Life is good!

Today we had LOTS of sun beams – purrfect for quality catnaps and adventures! Yes, there is still a LOT of pollen and yes, I have allergies. I sneeze and sneeze, just can’t help myself with all that pollen flying up my little bitty cat nose. Compare it to a knat flying up your nose and you’ll understand the issue quite clearly.

Allergies, that’s what the scary white coat says. That’s okay, I tell “her”, it’s a small price to pay for a little fresh air. I would be content today to lay in the rocking chair on the screened in porch, but it is currently off limits. Why?

Yep, p-o-l-l-e-n.  That stuff that makes the plants delicious to munch...

“She” would prefer I stayed confined and my adventures controlled. But I really want to go outside.

So out “she” went to clean up the screened in porch.

So I waited inside patiently. (Well sort of.)

And I waited…..it was all I could do to keep from dozing off. It wasn’t too much of a problem though. You see, there was a trip back inside to get the sucky machine. Door opens. Door shuts. Nod off….

“She” was going to try vacuuming up the yellow stuff. But the electrical outlet was not responding to some ground falling button thingy. I haven’t a clue, I’m a natural kind of guy, don’t even need an electrical can opener, “she” works just fine.

ZzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzz…..*#*$%....Door opens.

And then a trip bringing sucky machine back in.  Door shuts. Nod off….

Some moving of furniture. ZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz….Door opens. %*&$@ Door shuts.

Broom and dustpan leaving for the porch. Door opens. Door shuts. Nod off….zzzzzz…..

Dreaming of little goldfish, listening to the water trickling in the fountain….napping on the rug in front of door…..opens and closes….“she” announces that “she” is losing the battle with the yellow stuff – lots of pollen in the dust pan and the wind kept blowing it around where she’d just swept. According to my Tigger watch, this lasted about 30 minutes – 30 minutes!?!

That's 30 minutes of sunbeams and dreams that I can't get back!! Awk - the horror! 

Open the door and let me out now
or the fluffy one gets it.

Sometimes “she’s” about as quick as fat goldfish. But I wasn’t asked for my humble opinion and besides, “she” is always good for some entertainment. Well except when I’m dreaming of fat hunking goldfish for my mid-day snack. And after some thought on the matter, I’ve decided that purrhaps, the front porch or even under the car will do just fine.

....it’s close to the pond….

…..where the goldfish live…..

Hope you are having a good day too.


Anonymous said...

haha cute! I like fluffy one.Shes adorable .You know my youngest cat who is 2 has allegies.He sneezes when he snifs about anything,lol.

I love the water fountain so cute.

Have a great new week ahead.By the way I started my grass planting for the kitties.Wow it came up fast.They ate it already now I will plant some more for them.

Linda said...

Romeo sorry to say that Charlie has been out on the screened in porch and comes in covered in pollen. Not good. Hope you have a good week!

Lululiz said...

Such a hard life, being a cat.......

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Romeo for stopping by for a visit to her our nest! By the way you didn't snag one of our birds did you, did you?

Thank you dear for for your visit come by any time, I will have a little catnip for you!


Lynn Richards said...

one word: allegra. but can cats take allegra? i bet they don't care for nasal sprays, either.
just a thought.

Rustique Gal said...

Romeo, you are a bad boy, dreaming of those goldfish. You stay inside for a little while longer and don't eat the fluffy one! Have a great week!