Have you seen these new books?!?!

Approximately 45 minutes ago, two things happened.  Which happened first will be evident.....

Those two things were:
  1. The cat tree was relocated during a "studio/office-what-if-I-move-this-need-something-different- moment"
  2. An order from Amazon, arriving in mail late this afternoon was presented to "her" right before dinner by my dad

Purrhaps it was what some might call a fateful moment, others might believe it to be sheer luck.  No matter really.  All I know is that I'm loving the new location of the cat tree because I can now get on top of two very tall cabinets.  One of which is 8 or 9 foot tall - new territory for moi!  And so I couldn't care less about bothering "her" while she's reading her new books.  Which seems mighty convienent doesn't it?

In case you are wondering, "she" is singinng the praises of these books.  "Book of Inspiration" written by Jo Packham and Jenny Doh does not disappoint.  A review on Amazon said they didn't like all the vignettes, they would rather have seen whole rooms.  She LOVES vignettes in a big way, so this book satisfies and makes her weak in the knees.  Whole rooms???? There ARE pictures of rooms AND vignettes! So if you read that review, disregard it - the book is great.  I'll show you some pictures once I pry the book out of her hands.  If you want to see them that is....

Who would have thought that on the day "she" decided to move a few small things around hoping for a new look that the Amazon order would arrive?!?! Another coincedence? Or my super cat powers exerted over the Amazon shippers?  I'll let you decide....I've gotta go climb the cat tree to claim my territory, Willow is trying to be the first to the top of the Mt. Everst of cabinets....have a wonderful evening!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hey sweetie!!! I love the Where Women Create book...I've not seen the other one, hmmmm, maybe I need to look into that! I hope you are doing wonderful, your home is so gorgeous!!! hugs and love, Dawn

The Feathered Nest said...

AMAZING!!! I think we were commenting on each other's blogs at the same time :) xxoo

Linda said...

Love it when things get re-arranged and books arrive! Happiness!

Lululiz said...

it is all due to your super duper cat powers of course, do doubt about it. Good views from right up there?? Much better for keeping an eye on HER, right?

Anonymous said...

Im thinking about that book Where Woman Create. I saw it online the other day.Looks like a fabulous read.

Happy Wednesday!

Gloria-Jean said...

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The Victorian Parlor said...


So your mom is one of those 'can't-have-to-many-books-from-Amazon.com' too? Ugh, every time a book comes in the mail I have to wait for to be petted while she puruses all the pages! Don't they know that the cat always comes first?

Purrs and Meows,