LuLu said...

So a few of my furriends wrote to tell me about their snow.
Sherry in western Massachusetts said they had TWO FEET of snow.  Someone send that poor woman some fishing waders! Boots simply won't work at all!

And Deb in the Bayou said it's snowed twice this year.  Since when does it snow in Lousiana?

Cami in Texas and Linda in Atlanta, Georgia say it's been that way there too - snow?!  So there's no telling where I was transported to via tornado express.   Although Cami was kind enough to suggest that maybe I never left. 

Oh dear. Do you think purrhaps, it's the catnip?

My furriend Lulu said that I should find a pillow and take a nap.  I think that's a very good idea.  

She has such good ideas that LuLu! Case in point....she is having a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers!!! Whoa!!!  I wonder if I'll ever have that many followers?!?!  Congrats to LuLu!!  Be sure and hurry over to leave a comment - it's a wonderful giveaway, custom tailored to the lucky winnner!!!

Tomorrow, I think I shall go out on an adventure and find signs of spring!  "She" will be working amongst the junk, getting ready for the open house.  So I'll have an excuse to got out - yes, "she" requires adult supervision when I let her outside.  Everyone stay warm and grab a ray of sunshine....it's good for napping!


Linda said...

You will be glad to know we had sunshine today in Atlanta!! Hope you had a good nap and get out and about tomorrow.

Rustique Gal said...

Dear Romeo, I would really appreciate those fishing waders, though the snow is starting to shrink. There is an ominous side. The OVERHANG over my entrance is 2' long. It inches down and down and down, drips and then freezes. Then like a glacier calving, huge chunks fall off and splat in my walkway. Fluffy and Snuggles are wise to stay inside. I, though, must venture under the blob, risking my life, several times a day. If I were a cat I'd be crushed! Thanks for the mention! Sherry

Rustique Gal said...

BTW, you are mighty cute when you're sleeping! Sherry

Lululiz said...

Oh Romeo, you gorgeous ball of ( ferocious, of course ) fluff, I could snuggle down right beside you there and tickle your tummy, play with your ears and make a big fuss of you. You are such a sweetheart ( albeit ferocious, did I mention that?). I hope SHE will give you a lovely bit of catnip on my behalf for being so nice and mentioning my giveaway on your blog.