Worry - it's what's for breakfast....

I mean you do worry, yes?

Or purrhaps no.

Me? I don't let much bother me in the worry department. I mean really what's a well loved and adored cat got to worry about. Well except maybe when that stupid black neighbor dog might show up again. I'd swear he stops by every stinking day just to taunt me. Yes, seriously. Looking at me, drool hanging off those loose jowls.....just looking at me.....taunting me to just loose control and self-restraint for a few seconds.....I mean after all, being ferocious, that's all it would take - just a few seconds.

But really, black dogs aside and back into their own yard, what do I concern myself with? I can't think of anything else that I should worry about.

Snacks - no problem. I'm persistent. And if that fails, I'll eat "her" ice cream as a last resort.

Comfy, soft, clean bed - no problem. I use "her" bed pillow.

Good food - no problem. I share with "her".

Love and adoration - no problem. I own it - I mean how could anyone not love and adore me?!

Scritches and ear rubs - no problem. Just push the head or body part under the hand. A sharp claw also helps motivate.

See what I mean - a relatively simple life, with no worries!

But what about you? Do you worry?

Better still, do you worry about a lot of things? Or do you simply feel the need to worry about something? Anything. It's possible. Ask me how I know....yep...."she" worries. I've helped "her" a great deal and tried to share some of my more appropriate purrspectives. And sometimes "she" does really well.

And other times....well "she" regresses and....worries. Today "she" regressed, digressed, returned to old habits and all manners of going backwards. What happened you might be wondering..... something awful?.....this is what "she" worried about....today...

Yes, that's a bird. And "she" is worried for this fluff of a bird.

I know you gotta be kidding right? No, seriously.
"She"....is.....worried.....about......this..... BABY....bird.

Some of you may know that we got hit with those horrendous storms a couple of weeks ago. We had some mean hail - got whammed three times in one day.

Sadly, when "she" was cleaning up, "she" found two birds that didn't fare so well. And there was a bird that was killed next door - a blue jay. Sadly, it was bound to happen. Although, the hail stones had already started to melt, the picture below gives you an idea of the size. A bird could not possibly win this battle with Mother Nature.

So where was I?.....oh yeah, you probably see where this is going.....This baby bird looks like a blue jay. So "she" is worried that the mother was killed and now this little guy doesn't have anyone to teach him how to fly. And there is the worry he might fall prey to some unkind creature. And how will he learn to eat?

Still tonight, "she" is worried. About a small ball of blue fluff and feathers. So I sit here and wonder.....

Do all humans worry?

Do YOU worry?

If YOU worry - is it about the small things?

Or the big ones?

Do YOU worry at all????

You do know, don't you, that "she" will still be worrying about this baby bird in the morning.

Worry. It's what's for breakfast here.....


oldgreymare said...

and you wonder why I often don't sleep?
worry is a constant companion... : (


Debbie V said...

she could buy you a shiny new bell then she would have one less ting to worry about

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo you wouldn't touch that baby bird would you? So NOW do I have something to worry about????

Diane said...

Give "her" an extra nuzzle (without ulterior motives!) She is a lovely person. People who care about animals have their hearts broken so much. You're so lucky to live with someone like that. You're a great cat, too, Romeo. Diane

NanaDiana said...

Well, Romeo, darling, you are going to laugh about his- Yesterday I was THINKING ABOUT YOU and wondered where you were--so I was a bit worried...and I thought if you didn't show up by Wednesday I was gonna hunt your Momma down to see what was up.

I understand "her" worry about that baby bird. I worry about stuff like that too. We have a bird that built her nest right by our side door and has laid eggs in it. This happened while we were gone for two days. Now, we have to use another door AND everytime the garage door goes up and down she flies away because it scares her...so I worry that she will be off the nest and won't be able to hatch her babies!

I worry more about my grandkids than myself..and what will happen to them in their day to day life..and pray for safety for them and their parents.

