He said, she said, I said....

You may not have noticed my absence, but "she" has. And has been on my tail to get back online and blog. Well, it's not like there hasn't been a bazillion and one things going on - where the heck has "she" been. I mean it's not like I locked "her" in a closet for the past month. Although after all that pushing about getting online, the closet looks like a lovely spot for "her".

So a few weeks ago, (gee has it been that long?) I went outside looking for an adventure to blog about. "She" stayed inside to vacuum. VERY good time to go OUTSIDE for an adventure.

Well, I thought it was. Initially.

Until the neighbor's big black dog showed up. Being new to the neighborhood, he doesn't seem to be too well versed in how things work here.

So he barked and I hissed.

He chased me!

I was not believing it, until I smelled his dog breath steaming my butt fur. And then I did believe.

So I high tailed it up a tree.

Way up the tree.

"She" finally heard big black dog barking like the crazy dog that he is.

"She" intervened and yelled, "YAH"....what the heck? That's what you say when you are herding cows isn't it?!?

Well it worked. But "YAH" - how humiliating. I should have kicked that dog's butt.

Could have done it.

Yep, sure could have. But I was trying to show some self restraint. That's what I said.

"She" told Dad about the incident and the bad mannered dog.

Dad said, "what a wuss".

"She" said, "he's ferocious, he could have hurt that dog".

I said, "I could have SERIOUSLY put the hurt on that dog."

Dad said, "Romeo is a wuss."

I said, "better check your shoes before you put them on in the morning....."


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo you are not a wuss! Charlie said you did the SMART thing going up that tree. The stupid dog didn't follow you right? SEEEEEEE!!!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Oh my dear Romeo...even I can tell that you were up there reconnoitering and planning your revenge on that mean black dog. Wuss? N-O-T. Even Gracie,(rest her soul), always said that you were the only cat she'd met that was man enough to be her bud.


Diane said...

A tree is the best spot for thinking over the situation. Dogs don't climb trees (usually) and you showed him who was the smartest. Our Romeo is certainly not a wuss! He's a smart, brave, beautiful cat. I've missed you lately, maybe it was because you were still in the tree. Shoes are a good place to even the score. Diane

The Feathered Nest said...

Awwww Romeo...don't you worry one little bit, you are SUCH a hero to us all!!! That ol' dog will get what's coming to him! I've missed your posts sweetie ~ it's so good to see you :) Hope all is going wonderful in your neck of the woods, hugs and love, Dawn

Katnip Lounge said...

hmph. we'll be right over for a yak assist!

oldgreymare said...

Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou Romeo?

Up in the tree
Can't you see?



Catherine said...

LOL ~ oh oh ~ I hope Dad hides his shoes!!!

Well.. better safe then sorry I always say. A tree is always nice and safe for kitties!
xo Catherine

Lynn Richards said...

Stupid dog.
Sure glad to see you back. Way glad. Did you see anything interesting while you were perched so high up in that tree???

artteachergirl said...

You did the right thing Romeo. Your climbing the tree was for the dog's own good I'm sure. At least you were smart enough to know when to come down...my Duncan, who you might remember is not the smartest tool in the shed, stayed up a tree for 13 days...stay fierce, Romeo, stay fierce!

Anonymous said...

You just tell "Dad" he is highly mistaken about the wuss thing and he better watch his fingers from now on! You were simply tactically smarter than that old fart face dog! How rude and ill mannered can a dog be, especially one who just moved in and is clueless, well, he's a dog so he is always clueless. You totally did the right thing... I mean really what were you supposed to do - drop down to his level and swipe off some of his nose? You are way too classy for such street behavior! "She" is simply going to have to have a talk with the parents of this newbie on the block - clearly this dude has issues!
Raphael (and his mom)

Lululiz said...

You know, I think not hurting that silly dog when everybody knows you could have quite easily done just that, shows admirable restraint and even concern for lesser creatures. It really is the bigger man (cat) who can walk (run) away from confrontation. I am sure you did that in a cool, calm and sensible manner, ahem, cough cough.
As to Dad.......... how much did his news shoes cost, tehehehe???

victorian parlor II said...


I can't believe it! You poor thing having to go up a tree...high up a tree...to keep from hurting that dog! I am impressed with the amount of restraint you had to use in order to not go catalistic on that dog! Way to go my furry friend! At least you didn't get your picture put out in blogland sewing!

Purrs and meows,

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I missed this post! How the heck did that happen? Poor poor Romeo. You are NOT a wuss-you are just a smart boy that knows sometimes it is wiser to run than to fight. After all, you can do something as a wonderful pay-back! Hack-hack-behind their back~ xxoo Diana

Anonymous said...

I have a Romeo too. They named him at the shelter before I got him. I call him Romee the Rotten, Romeo is too much of a wuss name for a Tom Cat. He's has beautiful blue eyes though...