the intensity of life and blogging

As always, the past month has gone by too quickly.  And how ever will I catch you up on everything that has happened?  Equally challenging to answer - is any of it "blog worthy"?

Seems that there isn't a week that goes by when I can't find someone who has stopped blogging either as frequently or altogether quit. More often than not because of the time constraints but sometimes I hear that they ran out of topics that they felt to be worthy of blogging. Yes, really.

The time crunch issue, I relate to.  And chances are you do too.  For me it's nap, eat, nap, eat, drink, chase a vole, keep her entertained, keep her in line, eat a snack, nap...well you get the picture.  At the end of the day I'm just exhausted!

And I bet you don't think I should be exhausted do you?   Well let me show you a moment, yesterday, as a prime example. I decided that she will do a show in two weeks.  Too much stuff in inventory and most of it too big to ship and sell on Etsy.  So I decided (yes me) that she would be doing the Springfield, Ohio extravaganza.  So I came up with a list of things to be done in preparation and gave her the list.  Now I thought I had trained and clearly explained to her how to efficiently tackle the physical things to be done. Numerous times.

But there seemed to be very little noise coming from the trailer.  So I thought that perhaps I'd better go check and be sure things were getting done properly.  Part of my supervision responsibilities in owning a human.  Upon first glance I see no sign of her and think, 'I'll be darned she is under the black cabinet napping'.  (Yeah that's the cabinet there in the bottom left of the photo above.)  But when I look for her, she's not there.  Good thing too.  I would have had to speak to her about that one and maybe put her on suspension.

So I decide to look in the trailer for her.  Well after a short nap that is.  See that multi-tasking?!? I'm telling you, my work is never done and it seems like no matter how much I do, I am expected to do more and do it faster.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  But really?! How much faster can one take a cap nap? It's not like mine last as long as when she naps.

Anyway, after a few sunbeams and a nap, I notice this.....

And I am horrified.  Absolutely horrified!

 She's been out here drawing cartoon bunnies on the tabletop with chaulk!!!  So here it is, my day is only half way over and already I've had to eat, nap, supervise, nap some more, inspect inventory and now I'm going to have to discipline.  Already getting exhausted I may have to stop again and take another nap.  And probably need a snack to keep up my energy.  The demands of owning her are giving me gray fur.  Well, yes I have always had gray fur.  But there is even more of it, since owning her.

So anyway, do you understand now?  This was just a short part of my day and look at all that I had to do!!!!  Yes, time is hard to come by for such a busy guy like me.  You understand this too right?  Of course you do.  You are busy too.  And still we try and find the time to blog.  Just a few moments to catch up with friends and enjoy life.  At a slower pace.  Or at least that's the theory.

But then there's the issue of blog worthy to tackle.  Do my friends really want to know about what I am doing today?  This week.  This month? How about last month?  Maybe if I post about some imaginary over the top exciting adventure....or have her rearrange the living room (for the 54th time in three months)......or, send her out there to catch a mouse....oh but wait I'll have to have her take pictures.  And then that means I have to supervise again which will probably be an event similar to yesterday where I caught her playing in the trailer rather than working.

But then I get the pictures and notice...... gasp* oh my whiskers - the bottom of the chair is cracked! Oh well we can't let anyone know about that.

Let me crop that picture so that the chair looks purrfect.  Maybe I should also edit it so that you can't see all the pollen on the arms.  And oh wait what about the bbq grill cover in the picture?! mEoWWW.  Must fix.  Oops, one more thing, must edit so that I look ferocious.  That is after all what I want everyone to know about me.  Most important. Of course.

There that's better. Now that's one photo that is blog worthy.  But now I forgot what I was going to say about this blog worthy event.  Oh never mind. It probably wasn't that interesting anyway.

So what is blog worthy?  And what does that mean really?  And why does there seem to be so much emphasis on that.  Sure, I get the wanting to keep people interested.  But really, I thought we were blogging to document a life and our thoughts.  So if I'm not interesting enough and my photos are not edited to be purrfect, does that mean I am not worthy of a blog?!?

Gee, that's kind of scary.  So I should go about my days and decide how well I can sell myself and edit photos before posting at the end of that day.  Even if they don't really represent what my life is about?!  Hmmmm.....

Wait, I think I understand what this blogging thing is all about now!!!!  Don't go!  I get it!!! How about this for a blog worthy post.....

After she got through painting some chairs for the show, I instructed her to go the front flower bed.  There was something in the flower bed.  Something H U G E !!!!  Humongous I tell you!!!!  Of dinosaur proportions!!! It was nip and tuck, but finally she persevered and got the little monstrous thing!

I did manage to take a video of the creature before it was unearthed.

Well I did take a video but it won't play.  Oh wait, now it's playing!

