Places were magic still exists...

With the release of the movie, Alice in Wonderland,and all the talk and images, it's hard not to think about magical places. 

I found this photo by Maggie Smith.
Doesn't it look like a magical place you'd like to step into?

I love the book version of Alice in Wonderland.  And I'll probably love the new film version.

But I'll have to wait for Netflicks to get it.  It's not that "she" wouldn't take me to the movie theater.  I know "she" would because "she" knows I would love the movie and enjoy myself - andshe knows that in my excitement I might be hopping up and down on the theater seat.  Nope, she'd probably be okay and have no problem there either.  I doubt I would obstruct anyone's view really.  The problem would come when my larger-the-life, much larger-than-life  cat silhouette  was projected onto the screen as I was on the up-directional of the seat bouncing.  Yep, could be a problem there.

And besides, if I bounced too high, I might not land back in MY seat, but rather someone else's.  Someone who might be disappointed I was not the Cheshire Cat come to visit.  Although, I guess I could use his line (and I could honestly say), "we're all mad here".  But it wouldn't have the same effect, would it?  It would just be me, the bouncing-in-my-theatre-seat-Romeo.  So my better cat judgement tells me that I should wait for NetFlicks.

I think in the meantime, and this could be a long wait....I'll watch for rabbits.  And dream of rabbits.

Technically we live outside city limits, before all the building started., I would have told you we live in the country.  Slowly the city seems to be creeping towards us.  But there's still a few acres left where the deer wander, some raccoons, possoms and yes, rabbits.  None of them dressed out and carrying a pocket watch mind you.  But I can watch those rabbits in the yard and think about Alice and the Mad Hatter. I wonder....

If I went after a rabbit, would the Red Queen appear and beat me with her wand or whatever the heck she calls it?!?  Ewww....that would be a bad thing.  Would you want to chance the possibility of the Red Queen coming after you with her wacker staff?!?

Didn't think so.

So I'll just watch the rabbits in the yard.

And dream about magical places.

Until Alice arrives at NetFlicks...

this could be a long wait.....

Photo courtesy of Simon Howden


Anonymous said...

Is that a snail I see, whatever, it is pretty cute. Good snapshot Romie....luv, Grammie

The Victorian Parlor said...

This is fabulous!!! BTW, which booth is yours at Antiques in Old Town? I will be shopping there next week when I visit my mother:). It's my favorite antique shopping stop!


Kim (and Kramer)

stefanie said...

what a cute story,,,I do wonder what cats think.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Romeo...Too bad you can't go to the theatre...me either! However, that's OK because I get to watch my DVDs over and over. My favorites are the Jane Austen movies...which always have a flock of sheep. I love looking at sheep...so silly and frolicky and have all of those bells! MOL She plays that scene for me as much as I want. Glad I found you. Have you visited our friend Tina on our sidebar? She has a blog, too....Ozzie (CEO at Plate Addict)