Roses and Innocence

It has a beautiful sound to it, don’t you think?

But here. In this house. The two do not co-exist.

If there are roses in the house, they are fair game for anything but a show of innocence. Call it more like a show of who can be the biggest terror for the day without getting caught. So, when Dad carries the roses into the house, I carry my furry little body out of the house - totally outside or in the screened in porch. And if I'm in the screened in porch, you can bet I make sure I am visible and that my paws are always in plain sight.

Sounds a little paranoid to you doesn’t it?

Trust me – paranoia is not the problem. Here is the reality of the situation. Follow me closely….

This is Tessa. Pretty cute, is she not?!?

Tessa was rescued from the neighborhood teenage terrors – some delinquent high school girls. They were throwing fire crackers at little Tessa shortly after the fourth of July, 2008. They threw them at her until she went and hid in a drain pipe. Meanwhile this is witnessed by Grammie, who calls “her” and tells her what’s happening. “She” runs over there to see the girls walking back down the street without the cat/kitten. Grammie last saw it hobbling down the street. But that was before it went into the drainpipe. The one right by the busy road.

“She” goes down there to try and find said cat/kitten or whatever the heck it is. "Kitty, kitty" is called several times and out pops a small orange furball from the drain pipe. And it’s running. Straight to her, but hobbling.

Fast forward when Grammie gets the flashlight and they find the small orange one has only three legs. Oh the horror. But breathe, go ahead…..the cat/kitten was born that way. There is no open wound, only some firecracker debris on her fur. She appears unharmed.

Three legs comes home with “her”. Dad is less than pleased. Until he finds out the cat/kitten is orange and white (his very favorite color kitty) AND she only has three legs. No problems then. None at all.

Orange kitty Tessa, never gets much bigger, no doubt testimonal proof to her tough beginnings. She is young and of course, everyone expects little ones to get into stuff. They don’t know better. Uh, yeah sure. She’s going to be TWO in a couple of months. Don’t think for one moment, she doesn’t know better. She is VERY smart – the following are things she knows for sure, without a doubt these are truths:
  1. Dad adores little Tessa
  2. Cute little kitties with only three legs are not supposed to be able to get up on tables and other high places (see pictures below - look closely)
  3. Three legs means you won’t scold me
  4. Tessa is the last one to be suspect when there is terror or trouble

So when the roses get pulled out of the vase or the petals have been plucked from the stem who do you think is really innocent?!?

Yes, dang the luck, I was a second too soon or a second too late to catch the actual chop licking, but you can see her little tongue, do you not??

Those are the roses.

That orange fluffball is the not-so-innocent one.

Need I say more?!?


The Victorian Parlor said...


Sounds like you have a similar problem to me. I have to live with those three dogs and boy are they annoying at times. Granted, my brother Calvin is pretty cool but the others, well what can I say-they're dogs. Good luck with the cute little Tessa (and she really is very cute:).

BTW, my mom loved this post!

Your blogland feline friend,


Linda said...

Poor Romeo! Girls are like that, yes they are!

Charlie the Cat

Deb said...

Looks like you have your work cut out for you with that little one. I do have to say she is pretty cute, though. Give 'her' a big hug for being such a great kitty-rescuer. I love stories like this. They warm my heart. You are a lucky kitty to own such a great purrson. Hugs

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Romeo I loved your story!!! Little sisters are notorious for stuff like that. (And yes, she is now your little sister whether you like it or not.) Thank you so much for coming over and saying hi! Believe it or not I do sleep. I just don't get anything else done!!! Have a great week my little feline friend!
My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for stopping by ROMEO,
I am a cat lover as well.

Love your site and your family of cats.

Come visit me again for a bowl of milk :)


BellaRosa said...

Romeo, thank you so much for your lovely visit today and making me smile...I think as pretty as Tessa is, your much lovelier :) Please visit me anytime, my lil Pudge might bark at you, but she does that even to me, but she loves to play and would even share her toys with you :) Besos, Rose

ps...I am soo glad that you liked my new blog look as much as I love it :)

My name is PJ. said...

Romeo, So nice to meet you and yours. You can thank 'her' for it. She stopped by to share in the post about my half bald head. ;)

We've rescued cats and dogs for the past 15 years and I understand that the innocent are often really "the sneakiest". Heck of a burden you bear, buddy. But Tessa is a beauty, so you know you like having her around!

Tell 'her' for me that those clueless teenage girls who were throwing firecrackers hae some mighty hard lessons to learn and SOMETIMES that's what we have in which to take comfort.

The Feathered Nest said...

ohmygoodness, Deborah!!! Tessa is beautiful and oh-so-talented too!! She still has one more leg than you do dear friend, so she's always one step ahead!!!! Have a wonderful day sweetie and you too Romeo ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Your kitty is precious...parents need to to teach their kids to be kind to animals. Makes you wonder...

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you i got your giveaway today tooo cute, seriously.I love the little sack it all came in and the toy and everythingg just adorable.....and the kitties say mewothankmeowyou,LOL

Boxwood Cottage said...

Aw I think it is so nice that your family adopted this poor kitty! I'll never get how teenage girl can be so nasty!
Oh and I think that meanwhile I know almost everything about the mishief young cats are doing lol
Our tomcat Riley was found in my new neighbors bed last week!
xoxo~ Carola

Terra said...

I am so glad Tessa was rescued and has a warm home to rule now.