Never enough of it. Sure, efurryone gets 24 hours in their day. And I cannot tell you how many times I've reminded "her" of just that. 24 hours. Not one minute more and not one minute less. Yet, I always hear about there is "no time", or "not enough time" or "not now, I don't have time". Well, purrsonally, I never seem to have a problem with time. Got plenty, thank you very much.

Six weeks ago or was it seven now....I decided to help "her" out. I mean after all, I have a purrsonal interest in "her" time. Especially when it involves one-on-one Romeo time. You know snacks, petting, ear scritching, snacks (worth mentioning again) and going on adventures with me, followed by....yep, more snacks.....

So I set out to determine just exactly what to do about the above mentioned shortage of time. I am proficient at multi-tasking so helped "her" with the list of 'things that need to be done'. First on the agenda was ripping up carpet and laying hardwood in the living room.

I decided that extra help would get the job done faster.

It did. "She" moved faster for fear that the sofa would end up crashing through the bannister. Carpet ripped up, floor painted with Kilz and hardwood flooring laid in record time. There was extra time in "her" weeks as a result. So we repainted the living room.

Then there was a 50 year Anniversary party for Grammie and Grandad. Weeks were spent planning and getting ready for this big event. Now every hour of every day was spent on this one, so there was time to do other things. Like sleeping. Which by the way seems to take up entirely too much time in "her" day. So I have suggested sleeping only every other day. My theory was that in doing it this way, the day would actually contain 48 hours rather than the standard 24. I mean we all consider sleeping part of "a day", right??? So if you only sleep once in 48 hours, I say you had a 48 hour day!!! Another time challenge solved and Grandad got to smoosh cake into Grammie's mouth. Don't try this at home though - you can only get away with this, if you were married 50 years.

Also during this same time, I submitted an application to the Country Living Fair being held in Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. I didn't think "she" would mind, and being the business manager for the tattered cat, I felt it was my duty. And well, "she" told me "she" didn't think there was time to do that on top of everything else. So I made the decision for "her". Yes, yes, I know, I should be an advisor for Fortune 500 companies.

But there were the pictures to be submitted with the application. So I had to convince "her" to take some pictures. If "she" had time, I would sign her up for a picture taking class. Why? Because it took her just over 100 pictures to get THREE to send in with the application. Gee, wonder why there wasn't enough time that week to do the other things that should have been done. Like washing Dad's underwear. No matter, he turned them inside out.

And now? Well, "she" has been sewing and working on getting ready for the show in October. I help when I can by laying on things to iron out wrinkles on fabric and for the furniture and such to ensure quality. It saves "her" time I'm certain.

And if it's furniture or some small old thing, I lay on it. If it doesn't withstand my weight, it was inferior quality and it doesn't go further than the old trash can. Once again, Romeo comes through and provides more time in "her" day.

Before October 1st, there are two more rooms that will have to have carpet ripped up and hardwood laid. "Her" trailer will need to go in for repairs (remember the hail damage). "She" did manage to get the cars brought in for their repair time estimate. One is scheduled for August, another in October and the third at the end of November. Nothing I could do to help with "her" time on that one, my leg doesn't reach the gas pedal. But while "she" was doing that I did come up with a possible help for future time challenges.

I created this little guy. He's a special rabbit called, "when time multiplies". Maybe I can find him a mate and then well you know....time will be everywhere!!!!! Over run with time! "She" says it will be more like 'run OVER by time'....ah, so cynical. I'll let you know how it goes.....


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo! Charlie and I have missed you! Wondered if all was OK, but I do understand the 'time' thing! I will be going to that Southern Living Show and maybe you will be there? or just her?? Try to rest in between projects. Charlie is doing that right now.

Linda & Charlie

stefanie said...

wow, she is using alot of time!!! the show will be fabulous...good luck!!!

cynthia lee designs said...

Best Wishes on a great show!...and wishing I could go to the Country Living Fair down south to see your beautiful creations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Romeo, my mom and me were worrying about ya. We are glad to here you are just busy keeping her under control. I have the same problem with my mom...she is just all over the place. I try to keep the leash pretty tight but you know how hard that is so mostly I just follow her around so I can keep an eye on things. Wow, that show sounds like it is going to be kewl! Now, my mom wants to go...yeah, like I am going to let that happen!
Well dude see ya round,
Raphael, yeah, yeah, and my mom Beth

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hey, Romeo! Thanks for getting the word out about my par-tay! I'm super glad you are coming! And...I think a lot of lovely ladies will be there, too! Looks like she has been busy. Glad you talked her into coming to Atlanta...you, too? If I can get some wheels, the staff will see you there!...BK (she calls me Baby Kitty...yikes!)

Diane said...

I've missed you Romeo. I'm glad you were helping "her" do all those things. I'm sure it took a smart cat like you to help her manage her time but maybe you should tell her to just slow down and rest a bit. Then you could lay on her lap and have your ears scratched. So good to hear from you. Diane

The Feathered Nest said...

WHAT????? REALLY???? Are you gonna be there girl??? Sorry, Romeo, let me talk to mama, ok? Are you going to be at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta????? OMGOOODNESSS! I'm so dadgum happy for you.....I just HAVE to come now!!!! I wanted to go last year but had another trip planned on that weekend ~ Oh Deborah, you. will. be. amazing!!!!! I do hope I get to come just so I can give you a big ol' hug!!!! xxoo, Dawn

NanaDiana said...

Oh ~ There you are you tatty old cat! I have missed you and been thinking about you (when I have TIME). My goodness! It sounds like she has been busy! And you signed her UP FOR A SHOW? OMGosh-That is is exciting that I can't stand it.

Congrats to the long-married couple. Hope they made you a small fish cake to celebrate along with them.

I hope "she" gets some time to rest and isn't killing herself with work and stress. "She" needs to take care of herself so she can take care of you.

And, on a last note, I am surprised that you didn't jump on that balanced couch and send it crashing into the stair railing...just sayin'...cuz you know how YOU are!

Love to you and her~ xo Diana