Exercising the Furniture


I know, I know – another strange post.

They all are. I pretty certain you’ve come to expect this of me…

So just curious (it’s the cat in me I can’t help it)……

Exercising the furniture.

What image comes to mind?

Tables doing leg lifts?

Chairs doing squats?


In your house.


Not here - our furniture takes laps around the room.

Usually doing a little piquet dance along the way.

Sometimes taking a detour into another room.

And then another lap.

Or two.

Maybe four or five.

And then ending up in exactly the same spot it began.

Here. In my house. The furniture takes laps around the room. Ends up exactly where it started....must be for the exercise. Why else would "she" chase it around the room. Lap after lap....

You would have thought “she” would have worked this mobile furniture thing out of her system for a while. You know after the country Living Fair and all. Setting up displays, moving furniture, moving it again, three or four times.....and then some....

A normal person may have.

Scratch that....most likely would have.

But we are not referring to the “norm” here are we (wink)?!? Which reminds me…..

A special thank you to all those who came to the show and left me notes! And even a few gifts!!! You guys are the bestest ever!!!! Thank mew VERY much!! It made my five long days inside oh so worth it! So how does this tie in with my previous sentence of “norm” and “not so norm”????


Seriously. Dogs. There were as many dogs as there were cats who left me notes and gifts. Did I mention, seriously! Kind, sympathetic notes from dogs. And if the scanner was working right now, I'd show you a picture one of them sent to me. Handsome fellow! Anyway...so purrsonally, I’m thinking being “not so norm” isn’t such a bad thing! Now if you’ll pardon me, I think I’ll go help supervise the next round of table races……it's either that or get run over......


Aoife.Troxel said...

I was envisioning you massaging the furniture for its exercise Romeo! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Romeo, I know what you mean about that exercising furntiure...my mom does the same thing and lately even more than ususal. No, no show to go to - she somehow talked dad into having a humungous garage sale to get rid of "stuff" - seriously! I thought something was wrong with her like a jungle fever or something - she is always bringing in new stuff, not the other way around! So, anyway since the end of August she has been moving what is left in the house here, there and back here again. Some mornings I get u[ and think I fell asleep in someone else's house! I must admit that there is some extra room now for me to chase those pesky field mice that are coming in to get out of the cold...yes, I said cold...we just got buried under a foot of snow...I mean really, it is only October...and we only live in New Hampshire, not Siberia...Brrrrrrrr so needless to say, I am totally confused... Well, all this catching up with you has made me hungry so I am off to look for a snack...Oh, come over when you get the chance I got a new blog too!!! http://elisabetpollock.blogspot.com
Talk later dude...and watch out for that furniture!
Raphael and his mom

One Vintage Hag said...

Romeo... poor Romeo,
You, our friend have a Mom that has the bug many of the Mom's in blogland share. We just love that stuff! "She" had one of the most magical booths at the Country Living Fair (we are certain you would have been proud). Our Mom was so impressed. So, you will be "purrfectly" suited to continue being a supervisor for many years to come. We sure hope you enjoyed your kitty treats ~ we did think of you with many woofs and wags. Tell "her" thank you for the blognote.
Happiest Halloween!
Sebastian & Sadie
-one vintage hag
Sebastian & Sadie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm having quite a laugh at the furniture taking laps...in my house it's Charlie that jumps from piece to piece of furniture. Then exhausted drops into his comfy cozy bed! Wish I had been home in GA to visit at the Country Home show! hugs, Linda

Diane said...

Some women are just posessed Romeo and "she" sounds like she might be. I'm afraid you would find that that goes on in my house, too. My dog, Rascal, at least thinks the same thing about me. He gets so upset about me chasing the furniture around the room that he gets up on the couch where maybe it's safe. You would like him, he is almost like a cat. Stay safe and say hello to "her". Diane

Olive Cooper said...

Romeo, I am now seriously upset that I did not attend the CL fair. If I had realized I could have met "her" that might would have changed my mind. Maybe next year. Be a sweetie, Clovis says hi. He is pouting because I have not let him outside today because it is Halloween. There are weirdos out there ya know. hugs♥Olive

Lynn Richards said...

Some people just have a gift, kitty dear!!! Moving furniture is a great one!

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Romeo, I am sorry to say that most all of us tend to give that furniture a little exersize at least a couple of times year! I think your mom's pretty normal! I'm glad you recovered from the Country Living fair. I'm sure it must have been very hard on you!! I hope it was a HUGE success for your mom!
It was great to come and visit. I ALWAYS en joy your posts!
Have a puuuurfectly wonderful day!

Promosyon said...

Well, My parents have two cat one in totally white, and one is same as yours. Our family members really enjoy to play with cat. These both cats does 't need lots of caring.

Catherine said...

It's always good to take the furniture out for a little spin now and then. It seems to keep kitties on their toes. ;)

I hope you are having a happy November sweet Romeo!

xo Catherine

Bohemian said...

Oh what a delightful blog... as seen through the perspective of our fur babies *winks*... glad I discovered your site this Evening.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wonderful Post Romeo! It is always such fun to see changes in the junk, offering new games and hiding places. Also cleaning cob webs (which I do not appreciate)... and... dust bunnies (I create on purrpose)
Just look at her wonderful junk.
Miz Penniwinkle
Happy NEw YEar!