dear santa....

I have been a good boy.

Really I have!

If you must skip our house though, I do understand.

I know you are very busy this special time of year.

And even more so as the big day draws near.

But hear me for just a moment purrlease....

Because I'm sure my case applies to many other kitties, both far and near.

You see I have no thumbs, although some kitties do.

And so there is no possible way for me to do those things, she tells others I do.

Yes, I am a good boy.  Loving, good and kind.

Ferocious? Oh yes! But never mind.

Because although its very true, I'd never hurt your reindeer or the little birdie in the tree (or dining room wreath or the deer under the glass).

Except maybe those voles, but they eat all her flowers, so only for her I do this, don't you see?

And though she may tell all kinds of stories about my adventures and such.

Please keep in mind that I have no thumbs and so really I can't do all that much. Especially to the Christmas tree in the dining room because the door is kept shut.

So I was thinking just today, because I have been a good boy, surely you had toys and tuna fish for me....

But please feel free to skip our house and deliver my toys to those kitties in need.

I have a warm and loving home, and more toys than I possibly want or need.

And good food a plenty, especially when her plate is full and I see it unattended.

You know too many are homeless, too many are unloved, too many are in shelters

and just as important though....

 I really don't want to be responsible if you take the lane to our house,

and slip and fall on your bum.

P.S. She made me do it.  You'd feel the same way if she tied a cold bell to your tail. Right?


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

My sweet little furry friend, if I were Santa, I'd bring not only you lots of tuna and toys but also all the poor homeless cats on the streets and in shelters. I certainly believe that you've been a good boy, at least most of the time ;). Maybe you can make a deal with your Mom for next year's Christmas tree. For every vole you catch, you get a little fish "ornament" hanging on the tree.
Please tell your Mom that I love her chalkboard creation. You can be proud to be part of it, sweet Romeo.
Hugs to both of you,

Diane said...

Romeo, I have no doubt that you have been a purrrfect boy. I'm sure that Santa will appreciate you as much as your readers do. Please tell "her" that her Christmas decorating is wonderful. Merry Christmas to you, the other kitties and to her and her husband. Hugs and pets, Diane

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo I know you are a very good boy! Charlie and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and lots of tuna!!! Of course we wish all the lonely cats a warm place to sleep and food this winter season also!


cynthia lee designs said...

Did your mama put a bell on your tail to keep track of you? You know...I put a little picket fence around my tree to keep my puppies away from it. Try to be a good boy and I bet Santa will bring you a new toy.
Merry Christmas to her and you!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Romeo you have such a kind heart!
Tell your mum that she has the best Christmas decorations! That wreath and little reindeer and just gorgeous!
To "she" and "he" - Romeo that is!
From Suzy

Olive said...

Dear Romeo, I feel certain you have been quite good always. Catching voles is terrific in my book. Y'all have a Merry Christmas from Olive, Joe, Shelley, Gremmie, and South Korea Girl

Cindy said...

I hope you and "her" had a wonderful Christmas! "Her" Christmas decorations are so lovely!
Have a very Happy New Year!
xo Cindy

Anonymous said...

Dude, thanks for the letter to Santa on all our behalf! I have plenty as well and certainly can't complain in the cuddling and loving department whereas so many of our brothers and sisters are on the outside looking in!
Happy New Year Dude!!!
Beth and Raphael

Monica said...

I love your post! So fresh and cute! And of course, love the blackboard, and also the "forset" touches to your home!
Romeo Romeo, you are a bit naughty, aren't you! But so so cute!! Kisses to you! :)
Monica xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dude! I had to prance over here to tell ya' my Mom has finally lost it completely... she moved my, er, her blog to a whole new place on something called Wordpress! Set my whiskers to twitching as soon as I saw it. I mean seriously, what was wrong with my other blog? I don't recognize a single thing or how to get stuff up on my, er, her blog... is this some sort of feline punishment cause' if it is I already told her I didn't do it, whatever it was! This is even worse than when your neighbors dog lifted his leg in your catnip patch!!!
Well, make sure you tell your Mom of my Mom's insanity and where she can find her from now on http://elisabetpollockstudio.wordpress.com
Later Dude...
Hugs from my Mom by the way!!!

victorian parlor II said...


Long time, no posting! I have been trying my darnedest to get online but my mom has been hogging the computer! Stop by and pay me a visit. I'll have the catnip waiting.

Purrs and meows,