On a rainy day....

...when I am not allowed to go out.

....when I have to use the commoner's litter box (the horror).

So what does a junkyard cat do on a day like today?

I try and pound on the other cats so as to convince her I would be better off outside.

No luck.  I got time out instead.

During which I fell asleep.

For the rest of the day. Boring.

You didn't come here for boring did you?

Well to even the score for being on time out.  I'm going to rat on her......

Guess what she does when there is no junk to be hunting?

She plays with the junk she already has.

She has no shame.

While other people are being responsible....feeding their cats, playing with their cats, serving catnip to their cats, she is playing!

Working on the cover for her art journal.

I mean it's only been sitting there unfinished for months.  You would think a little responsibility on her part, on  a rainy day would be good use of her time.

 I think she's almost finished with it.  And it's a good thing because if she chooses selfish ways again tomorrow.....

well let's just say I cannot guarantee the safety of the art journal cover or the pages within.

Anyone care to warn her????


Diane said...

An art journal, huh? Now this sounds very interesting. Of course a handsome, smart cat like yourself would not really harm the art journal - we know that ..............don't we? Good wishes to both you and "her". Diane

Maureen said...

Oh Romeo; don't ruin the art journal... use it as a napping place. Like my kitties do! They park themselves on top of whatever I am working on at the moment. It's a good way to get attention ;)

Lovely "junk" BTW! I adore those buttons!!!!

NanaDiana said...

Aw, Romeo- Give HER a break. You know she loves your scruffy self!!! I can't wait to see what SHE has created AND if you are a VERY GOOD boy there might be a page in there devoted to you- xo Diana

Olive said...

Romeo, embrace the rain and nap on some buttons. The buttons are beyond lovely by the way. xo, olive

Carole said...

Oh Romeo you stay away from that art journal. I know those claws would just love to get ripping those buttons off. Rainy days are for staying in and getting those projects finished. Good for you Deborah.
Ok I'll get back to work too. Just too many projects here:)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I nap on a rainy day myself! I must admit I admire her working on her art journal!
hugs, Linda

cynthia lee designs said...

Romeo...you silly kitty! Don't you know that rainy days are great for cat napping. I bet if you are nice to her...she just might put some photos of you in her pretty art journal.

Anonymous said...

OK Dude, Raphael to the rescue. Since all these silly females are so worried about a silly little art journal that no one, not even she will look at again for ages once it's finished... I have to say, where's the justice in all this? Don't they get it that cats are the masters and they are the servants... seems like you need to get that wee instruction manual out and re-read some pertinent paragraphs to her ( I do to my Mom often and she definitely runs a straight line!). Yep, that's my advice oh and of course sleep on her journal so she can't finish it!
All the best, your bud Raphael, well OK and my Mom because I had her type this up for me while I slept on her arms as she typed - gotta show um' whose boss dude! :D