There are those who believe in the Whisker Bunny!

I am so happy to have found that there are others who believe in the Whisker Bunny!!!  "She" wasn't sold on the idea that there was someone out there other than mewself that believes in the Whisker Bunny.  I told "her" to watch and see. She left for the Open House Wednesday.

And you came by to visit and enter the contest.  Showing that you do believe in the Whisker Bunny!!!!

"She" came home and checked the comments on my blog. You know what she found don't mew?

Gee, who do you think was right about others believing in the Whisker Bunny?!

Yes, that is a smug little smile on my handsome furry face...sorry, couldn't help myself.  Purrsonally - like duh, who wouldn't and why wouldn't we believe there is a Whisker Bunny?!?  "She's" not too smart sometimes or maybe "she" just grew up and grew old.  That's when they get cynical and forget to believe in all things magical.  Like the Whisker Bunny and Santa Paws.  Maybe this will have some effect and cause her to stop being so grown up and believe....

So anyway.....I bet you would like to know whose names I drew, wouldn't mew?!

Okay, so here goes...using the random number generator (which btw is pretty handy)

KitKat and Larry who own Becky of BechindBlueEyes

Charlie who owns Linda of A La Carte

Mimi who owns Aoife.Troxel of Two Writers Daily Blog

Miss Puddles who owns Jody of Tumbleweed Trails

Maggie, Ginny, Mr. Ed, Lily, Cali and Sierra who own Deb of Just Cats

I want to thank each one of you who supported my belief in the Whisker Bunny by leaving a comment, becoming a follower and/or posting a comment on your blog!  I am sincerely appurrciative!!!!  I do hope that you'll come by again often - "she" is back and has kindly returned my netbook, so I can get some blogging done!!

Happy Spring efurryone!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh we won! LOL, they are smiling now,they are throwing meow kisses to you,thanks!ha!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Thank you for putting your paws to the keyboard and leaving me a comment.

"She" should give you some extra catnip for finding a fun project for her to do. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

Deb said...

Hi Romeo & her:
WOW!! Maggie, Ginny, Mr. Ed, Lily, Cali & Sierra have fainted. (*thunk*) They have never won anything in their 9 lives. It will be fun waiting for the package. I expect they will try to stay awake when the mailman comes.
Thank you so much, Hugs, Deb

Linda said...

Wow Romeo thanks! Can hardly wait to get my prize. I told Linda to move over while I leave some Kitty Love on here.
You fellow believer!


Nancy said...

Hey Romeo
It was so fun to see your owner this weekend. Her booth is amazing. Know that you missed her while she was in Lilburn.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Your blog is magical!! Just so you know, I believe in the Whisker Bunny too...one of the greatest creatures of all time!!!