Order out of Chaos

Now there’s an interesting concept don’t you think? Purrsonally, I prefer Chaos out of Order!

Hey, what’d you expect – I’m a cat and ferocious, did you forget?!?

Found a nice lady last night. Well I found her blog, Frugal Luxuries. If I’d actually have found her in the person, she would only have been nice if I’d gotten a snack and some good scritchin. But since I was just cyber visiting, and I enjoyed her site, I’ll consider her nice, even without the extra perks. The nice lady’s name is Tracey.

Anyway, Tracey has got a project going in her craft room – yep, that’s right - to make order out of chaos. Currently, she’s trying to organize her laces, fabrics and that kind of sewing stuff. You know the fluffy, oh-that’s-so-pretty-Romeo-don’t-you-dare-stuff. Like that would really make me not get right into the middle of it and ferociously maul anything that did or didn’t move. Seriously, good fun I tell you.

Purrsonally, Tracey I would suggest after it was mauled, drug around the room, thrown up in the air, dead and no signs of life were left in said lace, fabric and assorted related treasures, I would pull the rug up and bury it under there. You know, kind of what I’d do with anything that I wanted to put away for later use or entertainment.

You do have a cat to help you with this don’t mew?

Hmmmm….no reply, this may be bad - indicating no, none, zippo cat-help with your project. And a cat is surely essential to my method of organization.

Well then, purrhaps I should share with you “her” method. Certainly not nearly as exciting, but I suppose equally accessible. So just in case you are currently storing things my way but are looking for a change or if you don’t have a Romeo in your life, how about these suggestions:

Glass jars and vases work so well in craft spaces – up and out of the way, but contents are visible. And if you have a lot of one particular thing, like thread or lace, you can always turn the jar around and around to see if what you are looking for is in there. “She” claims it’s safer that way than dumping it out on the floor and throwing it around trying to find what “she’s” looking for. Safer from what I wonder??? Surely “she’s” not referring to “safe from my killing paws”…..do you think?

And then here’s where I tell you about one of her weaknesses…..rusty old containers….yep, those dirty crusty rusty metal things. In this particular case, an old colander. “She” will line it with a not so great piece of fabric and then throw her laces or fabrics in there.

“She” is really into the display thing, so this fills a need and a function. Not to mention using some of the rusty containers, so when she drags home a few more, Dad can’t say ‘you already have 6 you are not using, what do you need MORE of them for????’

I hope this gives you some ideas - obviously not rocket science or the making of a catfood out of catnip.  But if nothing else, I had the joy of telling about one of her issues - rusty containers! I so love to rat on her when she misses my snack time.

Bet she remembers my snack tomorrow!!!


Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Dear, dear Romeo...what a purrfect post!! I thoroughly enjoyed the kind mention, the many chuckles and outright laughs throughout. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better...you offer great ideas for making more order from chaos (especially lovin' the collanders!!). You did a great job, as always!!
P.S. If we HAD met in real life you would have gotten lots of treats and pets...be assured. I am wonderful cat slave to my own two purrfect creatures... as well as a "crazy cat lady in the making" (to quote my children :). x0x

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hi Romeo
You are a very handsome cat - you have lovely markings. We would like to thank you for visiting our blog. We will come and see you again.

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love your displays Deborah!!! I've always loved how you group things and they have such a wonderful impact ~ I hope you have a great weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Romeo, I do believe you have visited my work space! I have it in working order now, but what a lot of work. Tell Her that I love her collections!