360 Minutes

Is six hours.

Is a really. long. time.

Seriously! A lot can happen in 360 minutes.

360 hours today starting at around 8 a.m.  Wake up and find that your otherwise peaceful junkyard domain has had a tornado rip through.  Went for a tornado ride - whirled and swirled through the air.  As a sound sleeper, used to distractions, this distraction was no different than the norm and I continued to sleep.

But when I awoke during the 360 minutes, I find that I am no longer in Tennessee.  Nope.  Because this will be the fourth time it has snowed this winter and it is snowing B I G hunking frozen white stuff.  In Tennessee, it doesn't snow more than once maybe twice.  Where I used to live.  In Tennessee.  Toto? I don't think we're still in Kansas Tennessee.  Look out the farm window, if you don't believe me.

Still a part of 360 minutes.  It continues to snow and doesn't stop.  The flakes are huge.  Where in the world do you think they have huge snowflakes? H U G E hunking snowball size snowflakes?  Not Tennessee.  Not Kansas.  Toto, where are we?

There are others here.  Where ever "here" is.  The local grocery store becomes a crazed flurry of chatters.  Pushing. Shoving.  Long lines to check out while others stock up on supplies.  And still it is snowing.  And the line at the check-out continues to grow....

And it's still snowing.  Where did that stinking dog put my boots?  No I don't have any snow boots.  I have rain boots - it's what we always need in the spring.  In Tennessee.  I didn't need boots for snow in previous springs.  I sure need them now. Toto, where did take off to with my boots?

Where am I?  Obviously somewhere other than Tennessee.  Because it's still snowing.  Really SNOWING!  Any suggestions where the tornado dropped me?  Just curious.  Really.

I am calm.  Really.  If this is Oz, and it might be I will not be afraid of the wicked witch or the flying monkeys.

I lived with "her" and "them" in Tennessee.

Where I used to live.

I am calm. Yeh, seriously. Calm.

As long as the muchkins don't show up.  But let me tell you, the minute I see them coming up the sidewalk, I am going to hitch a ride on the next tornado or snowplow.  Whichever comes through first.  Anyone got an empty cat bed and heater vent that I can rent? I still have my allowance from last week.  A new shiny quarter. Or maybe I can catch a plane back home.


I think.  It has finally stopped snowing.  But don't think for one minute that I'm still not going to try and find that stinking Toto dog and get my boots back.  I might need them.  A lot can happen in 360 minutes. Don't you think?


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

That's the way it's been here in Texas this year too...seen more snow this year than in all the years I've lived here (my whole life but not saying how long LOL). I hope you enjoy the snow as much as my puppy Rudy does, Romeo.

Tell Mom her pillows are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

Linda said...

So funny! I have been blogging all day that it is snowing in Atlanta, GA AGAIN! I mean this just does not happen this many times in one year. Sigh...I'm afraid we are still at home.

Rustique Gal said...

Dear Romeo, just be glad you didn't land in Western Massachusetts. Last week we had over 2 feet of this stuff, and who has boots 2 feet high?
I couldn't find a tornado, so I'm still here, though it is shrinking a little. Sort of like the witch...

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

Okay Romeo...ya just need to jump on the next tornado and head south to Bayou City! Nope we don't have snow...okay I think we have seen it actually TWICE this year! So, maybe it is best to stay put and ride this one out. ;)

LOVE your story! xo...deb

Lululiz said...

Poor Romeo, it is a hard life, being a junkyard cat. Snow, boot stealing doggies, the threat of munchkins round the corner....... perhaps now is the time to have a snooze on one of HER comfy cushions, and wait for it all to pass.

The Feathered Nest said...

Such beautiful photographs Deborah....Spring is still peeking through though!! xxoo, Dawn