estate of confusion

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day!  Mine was lovely.  The turkey was cooked to a golden brown, juicy and tender.  Absolutely purrfect!  And oh yeah, the company was nice to me too, so it was a good day!

However, had it not been for the turkey, I might not have known it was November.  Heck, I'm not even sure it's December right now.  The calendar says it is but..... well, it reached 72 degrees here today.  The fifth of December?!?  mEoW!!!!

Not that we haven't had 20 degree weather last month.  But even that was sandwiched in between days of 60's.  It's really enough to confuse and befuddle this handsome and furry man.  I mean seriously, one day I'm working on growing out my winter coat to it's fullest and the next day I'm outside rolling in the dirt to help shed it.

And I can't even begin to tell you how it's confused her.  Oh yes, very seriously confused.  No, no, not rolling in the dirt or anything.  Although I did see her shave her furry legs last week.  Does that count as an equivalent to the dirt rolling?

Anyway, for Thanksgiving, the pumpkins got a dash of winter greenery.  And then because the Halloween decor was gone in the kitchen, she thought that maybe a bit of a winter display would be appropriate.  It was cool after all and all the leaves had already fallen.  So bare trees equals winter right?

Well no, not exactly because the thermometer was all over the place.  The mercury would drop and then the next day it would go right back up by forty degrees. Something like you would see for Easter.

So due to the confusion (hers not mine) there were mixed decorations for Thanksgiving.  The images above are from inside the dining room.  This one below is just outside the dining room, inside the kitchen.  I suppose she wanted to share her state of confusion with our guests.  If they don't come back next year, there will be no question why.  Assuming that is, that her seasonal confusion didn't seriously damage their brain cells.  These kind of things can be contagious you know!

So then a few days ago, this display (above) changed to this one below.  She had planned on leaving this winter one (above) up through Christmas. (Confused yourself? Thought so.)

 Nothing wrong with the evergreens I know.  But they didn't match with this....

Her beloved not-so-white-anymore vintage tree.

I know you are thinking, so put the white tree in another room.  Well, this year, Dad, in an effort to prolong his life, agreed that there only need be one tree.  In years past, there is nothing short of a forest in this estate small house around Christmas. Green trees, skinny trees, big trees and small.  But only one white vintage one.

So when it came time to choose which tree to use, there was no confusion at all.  Well at least until she pulled it out of the Christmas storage facility and realized that it wasn't going to look quite right since they would be in the same room as the green stuff.  You know what a dilemma that causes.  All that coordination stuff that you humans are taught at an early age when trying to dress yourselves.  Glad I didn't get ruined that way. So anyway, the kitchen greenery had to go.

And she used the red and brown combination last year in the dining room and really loved it.  Although it was on a green tree in there.  Could have done the same thing here, this year and would not have had to take down the "winter greenery".  And she could have used a green tree. But well, remember I told you she was sure she wanted to use the vintage white tree.  And well all this coordinating and matchy stuff was causing serious mental confusion.  Especially when the vintage white doesn't match the new white greenery. (How about now, are you confused yet?)

So with a bit of help and a couple totes full of ornaments and fluff.....

Today the tree looks like this....

(sorry for the poor lighting on this one - hard to find a good photographer now days)
And so, even in this estate of confusion, the kitchen area is looking like Christmas.  Albeit, in her strange kind of decorating way.  And now at 9 p.m. the temperature here on the computer still says 68 degrees.

There is still the dining room to decorate and the living room.  I wonder what I'll find in those rooms when I get up in the morning. The Easter bunny maybe?

Further still, I wonder if today's color scheme will change and I will wake up and find myself in a tropical looking locale complete with pink and bright green lighted palm trees.  As if I'm not confused enough!

Hoping you're having a nice pleasant week filled with purrfect clarity.  If however, you're feeling low on confusion, just come on over and she will fix that!  Over here, at the estate of confusion.  A state of confusion.  Oh heck, just plain "confusion".

Purrs to all of you!


Diane said...

Even in her state of confusion, Romeo, the decorations and the tree are beautiful. Enjoy the warm weather there. It's 19 below here tonight!! Brrr. Winter for sure. You would need all that fur just to stick your foot outside. So good to hear from you. You and your cat friends are all beautiful. Diane

cynthia lee designs said...

Romeo...her tree is simply beautiful!!! I love it!!
Hugs, Cindy

oldgreymare said...

looks purrrrfect! <3

Rowann Wilkerson said...

Everthing looks so BEAUTIFUL ! Miss You... Merry Christmas

Blessed Serendipity said...

Dearest Romeo I would love to know if you had a paw in decorating the tree. It is quite LOVELY and who is that fine looking orange kitty - inquiring minds want to know.

xo Danielle

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo, Charlie and I have been having a hard time with the weather swings also. Today I had the a/c on!! I have one little tree up for the Grand-kiddo and that's it but I'm trying for one more with a Paris theme. Charlie is content to lay under the Tiger tree so far! I think 'her' tree is gorgeous. I'm such a mismash kind of decorator! I hear rain and cold are on the way so hang in there!
Linda & Charlie

Bohemian said...

I for one was rolling around on the Persian Rug LMAO at the "Dad in an effort to prolong his life..." part! The Man often attempts this when my Decorating Insanity goes into hyperdrive. This Christmas I vowed to keep it simple and minimal... yeah, I know, I was delusional. So, now whenever I attempt to add to my version of Minimal, The Man does an Intervention. Not that I haven't tried to sneak in a few 'enhancements'... *winks*

Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

She did such a great job in her state of confusion, dear Romeo. You might have prefurred a tree decorated with mice and tuna but that wouldn't have matched and you know how much we humans are into that coordination stuff. Please tell her that the red and brown ornaments look just gorgeous on the white tree.
Sending hugs to you and her,

Olive said...

Dear Romeo, the tree is beautiful. I think she will stay true to her style. The weather is odd here too. It has rained for days and has stayed cold. I am getting blue. I need sun. Oh and our tree is naked this year as that kitten is climbing it all the time. xo, olive

Anonymous said...

Dude, man poor you! Confusion is not a kitty's favorite thing as you know we like it all calm around so when we do something outstandingly special we don't have to compete with chaos! I speak of course from experience as well since my Mom always seems to be a bit confused... forgetting things, no, not my treats or anything really important like that but still a little forgetful the old girl seems to be getting. You said it about the coordinating thing... my Mom has it bad too! Lucky you to have those interspersed warm days... it's been cold enough here to turn your whiskers into icicles and today I had to go out to the vet... eeek! You think they would get me a winter carries with warm flaps to go over the windows but no, one stinkin' carrier for all weather and seasons... and Dad wonders why I meow all the way to the vet, aside from the fact that I can't stand the vet... smells like all kinds of animals and other things... totally confusing to cats like us with such sensitive sniffers, and then he jabs and pokes and prods... I'm tellin' ya' the guy can't be trusted...
Well, I'm off to plunk down in front of a space heater so be well and enjoy your holidays...
Beth and Raphael

Cindy said...

I am so behind and reading your beautiful blog! I love this post and the pretty photos...but what cracked me up was the leg shaving compared to rolling in the dirt! (I think I would rather roll in dirt than shave my legs this time of year!)
Merry Christmas D and Romeo!

Monica said...

I really love your displays, what a difference from white to red, even if with the same stuff! Gorgeous, gorgeous white ironstone you have! Really, really in love with it (I have just a few pieces).