Romeo equals Genius

Sometimes, I don't know what she'd do without me to manage her life.  I mean really.

Things that seem like a big deal to her, well are they really such a big deal?  I mean I can easily see the solution to these problems.  But without me to solve them?  Well can you imagine the state of her whiskers without me to solve these crisis'?!?  Me neither.  

Today a potential tangle of whiskers of GRAND proportions was narrowly averted.  As in within a whisker width of narrowness.  

You may remember from my last post that she has a show coming up.  Soon.  

Very soon.  

The issue started last Thursday when her and Dad notice that the truck stinks like gasoline. Ah well drive it anyway, they say.  Made it down the road five or six miles.  Truck still reaks of gasoline.  

Stop to eat. But Dad pops the hood first to check and see if anything obvious is wrong. Purrhaps there is a problem.  

Gas is running down the side of the engine casing in waves.  Purrhaps? Yes, purrhaps this is a problem.  Dad calls for roadside assistance.  Even though he is in a parking lot not the side of a road.  

Roadside assistance calls tow truck and fire department.  Fuel leak requires fire department.  Really?  

Yes, really!

Truck is towed home (where it can catch fire in a comfortable location and we can roast marshmellows and weinies).  Although Dad told me it was towed home because they met someone in the parking lot who seemed knowledgeable and nice and he offered to fix the truck.  Cheaper than what the dealership would charge.  (You know I would never have chosen this purrsonally right?) But nice, knowledgeable ..... well.....that doesn't always fix a truck does it?

Monday rolls around and Dad is told that the required part for repair is still missing in action.  Dad gives up and calls tow truck again to have truck hauled.  This time to dealership. Cost isn't free this time, it's $66 worth of towing.  There go next months cat snacks.  Ah, might as well, truck didn't burst into flames in the yard and they have already used the grill to cook the weinies and Dad ate all the marshmellows for comfort food.

The truck is towed and several hours pass.  I decide that everything is under control.  Or so I thought it was.....until she checked the weather for Springfield Ohio (where the show is)

Oops, I think I see yet another potential issue brewing.  Unloading is Thursday; show is Friday through Sunday; load out is Sunday.  Hmmmm.

Being the company problem solver and all around go to man, I tell her that wet weather shouldn't be a problem.  Just bring towels for the wet customers.  It's always won me over and it's not like she doesn't know how.....

She reminds me that her customers are not cats.  Hmpfh.  What does she know - everyone loves a dry towel when it's raining and they are all wet!  

But in an effort to keep her happy, I come up with another solution.  Actually one solution for TWO so called problems!  

Transportation! AND a trailer that isn't overkill since she is concerned whether she is bringing too much inventory when there might not be anyone shopping in the rain.  And not only that but when no one buys it she has to load it all up again.  In the rain. 

Hey wait, I think I've solved THREE problems not just two! I am some kind of genius!  Think I'll get a raise for my ingenuity????  OMGOSH I am so excited my whiskers are curling!!!!!

And what does she say to this genius?  

"Romeo, that won't work, what if people come anyway? It's better to have a whole trailer load of inventory. If it's really bad when I unload, I just will leave some of it in the trailer."

Okay, I tell her, I get this - you want to bring the regular trailer so just in case, you'll have enough inventory.  Sheesh, alright already wish she'd make up her mind.  That's what I recommended early on. 

On days like this is it any wonder I have grey fur mixed in with the tabby???? 

 It's been a full day so I think I deserve a nap at the very least, don't you?

But before I doze off I wanted to let you know the dealership called.  The fuel rails needed to be replaced. $900 worth of fuel rails. They are shipping the part over night from Atlanta and the truck should be ready by noon tomorrow.  She leaves on Wednesday first thing.

And if for some reason the part doesn't make it, I've already figured out a solution!  See for yourself:

Genius right?!!  I know.  Purrhaps you understand better why I'm in charge here.

See? No worries! 

While she's gone, I'll have a lot of free time....so just drop me a line if you need any advice.

Have a great week!


Diane said...

Romeo, I think "she" loves you very much. I'm sure she appreciates all of your expert advice. Let's keep our fingers (excuse me - paws) crossed that it will be a good show and that everything works out like it should. Diane P.S. My dog, Rascal, says hello)

oldgreymare said...

oh dear oh dear..... fingers crossed

Ellie VanCaster said...

If only they'd listen to us the first time their lives would be so much easier....what a kitty to do, Romeo?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh my! Romeo I don't know what she would do without you! Here's hoping the truck is fixed but otherwise I vote for YOUR solution!

Charlie and Mr Toes said they would come and visit while Mom is away...party time!


Rustique Gal said...

Romeo, you ARE a genius, tho I always suspected it! I love the bike and trailer, so rusty and sweet. A great solution, I think! I hope she had a GREAT sale!

Olive said...

Oh my, panic at the disco. She will find a way!

Maureen said...

Oh I hope everything ended up being okay... I am sorry I haven't visited in awhile! Your solution WAS genius! Always a treat to read your posts.

Anonymous said...

Romeo Dude! You are a total kitty genius! I am so darned impressed I even called my Mom over here and made her read your post! Brilliant... she should know than to underestimate you!
later gater...
Raphael and his Mom