangements or trying to get into the 'forbidden room' (don't ask cause I can't tell ya, all I know is I'm not allowed to go in there-it's just beyond the kitchen door, maybe that's where Santa Paws lives!, Hmmm...something to ponder). Well I'm getting a bit sleepy now, time for my mid-morning nap. I have to take shorter naps more often so I can stay on the move. If I stay still too long mom might decorate me! Yikes!

Purrs and meows,


BTW, I heard my mom ooohing and aahing over your mom's Christmas decor-she really liked it:).

Magpie said...

Romeo, I am hiding this post right now from my naughty Oliver. At the moment he thinks he must be good for the whole month of December. Truthfully, I don't think he can do it, but at least he's trying. Fighting with his "sis-fur" and eating her food are his 2 biggest downfalls. Let's hope Santa Paws is being very lenient with that list!

Anonymous said...

Zoe, such a good sport.
Crickett, I can tell by your expression that you will be good and generally leave the greenery alone UNLESS someone tries to stick those antlers on you.
Mati- so sweet, so innocent, so young!
Romeo - there are some helpful hints you do not need to share with all the other furkids of the world.

Diane said...

Well, tell "her" I think you're a very good boy and Matilda is darling and Zoe is too pretty to ever be bad. Tell her, too, that her Christmas house is gorgeous. I'm in love with your blog Romeo. Diane

NanaDiana said...

Well, I came here for my smile and found it waiting for me. Romeo..you are TOOO much! Purrsonally, I think you are the smartest cat ever...well, except for my own cats (which have sadly crossed The Rainbow Bridge-but we won't talk about that in mixed company) Hugs- Have a great weekend- Diana

Katnip Lounge said...

Holy Carp! We never thought of it like that. In fact, we've been good LOTS of times this year, so we're AHEAD of the game.
Time to go raise hell.

Olive Cooper said...

Dear Romeo, Clovis does not think much of Santa Paws as he is convinced he is a Prince. He is quite bad and steals my favorite chair and refuses to get up! You are right that we olden folk have short memories. You are very astute! merry♥O

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo, Charlie here...I do believe in Santa Paws and I have proved you don't have to be good ALL the time. The olden one's forget pretty quick if you just give them a look, a rub and a purr!

Lynn Richards said...

Thanks so much for the warning to Miss Party. She's trying her very, very best to not eat anything I make for Christmas right now. I try and take her in the car every time I can!!
We definitely believe in Santa over here. Very much!
I think it would be so easy to behave in a house with such beautiful Christmas decorations, but then again, I'm thinking from a human perspective.

Anonymous said...

Romeo dear Santa Paws is so real.but you do have to keep your purrs soft and your actions discreet to get him to visit.Much luck to you,purrhaps you will get so many things,you can share cant you?lol

Oh matilda is soo cute.She looks like my youngest cat,I may just want another one,LOL

Happy sunday!

Rustique Gal said...

You've got it all over the other cats-some of them don't know Santa Paws from Adam! I just wish I could get Snuggles to wear those antlers!
Hugs and scratches,

The Monkeys said...

Finally we know the truth!! We've been a little worried, especially with that very tempting Christmas tree up. Thank you so much for the very valuable information!

Rebecca said...

Good info to know...
Your decorations are wonderful, love the pitchers! It is all magical and the kitties are so beautiful

Burlap Luxe said...

It looks like you are going to have a well rested holiday.

I noticed some cat fur in the tree, were you climbing it to reach the birds? I am going to leave you some egg nog out for your next visit, feel free to help yourslf to the paper garland, I know you will have fun rolling around in it.

Romeo bring her along with you next time.

Love your post...
See you soon, have a Purrr-fect holiday.

Omi S. and her dog, Bender Oak Cannon said...

Oh Zoe, You are so Festive in your Reindeer Hat. When I saw ya I thought of this cat i've seen all over the internet:


Your sissy-fur is so adorable, I'm very sure Santa Paws will overlook any holiday mischevious-ness with all the cuteness.

Unfortunately, Sir Bender Oak has already been naughty (trying to snatch up an ornament! Silly Dog, Ornaments are not Tennis Balls!), and he barks every time I show him the Reindeer Hat I bought for him!

Róisín said...

I do believe in Santa Paws, I do! And I really hope he brings me a new wee furry friend since dear old Geroge passed on to fairer pastures. (RIP, hope they've got some good nip up there buddy.) On another note, I'd just like to ask you to lay off "her". I personally think that her photos in the last post were beautiful, though maybe that's just a human thing. I know you moggies have better things to do with your time but us people do have a weakness for such pretty dresses and lovely pictures. Well, hope all is well with you my little feline friend!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh Romeo, never never change...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Miz Pennywinkle

ps,,I'm getting catnip, I know where it is too, like they think we can't smell it..shessh,,,,can't wait!

Diane said...

I hope Santa Paws was very good to you and your other feline family Romeo. And I hope it was good for "her" and her family, too. Don't get too carried away with the catnip! Diane