And I would have had a regular picture in full vivid living detail except she couldn't hold the mole and the camera at the same time.

Dang.  I lost you again didn't I?  Without a picture of the mole.  Or a video of the earth moving.  Ah well...that wasn't very exciting anyway was it?  You had to have been there I suppose.

Wait! Does it matter that she had never seen a real mole???  No she hadn't.  Cross that one off the bucket list! And consider THAT blog worthy! Wasn't it?  Um maybe not.

Next post, I will really tell you what's happened over the past month or so.  When I have a free moment.  And although it won't be about a furry little rodent, it may be just as exciting and blog worthy.

In the meantime.....for those of you who are thinking that maybe you don't have time to blog anymore.  Or that you don't have anything interesting to post.  Or even that your photos aren't magazine quality......

Please remember this:

This blogging thing is supposed to be fun and impurrfect.
Just like life.
Spontaneous and when you feel like having company.
No matter how frequently or infrequently.
So go ahead.
Bore me to tears.
Show me the pictures with the broken chair and the bent whisker.
And tell me how your day was.
Without the flourish and grandeur.
Because I like your real life and I want to hear about it.

Just my thoughts.  For what it's worth >^,,^<
Gotta run.  I forgot to check for proper verb usage and spelling before I hit the "post" button, and I need to make sure she is scooping the litterboxes.....


Diane said...

Romeo, Please tell "her" that I'm so glad she talked about blog worthy. It says something I've been thinking for a long time. I love reading about you and "her" and no - I never did see the earth move like that. I never saw a vole, either. It's always wonderful to hear from both of you. Diane

Pellie / Penny said...

I'm with you Romeo - this blogging thing is suppose to be fun.

So many people out there talking about things have to be pretty here in blog land and things need to be blog worthy. Boy that takes the fun out of things. Because I can't be be pretty and blog worthy everyday. Sometimes -I like to just sit back, chill, and enjoy my bad hair day or let my ugly mood just take over for a day or two and never leave the warmth of my bed.

Hope you and her have a great

Genghis Khat

Rowann Wilkerson said...

Romeo ,sounds like your days are full of fun. Meow's still greeting all who come by the Shop...this can be exhausting... sometimes I have to run for my life. ( It's those kids who hunt me....looking under the beds and trying to find my hiding places ). Oh...another human to greet.... Meow I'm here.... Whiskers

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo every word on this blog is worthy! I love to hear your thoughts and see what's going on in your world and "hers"!! Please don't stop blogging and sharing with us. I always enjoy it. I'm a blogger who just loves sharing my life and if it's not interesting to others well, I find it 'entertaining' so there!
Big Hugs from me (the human) and the furry guys, Charlie and Mr Toes!

Olive said...

I get it Romeo. We embrace imperfection here. Really we must. Hugs to you and her.

Ellie VanCaster said...

I think you and your non-adventure days are purrrfect to blog about-we like to see and hear it anyway. ;-)
Jada and Scully

cynthia lee designs said...

Tell her that I'm so excited that she is coming to my hometown of Springfield!! I need to know where her booth is at the flea market, because I would be thrilled to finally get to meet her.

Romeo said...

Just wanted to add a note that Olive had sent me via email....

"I think comparison kills good blogging. I only compare myself and my images to my last best effort. I can always find one hundred folks blogging "better" than me and certainly with prettier homes"

I think THAT is what we should all strive for rather than deciding whether we (our posts) are worthy enough to be online. Okay, I've said enough and maybe too much. Purrs, Romeo

Lynn Richards said...

I for one, really like to hear what's going on in your neck of the woods!!! It gets way too quiet out in cyberspace when bloggers quit blogging....

Anonymous said...

Romeo Dude,
Everything you have to say is blog worthy and your life is sooooo meowwwy interesting... so blog on as time allows.
Oh, just one thought - one early morning around 2 a.m. my mom was up - have no clue and totally confused on that one to this day but I digress. This early morning I was trying to catch this annoying little brown furball aka a house mouse, yeah right... not in my house guy! So the little bugger got behind a door and I couldn't reach and don't you know my Mom came to the rescue to try and help. Yup, I got her trained this far. So anyway, she opened the door just right and I grabbed the little beast and promptly went into the living room to have a little rough and tumble and the little bugger escaped. Mom saw him and tried to urge him to go my way and then Mom and I end up by the big screen television and don't you know Mom made me loose him. I thought she had him and she thought I had him and poof the slippery little bugger escaped for good! Oh well, Mom meant well but she stinks as a mouser!
Nap on Dude and talk again soon,
Raphael and his Mom (Beth P)

Maureen said...

Romeo, YOU are the worthy in blog worthy... just reading your posts makes me smile.