pity the humans

Yep, I do.


You listen, but don't hear.
(like when I say "meOw" and you don't hear me saying "let me out. nOw")

You look, but don't see.
(as in when I cough up a furball and Dad walks right through it and keeps on going)

You have a life, but you don't live.

Oh wait, maybe some humans don't really have a life.  Take for instance her.

Yeh, I know it seems like I am picking on her again.  But I'm not, it's just an observation. Honest.

And why this opinion you may wonder?

It's well founded I assure you.  Take for instance today.  Dad likes to drive around.  Yep, for no reason really.  But he lures her in to going along for the ride with a promise of antique shopping.  Hey, this doesn't sound so bad, right? I mean this could be the day she brings home something new for me to scratch up! Oh happy day! Now this is life!  An adventure waiting to happen.....

Don't get too excited thinking I'm about to show you some wonderful old crusty junk.

Because what really happened.......

Yes, believe it.  They stopped and took photos of chickens.  

Claimed it was at a stop that had the potential to have good vintage junk.

Really?!  So good that the chickens shop there?

Hello? Shopping where chickens shop, is NOT living life to the fullest!

Whole herds of chickens? Really?!

So I ask, "what did you buy?"

The reply: "Chicken feed for the chickens."

Really?! Does this look like a chicken that needs to be fed?!??


And what about the money for the chicken feed? Would it not have been better spent on something old and crusty? Something I could sink my teeth into?  Or roll on? Or scratch up?!?


Did you......maybe......bring me home a chicken????

...or a Rooster?!!!

......a nice big, plump Rooster?!?!?!


I see.

No chickens. No roosters. None at all. For me.

Pity the human.

Who lives here.

Because this cat is now forced to find something already here.

That hasn't yet been scratched  clawed  chewed "initiated".

Pity her.

She just went to sleep.....

....and I am unchaperoned....

....in a house full of temptation....

....and I am about to live life to the fullest.....


Phyllis @Around the House said...

How can you blame her those roosters are just so beautiful and are always calling us to take pictures of those wonderful colors...Hoping she will pay more attention to you with a good back rub....you take care now

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo she just wasn't thinking when she took photos of all those chickens and brought home nothing new for you! Enjoy living life to the fullest!! (did you see my post that someone shot Mr Toes with a pellet gun? He is recovering but slowly). Hugs, Linda

oldgreymare said...

Romeo.... Howie is reminding you that you'll get more treats with good behavior. besides..chickens can be MEAN!

Ellie VanCaster said...

We think chickens are no fun-especially those big kind that pick you with their stupid sharp beaks-stupid chickens!

Diane said...

No chicken can compare to a beautiful fine cat like you Romeo. "She" just forgot herself I would say. Consider yourself petted and snuggled and give her a hug from me. Diane

Anonymous said...

Hey Romeo, Raphael is still in bed snoozing off his rather hefty breakfast so I am writing to you for him... She just didn't think about the effect seeing those chicken pictures would have on you... I mean all those fluffy feathers and plumpness underneath... She just didn't think! Don't fret though, you will get her trained yet! Dad is probably another story...erhm!
Beth and Raphael

Cindy said...

The first picture of the chicken cracked me up! So serious looking and goofy...
What would you do with a Rooster Romeo??? Be glad you just got pictures and not the real thing...
Hope you didn't go too wild while unsupervised!
Big belly rub and a scratch on the head to you!

Carole said...

Yes like Z said chickens, well roosters can be mean. I want to go where the chicken shop too. How funny!


Olive said...

Roosters can be awfully aggressive. I would stay away from them Romeo. Humans seem to have a renewed interest in chickens and are having coops in urban areas Romeo. I would gladly send you one of my thousand pesky squirrels. They bother my birds. Clovis used to eat them in his younger years but now he just sun bathes on the deck. xo, olive

Gina Gao said...

I have this weird urge to laugh whenever I see a chicken. Great post, and I agree that chickens can get very aggressive at times.


Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Romeo, you are such a scoundrel! and Snuggles is shaking her head yes too! You have a wonderful fantasy life-we could all learn from you! I will try harder to understand Snuggles from now on!

Bohemian said...

Ah Romeo, to have your Life! How would you like to Adopt a litter of Human G-Kids? They're better than Chickens... REALLY! Well... kinda... Okay, so maybe Chickens are better... forget about it.

Dawn... The Bohemian

DogsMom said...

You need to feel sorry for her, being lured away on false pretenses. well, maybe just a little.
Leave her (and him) a nice surprise to make up for it, to add more life to her day.

Lynn Richards said...

Hmmmmm...I think you will be very, very glad that no chickens came home to roost with you!