For today.....

....the living room is complete..... for today.

If you have followed me on my adventures, you may remember the beginning of
 the living room re-fluff.  

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

Industrial shelving was added and we raided her private inventory that previously had no where to go. We don't live in a house of castle size proportions, but she probably has enough collections and curiosities to fill at least a small castle. 
Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

Adding shelves allowed her to dust cat fur off a few things and put them back into the light of day where they can be chewed on admired.

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

Acquiring collections is easy enough when you're in this business of junk
 for more than a few years. 
Acquiring a castle to display all of them in? Not so easily done.

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

So where was I....oh yes, small castles filled with creepy old things.  
And new furnishings.  

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

Late last year, was it October? Or maybe September?  The other sofa needed to go! It was decided to get a white slip covered sofa. And it was instant love for her. In love with a sofa?!?  Yes, it's true.  The reason?  That cover can be washed and washed and washed!  With older and special needs cats, this becomes VERY important.  She's in love.  With the sofa.

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

Still though a decision on what to do regarding a chair for Dad. The issue had become finding the chair that was "just right".  They looked and looked.  And they did find chairs.....that were too low, too firm, too small, the wrong color fabric, cat-fur-attracting fabric, and the worst - those with recliner capabilities that are sure to crush a cat if one is not paying attention....months and months, no chair.

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

During this time of indecision Dad had to sit on the sofa to watch the picture box.  However, after much discomfort and a sore butt Dad decided that as long as the sofa stayed where it was, facing the picture box, he could survive the sofa.  And after a time, he realized it was not the end of life as he knew it. 

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

She is not without compassion though, so to sweeten the deal, she proposed an ottoman. Ah yes, her wily ways worked on him. (She claims it was charm, not wiliness.)  So four weeks ago, an ottoman was purchased.  

And yes, a chair. 

Times two.  

And now after the final decision, and an additional short three week wait, the slip covers for the chairs arrived....

As I sit here and admire the recent artwork addition, I realilze something.  I'm not proficient at math but I don't really understand how one ottoman became....

..... one ottoman.....AND two chairs.... AND extra slip covers.  

But do you really think I'm going to point that out to Dad?! 

Nope, not one single meow from me.


Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

I've been seduced by her wily ways too.  


Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

But happy with my new official position (wink). 

And besides cats shouldn't be able to count anyway, right?!

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat

I know it's hard to believe that the living room is finally done.  Months and months of indecision.  But for today, it is done! And we are quite happy thank you very much.....especially Coltrane who can finally sleep on a sofa that isn't constantly be moved around..... well, at least for the rest of today.

Confessions of a Junkyard Cat


Phyllis @Around the House said...

what a cool room with the most interesting things in it...and the most interesting is of course the cat...love the kitty...those vintage books are to die for...

Rowann Wilkerson said...

Romeo, your new castle looks GREAT ! We just want to see more.... Love what MOM is doing.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Sir Romeo...everything looks AMAZING!!!! I love it ALL! So many wonderful treasures to see and the seating is just beautiful ~ mom did GOOD! But doesn't she always? hugs and love, Dawn

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am totally in love with the look of the living room. I think slip covers is the perfect answer to cat hair. Coltrane looks very comfy! Oh and no, cats aren't suppose to count so keep all that to yourself, Mr Inspector!!

hugs, Linda and they boys (Charlie & Mr Toes)

Pellie / Penny said...

Wowzer! Your new living room looks like it was worth waiting for. It is super cool.

Washable slip covers, Pellie would like that part.


Diane said...

And Romeo? Did he get his own chair? or sofa? Or special place? I think this new "refluffing looks just wonderful" Thank you and "her" for the update. Diane

Cindy said...

Love your new furniture! I could do a lot of shopping in your living room! Romeo must be very light on his feet, my Trixie would have most of that knocked off! and I must say that is a stunning portrait of Romeo, the inspector of catnip!

Ellie VanCaster said...

The living room is looking pretty comfy-no wonder it's nap time-mol

Olive said...

Romeo, she configured a brilliant living space. Love the sofa with that gorgeous shelving behind it. You look handsome in chalk. Clovis, Shelley, and I are taking rain walks today and it is miserable. xo, olive

cynthia lee designs said...

Your living room looks great...and kitty approved!!

Carla said...

Love the furniture. I watch the picture box from the sofa too. That way, I get extra snuggles from Sam and Milly when they curl up and snooze on the couch!
Sam and Millie's person

Lynn Richards said...

I love it. I could sit and stay for hours!!!!! You might not want me to, but I know I could! If you add coffee, I would never leave.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you did good! With washable slip covers you can snooze anywhere you like, hmmm, sofa, or chair?
Raphael and his Mom (aka Beth)

Rustique Gal said...

Romeo, You are so cute! Tell Her that I love the room just as it is. The new sofa and chairs look so comfy and with all that stuff to look at and gnaw on (oh, sorry) play with, a person could spend days exploring. Enjoy your new position!

Michelle Palmer said...

Absolutely stunning~ and LOVE the chalkboard :)