still out there....

It's true! I'm still out here and yea she is too.  Not that you are particularly interested in her - I know it's me you come to visit.  Of that I have no doubt.  She's too boring.

If this was her blog she'd probably tell you about all the flowers blooming and that I had my anal glands purged.  Me, I'd let you know that the winter killed off the gardenias but not the ticks and I wanted to kill the veterinarian.

She'd probably also mention that she's been working like a dog and I would tell you that I've been working hard supervising (cats are VERY good at this). I work much harder than she does.  And I'm also much quieter while I work.

Note: paint on head....do I get workers comp for this?
She has been making a lot of noise for months now.  Building, hammering, measuring, hand sawing with the miter box, ripping up old nails off a barn door and just general woodworking, rabid woodchuck style.  And all this so I can have a few extra catnip plants this summer.  You know, thinking about it, I AM grateful!  So long as she doesn't delay in getting those catnips in the ground asap.

So how is what she created and gathered going to get me catnip?  I'm sending her off Wednesday morning (only after my breakfast naturally) to Springfield, Ohio to sell all this stuff.  And while many folks are familiar with the wonderful Springfield Ohio Antique Show and Flea Market, did you know within that venue is The Vintage Marketplace?!!?  The brainchild of the Junk Mistress herself, Sue Whitney!  And what a show Sue, Jon Jenkins and the staff puts on! And I'm not just saying this.  Seriously. Great. Show.

At The Vintage Marketplace you'll find all kinds of talented vendors and fantastically magical goods!!!!  And this year they have all kinds of great perks for the customers!  Giveaways and drawings for $500 and $250 shopping sprees just to name a very few things.   If you live in the area, this is a show not to miss!  And if you're not in the area? Catch a bus, train or pull the rusted tricycle out of the garden and head over! It's so worth it! Whisker promise!!!

Here are a few more things that I'm sending out with her......

I'm also sending the camera with her. I'm hopeful she'll bring back some good pictures.  She should be hopeful that she has time to get some pictures.  "Why?",  you may ask..... she either brings home some good photos or I pee in her brand new walking shoes.  It's just that simple!  Check back with me in about a week for the outcome.  In the meantime, the betting office is now open.  Pictures or wet shoes?  Let me know....


oldgreymareprimitives said...

There are several things I want in these pics.. Can you drive them on over? lol

Rowann Wilkerson said...

You have been BUSY... Love the cupboard you made. I know you will have a wonderful show. Wish I could be there !

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo I've missed you and HER! Charlie has been on a visiting vacation with Mr. Toes while I was in Houston getting ready to move my Mom to GA. Hope the sale goes well.

Linda & Charlie

Olive said...

Oh dear don't pee in mamas shoes. She has been busy. Love all those goodies. Olive

Diane said...

I'm so sorry about your visit to the vet, Romeo. YUK! Not good for dogs OR cats.
Thanks for letting us know what "she" has been doing. We'll all hope that the show is very successful. Best not to do the walking shoe thing - could have bad results for you. So glad to see that you're looking as handsome as ever. Diane

cynthia lee designs said...

Tell her to have a safe trip and that I will see her on Saturday!!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am hoping for pictures and NO wet shoes! Wow, Romeo- she has been a busy girl. I hope you haven't been coughing up hairballs that she has to clean up-she is busy enough.

Ummm...sorry about the anal glands. I'm sure you are sorry also. Hope you didn't cause any serious damage to the pet vet!

Nice to see you- I was off for a couple of weeks so almost missed this. Love to you AND her- xo Diana

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello my little furry friend, Your Mom has been really busy. Just for you and your catnip of course. Hopefully she had great success and sold all the beautiful pieces. No one would want a catnip shortage. I'm sorry to hear about your vet visit. No fun at all. Barney cringed when he heard about it. Btw, he said I should tell you that the rusty grid piece wasn't comfy. He prefers a duvet to lay on or at least a quilt.
I hope your Mom is back and brought lots of pictures. Wishing you and her a wonderful Sunday :).
Hugs and catnip,

victorian parlor II said...


Good to visit you in blogland old pal. It appears you are going through similar problems with your mom as I am with mine! She has me doing everything-blogging, managing a cast of teddy bears, and killing all the palmetto bugs in the house. Yeesh...it's tough being a cat. Well, I'm off to nap. My mom is looking forward to the pics and I won't say what I am voting for.

Purs and meows,


Maureen said...

Oh my. Here's hoping there are plenty of pictures ;)

What great treasures she has to sell! Wish I lived closer to buy some for myself!

Take care, great hearing from you and HER again!