Quality control pillow inspector banned from testing!

For those following the "studio saga" - the journey is not over.  Zoe has returned after a  long perioulous journey into the studio.  Remember, I encountered paper quicksand and so made a decision to send her in.  Those in charge should not be subjected to such dangers.  You wouldn't want me to leave the blog to the "others" would you?!

I didn't think so.

Zoe returned this afternoon.  But she is not speaking to me and refuses to even acknowledge pictures or give me a hint what she found out there.  So fine! I have taken her basinette into my own possession - I will have those forbidden zone pictures yet ;)  I want to make sure there is nothing like the mother lode of cat snacks out there....

Anyway, while Zoe was missing in action, I took it upon myself to take pictures of what was happening in another creative location.  (I wasn't really sure I could count on her.)  And look what I found....

"She" finished these yesterday evening...late, very late.  The top one is upholstery quality linen with vintage laces and trim.  The roses themselves are "her" creation, also out of linen.  The other two pillows are made of burlap, vintage trims, laces, buttons and some fabric that "she" liked the color of.  Here are some close-ups of the details....

Yes, those are mother of pearl buttons, whoever she is.  Not sure, maybe a relative or something.  Anyway, she said it was important to point this out - so I did.  Hopefully, mother pearl or whatever her name is, holds meaning for you.

And the last detail picture is of the linen roses and lace.  I tried several times to sample these - they looked like the perfect size for batting around and chewing on later, but I was chased off.  These pillows are going to the shop, Antiques in Old Town.  Rowann, please note: I DID TRY and run these through quality control, but was denied my rights as the official inspector, so "she's" on her own - if they fail QA inspection, blame "her".  Sometimes I have a hard time getting "her" to mind. 

I want to mention something because it's very important to me....Do you see the sunbeam on the picture above?!?!?!  Wowser! I couldn't help myself and stayed outside most of the day playing in those sunbeams.  And my whiskers tell me that it's going to be VERY nice this weekend...well nice for this time of year.  I'll take it!  I'm hoping that all of you have some nice weather, the fresh warmer air will do us all some good. 

Oh yeah, one last thing before I head off to sleep away the hours in Zoe's baskie - I also found this by the sewing machine:

The picture is almost too bright to see the details, but perhaps you can tell that it is flat.  Yep, flatter than a cat snack run over by the Hoover wheel.  So I ask "her" what is this thing?  I'm trying to figure out how to remind "her" that she forgot to put the catnip inside before sewing it up.  You know I don't want to hurt "her"  feelings, that usually affects the quantity of treats I get during the day.  So I just patiently wait for a reply. 

And wait. 

"She's" just staring at me. 

So I continue to wait and "she" continues to stare at me like I'm supposed to know or something.  Oh well there is no way I'm going to tell "her" what "she" obviously missed.  If I had a big sign that was printed with "CATNIP" that might be subtle enough.  Wouldn't it?

Finally, "she" sighs and answers (thank you, there is a cat angel watching over me), "Romeo, it's the beginning of a necklace.  That's the base, sort of like a pendant that I'll add chain and other things to. "

Oh dear.  What could I say?  Something like, 'you missed the boat on that one sister, let me rip it open, stuff some quality catnip in it and then maybe you'd have something worthwhile.'  Naw, nevermind.  Bad idea.  Let "her" live in lala land - they say ignorance is bliss.

There are actually four more of those things "she's" working on.  I bet "she's" real happy about now ;) 

Stay away from lala land - they make weird things there - scary things without catnip.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


The Tin Rabbit said...

Beautiful Pillows! You make me smile!!! XO

Rustique Gallery said...

Dear Romeo, you sound like a very frustrated cat. Fluffy would give you her catnip mouse, if you stopped by! Patience, my dear cat. Sherry

Rustique Gallery said...

P.S. Tell 'Her' that the pillows are awesome and I'm looking forward to the necklace thingy! Sherry

The Feathered Nest said...

O.MY....DEBORAH!! These pillows are DIVINE!!!!! So very gorgeous girl...I received the most wonderful parcel today and it now has my drool all over it!!! I hope you don't mind me sharing but I just had to...thank you, thank you....you are an ANGEL!!!! I want to wear those little coats as a necklace!!!! I can't wait to see what your necklace is going to look like ~ thank you so much for sharing your creativity will all of us!!!! Thank you again sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn
ps. tell all of your babies to enjoy the sunny weekend!

Val said...

your pillows are lovely!
good luck for your adventures!

craftymarta said...

Romeo, patience is a virtue that comes in handy this days. Try it, it have got me only good things. Thank you for stopping by and don't get too busy with those pillows, a girl, i mean a cat got to take care of himself too.

Mokzan said...

Lovely pillows and lovely linen roses, I think I have to try that my self.
Looking forward too follow your blog in the future, one can never have to much inspiration.

Greetings from Sweden =)

Lynn Richards said...

thanks for stopping by the blog!! What fun you must have making your BEAUTIFUL pillows. The roses. Oh, those I love!!! can't wait to see the necklace as well.

Jan LaFollette said...

Your pillows are just beautiful and wonderfully creative. The roses are nice but I LOVE anything with mother of pearl buttons! What size are they. Will you have these in your Etsy shop? I hope so.

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks so much for coming by to visit me, and I did not even have any treats for you! =0/

Please tell 'her' the pillows are wonderful! And I cannot wait to see the 'thingy' she is working on.

Keep an eye on things OK?

blessings and hugs

barbara jean