Not all adventures occur as planned.

It’s one of those dreary overcast days.  Ewwww....

Normally, I don’t get to go outside early.  “She” is not a morning person.  If it’s before 11 a.m., “she’s” still horizontal.  Obviously, I am not tall enough to let myself outside, so I wait.  Most times patiently, other times a gentle acupuncture treatment applied to the thin skin on the back of her neck works well when I REALLY have to go out. 

This morning was different.  No acupuncture treatments necessary. “She” was awake. 

It all started out pretty normal -  Tuesday night: lights were out at 11:30 pm.

Then it went south in a big way.  Lights were back on at 1:45 am.  I didn’t even get a chance to get comfortable, much less fall asleep.

“She” made some tea and wandered into blog-land.  If you were up, you may have seen her come by for a visit.

Still awake.  Both of us.  What is the problem here?  I am really wanting some shut eye.  But my best sleep occurs with “her” in the bed, acting as my pillow.  Sometimes for my head.  Sometimes for my butt.  Not sure “she” ever notices the difference.  Well, except when I sneeze.

Or when I….

never mind.

Where was I? Oh yeah, it’s 3:30 now and we are both still awake.  “She”makes another cup of hot tea.  Yes, decaf.  I checked.

I go to the front window.  There’s a cat that has been coming to the window and looking in.  Regularly.  Started last week.  No idea what this is all about.  Sorry buddy, no I’m not sharing my bed or my pillow.  But he’s not there.  I may have dozed off for a few minutes.  Not sure.  Time during this hour seems warped. So I wander back into the kitchen and check the clock.

It’s 5:48 am.  The computer is still on.  “She’s” still in front of it typing away.  I wrote up a new profile and asked “her” to put it online.  Last week. “She” wrote the first one for me as I dictated.  When I read it, I felt my purrsona got lost in the translation. So this time, I check her work and read it twice.  It meets with my approval ( I didn’t give her any room for error).  I give it my approval with a quick smack of the paw on “enter”.

We work away on entering some information on my profile, that I had not added.  “She” seems to do okay with this and understands what I’m telling her.  Amazing really since she’s been up for what, almost 20 hours now.

I’m hearing birds waking up.  Oh now this is sweet – early morning birds?!! When was the last time I felt dew on my whiskers while listening to bird songs?!?!  Too long! Open the darn door.  Let me out I say.  Hello?  H.E.L.L.O.  Door.  Open the darn door! LET ME OUT….gotta go….I’m going to pee on your slippers…..ah, here she comes.  I bolt.

Freedom!!!  Wahoooooooo!  I do my duty and decide to meander.  At 7:43 “she” peeks her head out the door and asks if I’m ready to come back in.  Nope.  Nadda.  No thank you. See ya….

The weather is pretty nice right now, although my whiskers tell me there is some rain moving in shortly.  Still time to sight see though. 

Oh what’s this?  In the dried up old leaves?

Spring? Yes, Spring!!! 

It’s here! It’s really here!!!!!!  Flowers, birds and frogs a croakin!!!  Ah, pure bliss. Check this out too….

Oh, what was that? ….I think I felt a drop of rain.  Yep, sure thing rain.  Just a few more drops and then I’ll go to the window and ask to come back in.  I have to be a little damp – “she” fusses and provides towel service with a warm bowl of milk.  Always a good addition to the day.

(Clearing throat) Hello?  I’m ready to come in.  (Looking in window).

No movement.  Look left.  Look right.  Still no movement.  It is raining.  At least I am under the roof overhang.  But my stomach is already thinking of the warm milk.  I’m sure she’ll be coming through any moment now…..



Okay so this adventure is not exactly what I’d planned for today.  But I did get to go outside early and I welcomed the birds, the frogs and Spring!!!

Wednesday’s confession: 
Sometimes, it’s okay if things don’t turn out the way you’d planned.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl!! Oh! And Romeo too...your night sounds like mine most nights, I love staying up late ~ but HAVE to sleep in the day or I fall to pieces. How have I been missing your posts?? I'm so sorry sweetie ~ hugs and love to you both, Dawn

Lululiz said...

Oh Romeo, do you mean to tell us that the heartless woman left you out in the cold rain? For hours? while "She" got some shut eye? No warm milk for you, no fuss with big fluffy towels? Does "She" really deserve you? Would you contemplate a move? I am sure my dogs could get to like you.

Anonymous said...

hahh to funny.Im loving peeking in my backyard too seeing what is coming up.All the 15 plus inches of snow are just about melted.Can't wait til Spring!~~Becky

Naturegirl said...

Romeo I think it was a purr-fect beginning to your day! You found SPRING!!
Certainly more sprouting in your world than here!Tell your human friend not to get on the PC during sleepless nights..it's too stimulating and keeps her up even more!
Turn your engine snuggle on her lap and allow her to hear your engine roar as she pets you..this sure works in relaxing my human here at this end!
Romeo very nice to meet you!(=^.^=)

JC said...

Romeo ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you are funny.