Who ate the last four days?

They were gone like a bag of cat snacks - four days! Or was it five?  Maybe it was me - where does a cat go for four or five days?!?!    Let me think, surely there is an explanation...well one day I got to go outside (supervised) and had an adventure with my barn buddy Blackie.  (He's a black feral cat, almost not feral any longer).  It was great fun right up until "she" decided that leading him out into the woods was not on the agenda. Hmmph! I was going to get to show him the ropes and instead I only got to demonstrate my ferocious nature by climbing a tree!  Did "she" even get a picture of that?!?  Heck no. I need to make a note in my little book to train her better on such matters.  Why? Hello? I have a reputation to maintain.  Instead of documenting my ferociousness, she gets a picture of this:

Now, everyone repeat after me....."Romeo is NOT a lazy boy, he is FEROCIOUS".  Everyone got that?!  Sheesh, I'd swear she's trying to ruin me!  I only slept a little bit each day.  About 12 hours as opposed to the cat norm which is 16!  The rest of the time was spent....well let's see what else have I been doing?!

Ummmm....oh yea!!!  I got lost in blogland yesterday. Totally and happily lost in blogland with Dorothy and Toto.  Nope we were no longer in Kansas (also known as Tennessee), but we went to Texas, Georgia, the east coast, California, boy did we travel!  I even got to sit on "her" fat cushy lap for the ride! (hehehehe I will have my revenge, see I AM FEROCIOUS!)

So even though we didn't win any contests at Patina Soul, we hit the jackpot of kitty snacks none the less!  How so you ask? You're dying to know aren't you?!  Thought so....Dawn over at the Feathered Nest announced my arrival in Kansas, Toto-land or in boring plain English terms - the world of blogging.  And *poof* people started showing up to visit me!!!!  Even people who don't particularly like cats! Yep, you read that correctly - did I mention my charm?!  Okay, maybe that's not it, although I can be quite charming.  And handsome, oh yes, VERY handsome.  Really! What? Oh, oops, sorry I got off topic a bit. What the heck was I writing....oh yeh, Auntie Dawn was so very kind and told all of you about me and you actually came for a visit!  So I simply had to go out and visit all these new furriends and curious passer-throughs.  I mean everyone was so very nice - no one threw anything or pulled my tail or even slightly hissed! Not a one!  So I got all excited over the possibility of new adventures and places to visit and I was lost for the day! Not a bad day to spend a day!  Many thanks to Dawn AND to all of you!! I won big after all!!!

What else have I been doing?  Well watching "her" and just waiting for her to goof up while sewing.  And she did -- now there's a surprise hahahahaha she spent the better part of an hour ripping out seams.  I'm sure it's much better now that she's re-sewn the mess.  Yeah, sure.  Still looks like burlap with a cat on it to me. What do you think?

"She" says this will be a pillow cover and has a nice vintage ticking pillow to put in it.  "She's" made a few for the space at Antiques in Old Town and rumor has it, some of them sold.  Once "she" adds the fluffy pillow, I'm loving them, so maybe some nice people have bought some for their cats.  Excuse me just one moment....oh for crying out loud...."SHE" wants me to mention that they are not made for cats, they are pillows to put on furniture to add a touch of character.  Okay, yeah, sure I told you what "she" said, but now let me add MY own comment -  put that pillow on whatever the heck you want and let your cat lounge, THAT will add character to any piece of furniture, especially when it gets a little furry!  Oh now don't don't fluff your tail, it looks like a toilet bowl brush when you do that.  Spring is right around the corner and the fur has got to go somewhere, right?   Now don't go getting any crazy ideas, cats are not attractive shaved, so just perish the thought. Thank you!

Hmmmm....what else, (now that everyone has settled down - you did, didn't you?).....oh yes, "she" has also been working on some paper crafts.  Almost got lost in that mess. Stepped into the studio and almost immediately felt the quicksand of paper and supplies and backed my furry little tail right on out.  But I knew I should explain some of the activities of the missing days so what to do?  I sent in Zoe to take a picture and haven't seen her in hours.  She should never have left the comfort of that burlap pillowcase.  Maybe tomorrow she'll find her way out of the studio disaster with a picture and I can share it with you.  In the meantime, how about a few pictures of things she claims to have been working with for the past few days:

What is it with those buttons, lace and fabric stacks???  I think she's in love with them.  "She" will sit for hours with those things and they don't even purr.  She claims to be selecting some of them to include in her creations.  Yeah, sure thing.  I'm not sure I'm believing this story.  Surely, none of you are obsessed with buttons, lace and vintage fabric, are you????  I would really like to know if I should be seeking help for "her"....


Jan LaFollette said...

Thanks for becoming a Follower of Dandelion and Daisy. You, probably, noticed the pic of the dog....well three cats live in this household, too. One of those cat's is the dog's best buddy, obviously, a cat who makes poor choices! We LOVE our cats!

Lululiz said...

Oh Romeo, you are such a character! Your pet, the one that mistakenly thinks she is your owner, is a bit of a worry with all that lace and button obsession, I agree with you there. It would be best to remove all temptation from her, you know, when she isn't looking, get your claws into all that lace and get rid of it! Send it to some other poor obsessed person and let them deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Im in heaven I saw the buttons, LOL,Im a button collector.My collection is small but thats the fun of it right, the collecting part.Give kitty a kiss for me.He looks like my cat kitkat hes 2.

Happy Thursday!

Rowann said...

No HELP....She's PURRRRRFECT ! Can't wait to see your creations !

The Feathered Nest said...

Ahhhhh....dear Romeo....can I come visit???? There are so many treasures in your sweet mama's art room!!!!!

I'm just so glad you have had a few friends stop by Deborah...that's what it's all about...inspiring one another!!! And sweets, you have A LOT to give here ~ I can't wait to see the pillow creations too ~ I've really played that space up at Antique Griffin and now I still don't have that much to put in, YIKES!!! Oh well...as the saying goes "it is what it is" does that make you want to barf??? hugs and love, Dawn

Rustique Gallery said...

Oh Romeo, you are so funny. My Fluffy would love you. Snuggles on the other hand would fight you for that pillow. I, too, would love to run my hands through those buttons and that lace.
Thanks for visiting Rustique Gallery!
Nose Kiss, Sherry

Linda said...

Romeo you can come sit on my fat comfy lap anytime...of course you might have to push Charlie off but then I'm all yours. Great post and love the 'cat' pillows!