Do cats lurk?

No, not really.  They p---r----o----w-----l!  And that's what I've done since the blogging thing became "the" thing.  It's not that I didn't have much to say - I'm a talker, most tabbies are.  It's that my mama didn't think she had much to say.  And she usually doesn't (the words, "snack" and "wanna go out" can only be written about so many times).  Being human, she totally discounted what I might want to say! But I'm here, present and accounted for and here goes...my blog.  All mine!  So while you may notice that my blog is new, I've been here all along, prowling and thoroughly enjoying the world all of you create here on line!

I love the posts that express honesty, those with french decor, those showing off their prized junk, and those sharing artistic creations and style!!!  And of course, the sites that admit to having a cat who owns the house, make top marks on my list! At times, humans under estimate our abilities and value, so it's nice to see that some of you admit to your weakness of letting a cat own you!

I'll be posting my adventures.  Fun. Ferocious. Finds.  I hope you'll come back and visit.

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