Odd.servations of Ordinary

Also known as odd observations of everyday ordinary.

You got that right?

Good then. I'll get started. Just wanted to be sure we started on the same page because by the time I'm done, you'll be as confused as me....

Yep. You will be.

Almost all "her" flowers have moved into the Halloween season decor - you know brown, crumbly and sometimes black and dry as a bone. "She" sighs and carries on whining about it. So it would stand to reason that "she" would NOT be interested in brown or black or any color bland and lifeless.

Observation Number One: The chairs on the screened in porch need to be recovered. Been needing it for some time now. They were white, but they are beyond salvaging now, so off to the fabric store "she" went. Dad and I voted on lime green and robin's egg blue. Nice.

This is what she brought home.

What color is this?

Yeah I know it is NOT lime green and robin's egg blue.

Observation Number Two: A few nights ago, a wild hare got loose and "she" decided to strip the finish off an old violin. So instead of nice and shiny, it is now looking a wee bit....lifeless. And colorless.

Purrhaps, more early Halloween decor? Never mind that it is TWO MONTHS away.

Observation Number Three: The following night, another wild hare on the loose. Damn things are multiplying I'm telling you. If I'm neutered, they should be too.....I'm just saying.....anyway, Blackie is taking a very nice nap in "her" lap and Bailey is sunning himself under the lamp. Yeah, I know, the cat's weird I tell you - hotter than hades and he's sunning himself. As I was saying...but at this moment, "she" unceremoniously dumps poor Blackie so that "she" can take a picture of....browns and cremes....

Hello? You wanna take a picture of something brown and creme, but whine about your BROWN colorless, dead plants. Yep, sure thing.

Purrhaps, Dad noticed, although doubtful...but he brought "her" home some beautiful sunflowers today. "She" loves sunflowers!

Observation Number Four: I would like to mention..... "she" hates yellow. Yeah, I know - this makes no sense to me either. Can't stand yellow but loves big bright YELLOW sunflowers.

Observations of odd in an ordinary day.

I think I"m going back to bed now - my brain hurts.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I always love reading your posts Romeo..I hope you get a good nights sleep and that your head stops hurting..I love the colors she chose..and I love Sunflowers of any color..tell your mommy to give you and your siblings huge hugs from me.;) by the way I am having a giveaway..if you are interested sign up to play you have till tonight to get in on it.;)

NanaDiana said...

Wow-I gotta side with the old girl-I love that fabric she picked up and....hmmm...lime green and robin egg's blue might be just a tad BRIGHT!!

How nice of Dad to bring her sunflowers. Why was he trying to get brownie points in...what DID he do?

So nice to see you posting and I think maybe you are just a TAD bit
jealous of Bailey? I think that is a gorgeous brown and cream study if I have ever seen one.

Well, I hope you Sunday is just PURRfect for you! Give your Mom a big old hug for me! xo Diana

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo I have been crying over my brown and black plants also! Still my favorite cat color is white with a touch of black a la Charlie! I think the lime green and robin's egg blue would have been gorgeous but what the heck do I Know.

Diane said...

I know "she" keeps you in a constant confused state, Romeo. But that's just because you're such an intellectual cat and pay so much attention to things. Women have odd ideas but they usually turn out quite lovely - trust me - I'm one, too.

My poor Rascal is a lot like you (except that he's a dog). When I move furniture and change things around he gets quite worried and upset, it is hard on you "thinking" creatures. I hope she settles down for a while and gives you some time to relax.

In the meanwhile, don't get on her lap, she may dump you if she has another wild hare. Diane

oldgreymare said...

I love the fabric choice Romeo, sorry..


cynthia lee designs said...

Sorry...but I have to tell you that I love the fabric that she chose. And the sunflowers that dad brought her are beautiful!!
Hope your brain stops hurting after you take your cat nap.
Oh...did she like her bird designs that I sent? Please tell me that you didn't eat those birds.

Mark said...

You poor thing. How do you put up with her anyway?

Cindy said...

You have such a hard life...LOL
I love all the things "she" has done in your observations. Maybe she will sit down for a minute and you can enjoy a nice lap nap!

Lynn Richards said...

i'm not sure if this is a good thing, but i understand what you are saying!
sometimes "we" just get these weird feelings running through our minds and the color scheme comes through. maybe she's a little melancholy, or wistful, or ready for the seasons to change...don't worry, kitty dear, you'll be fine!

Dotti said...

Dear Junkyard Cat...I love reading your comments..........sooo catlike (catlovers know what I mean by this). And you remind me of my dear Patches who went to kitty heaven a few months ago.

Carole said...

Sorry Romeo I love the new fabric and the fiddle.
Though I don't use yellow that much at home I still love it in the spring. Nothing like yellow pansies when everything is dead all around.
hope you had a good weekend,


Theresa said...

That new fabric is going to look amazing on the chair! Have fun, t. xoxoxox

victorian parlor II said...


That is totally weird. I must say our moms sure are strange creatures! My mom is just drooling over that violin!

Purrs and meows,


Rustique Gal said...

Don't try to understand her, just give her love. She will be okay!
Tell her I LOVE the stripped down violin and the new porch fabric.
And get some rest!
Poor kitty...

Catherine said...

Haha ~ humans are very hard to figure out aren't they? Especially the lady ones. I must say though, that material she picked out really is beautiful. While I'm not against lime green and robin egg blue, I think she has very good taste.

And as all sweet kitties do, they have a nap to show us humans how wrong we have life.... ;)

Hope September is treating you well sweet Romeo!
xo Catherine

Barbara Jean said...

cute!! love the fabric, and the violin, no matter what 'he' says.

barbara jean

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

Love the sight...love your kitties...I think the violin looks wonderful...I am a new follower...come for a visit...

Phyllis@Around the House said...

http://phyllistesting.blogspot.com/2011/10/wait-till-you-hear-my-big-news.html...Hi my name is tina and I live around the house on the side of her blog...I have my own blog and would love to hear from new friends like a handsome young feline like yourself...come over and see my new toy...tina

Kathy said...

Ok what is going on? I believe in cat naps but this is ridiculous you haven't posted in a month.
Hope everything is OK
Miss you guys Kathy

Rebecca said...

Well I gotta tell ya Romeo, brown is my signature color these days... I gotta go with her on this one... and I agree about the yellow but somehow nobody can dislike sunflowers... they are such a happy flower.
Blessings to all of you