So...do I worry? You betcha~ I think God created a few of us to be worriers for the rest of mankind!;>) But don't you worry your furry little head about it because we will do all the worrying FOR you! Purrs and scratches- Diana

Katnip Lounge said...

hmmm, we're worried you might not be allowed Out for a few days until tiny bird learns to fly away.

stefanie said...

hahaha!! to cute, but not that hail, that is huge!

Cindy said...

Dear Romeo, I think that you are so well fed and pampered that the little bird and "she" has nothing to worry about. Plus it might mussy up your beautiful fur if you exhausted yourself

Lynn Richards said...

Ahh, yes. My ridiculous friend (?) worry. We had a similar situation of a found baby bird. I called the emergency vet and found that there was a "bird lady" in our area.
The bird lady told me how I was to help said bird to be able to get to the point of being on it's own and I truly couldn't sign up for round the clock eye-dropper feedings. So, being the kind of person I am, I begged. She relented and told me I could bring her yet another bird....I loaded my children in the car and took said bird to the lady and ended up giving her a $25 donation towards bird feed.
Whatever. I'm coming back as a cat in my next life.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, yeah my mom worries constantly, at least it seems like constantly. I mean really, if that little ball of blue fluff was in our yard she would be freting and on the phone with a bird sanctuary so fast your whiskers would bend in the wind as she flew past you to the phone. And then she would drive like a crazy person to where ever the sanctuary was if they said they would take it! What about my lunch? I feel for you man, I am just glad it isn't in our yard!

Did I tell you about our glass enclosed porch that birds seem to not see? Well, when we first moved in here she could hear a bird hit the glass when she was in a completely different room of the house...and out she would fly to see if there was a rescue possible. She even blocked my view with those stupid hawk images, 3 on each window of the sliding glass doors...that makes 24 hawk images! OK, I must admit it seems to have helped some...many less fatalities but really!
I feel for you Romeo, hang in there dude!
Raphael and his Mom

Olive Cooper said...

Romeo, Clovis seems to worry about where I am at if am gone from the house for a while but other than that he has no concerns. Yes, I worry about large and small things because I just do!

Burlap Luxe said...

Wow worry! what would I do with myself if I had nothing to worry about! Today I am worried that I may run out of wild bird feed, leaving them with nothing to eat before my trip to the store!

I am sure you will not worry us with you bothering the little featered friends, right??
I am most certain that she will help care for the birds around your place of cat comfort!

Now I am worried about the out come of the baby bird as well!
sending you love and worry!!

See you soon Romeo!
Whisker kisses!!
Thanking you for your visit!!

"That little bird has chosen his shelter. Above it are the stars and the
deep heaven of worlds. Yet he is rocking himself to sleep without
caring for tomorrow's lodging, calmly clinging to his little twig,
and leaving God to think for him."
- Luther

Anonymous said...

Well, Romie, you know my middle name is "Worry"....remember the baby birds in the crepe myrtle tree and I worried to death until they left the nest. Anyway, I worry about everything, including like you....what's for breakfast...love u, grammie

victorian parlor II said...


Bummer about the worry stuff. I don't worry about much either except when one of my stupid dog siblings might startle me! Anyway, now my mom is worried about the baby bird in your yard! What is wrong with these people? Anyway, keep me posted about the bird so my mom will stop worrying too.

Purrs and meows,


Anonymous said...

I know when my kitties "worry" their tails twitch. Does "her" tail switch and twitch when she worries? Does she narrow her eyes?
Just today I posted about some baby birds in our yard. Their mom was not too smart about where she built the nest.
I can not worry about them but kitty liberties here are on restriction.

Anonymous said...

Oh Romeo, Romeo, where art thou?
We miss hearing from you dude!
Err, my mom misses hearing from you I am too busy mousing to notice...haven't you been around lately?
Later Dude,
Raphael (and Mom a.k.a. Beth)

Dotti said...

Dear Romeo and Her,
Bless you both!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh Romeo I am sick I missed "her"!
I am so sorry... how is it going besides taking care of baby birds, if you watch long enough you will see the mama bird or others. They tend to take care of each others babies when on the ground. If all else fails... google it.
When will you be in town again?
Have you had the party yet?