Have you seen these new books?!?!

Approximately 45 minutes ago, two things happened.  Which happened first will be evident.....

Those two things were:
  1. The cat tree was relocated during a "studio/office-what-if-I-move-this-need-something-different- moment"
  2. An order from Amazon, arriving in mail late this afternoon was presented to "her" right before dinner by my dad

Purrhaps it was what some might call a fateful moment, others might believe it to be sheer luck.  No matter really.  All I know is that I'm loving the new location of the cat tree because I can now get on top of two very tall cabinets.  One of which is 8 or 9 foot tall - new territory for moi!  And so I couldn't care less about bothering "her" while she's reading her new books.  Which seems mighty convienent doesn't it?

In case you are wondering, "she" is singinng the praises of these books.  "Book of Inspiration" written by Jo Packham and Jenny Doh does not disappoint.  A review on Amazon said they didn't like all the vignettes, they would rather have seen whole rooms.  She LOVES vignettes in a big way, so this book satisfies and makes her weak in the knees.  Whole rooms???? There ARE pictures of rooms AND vignettes! So if you read that review, disregard it - the book is great.  I'll show you some pictures once I pry the book out of her hands.  If you want to see them that is....

Who would have thought that on the day "she" decided to move a few small things around hoping for a new look that the Amazon order would arrive?!?! Another coincedence? Or my super cat powers exerted over the Amazon shippers?  I'll let you decide....I've gotta go climb the cat tree to claim my territory, Willow is trying to be the first to the top of the Mt. Everst of cabinets....have a wonderful evening!


Life is good!

Today we had LOTS of sun beams – purrfect for quality catnaps and adventures! Yes, there is still a LOT of pollen and yes, I have allergies. I sneeze and sneeze, just can’t help myself with all that pollen flying up my little bitty cat nose. Compare it to a knat flying up your nose and you’ll understand the issue quite clearly.

Allergies, that’s what the scary white coat says. That’s okay, I tell “her”, it’s a small price to pay for a little fresh air. I would be content today to lay in the rocking chair on the screened in porch, but it is currently off limits. Why?

Yep, p-o-l-l-e-n.  That stuff that makes the plants delicious to munch...

“She” would prefer I stayed confined and my adventures controlled. But I really want to go outside.

So out “she” went to clean up the screened in porch.

So I waited inside patiently. (Well sort of.)

And I waited…..it was all I could do to keep from dozing off. It wasn’t too much of a problem though. You see, there was a trip back inside to get the sucky machine. Door opens. Door shuts. Nod off….

“She” was going to try vacuuming up the yellow stuff. But the electrical outlet was not responding to some ground falling button thingy. I haven’t a clue, I’m a natural kind of guy, don’t even need an electrical can opener, “she” works just fine.

ZzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzz…..*#*$%....Door opens.

And then a trip bringing sucky machine back in.  Door shuts. Nod off….

Some moving of furniture. ZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz….Door opens. %*&$@ Door shuts.

Broom and dustpan leaving for the porch. Door opens. Door shuts. Nod off….zzzzzz…..

Dreaming of little goldfish, listening to the water trickling in the fountain….napping on the rug in front of door…..opens and closes….“she” announces that “she” is losing the battle with the yellow stuff – lots of pollen in the dust pan and the wind kept blowing it around where she’d just swept. According to my Tigger watch, this lasted about 30 minutes – 30 minutes!?!

That's 30 minutes of sunbeams and dreams that I can't get back!! Awk - the horror! 

Open the door and let me out now
or the fluffy one gets it.

Sometimes “she’s” about as quick as fat goldfish. But I wasn’t asked for my humble opinion and besides, “she” is always good for some entertainment. Well except when I’m dreaming of fat hunking goldfish for my mid-day snack. And after some thought on the matter, I’ve decided that purrhaps, the front porch or even under the car will do just fine.

....it’s close to the pond….

…..where the goldfish live…..

Hope you are having a good day too.


The results of trolling for cat babes...

For all mew curious cats out there, here's a list of the blogs I found when trolling for babes.  Now of course, I found some with boy kitties, like myself and I went ahead and included them.  You know equal opportunaty and all.  And besides, there are some really good looking cats out there. Just ask Tessa, she spent a great deal of time with me, checking them out....and then she waited for replies from the hunk-a-cats....

Sadly though, my trolling produced little (as in not a one) replies to my attentions, nor Tessa's for that matter.  I guess not too many of us get to use the computer without censorship.  Despite my name, purrhaps they thought I was too.....something....certainly couldn't be my handsome looks and charming purrsonality!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats  (courtesy of Becky)

Fluffy and Bonkers

House Panthers (don't you love this name?)

Lilacs and Cats

Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

Naked Cats

Persians  (courtesy of LuLu Liz)

Sparkle, the Designer Cat

Should any of you happen to find a site dedicated to us cats, that you think should be here, just let me know by leaving a comment.  I'm off for a catnap....


What's wrong with this picture?

Okay so like a month ago "she" bought this wonderful wicker thing....supposed to hold plants "she" told us.  It was brought home a few weeks ago and immediately ferns were purchased to fill it.  It's six foot long and makes a great sharpening post.  Want to place a bet on how long it DOESN'T last?!?!  Anyways, I would never ever do something to destroy this....at least not while she's looking.  So I was thinking (yes again - that's twice in one week!) and thought that when Grammie came over to feed us I could zoom out the door onto the screened in porch.  Grammie wouldn't even know or at least since I was still technically NOT outside I might gain some temporary reprieve....you know peace and quiet without siblings.....

So yes, I got out the door and onto the screened in porch.  But.....well....it um.....well you might know.....

what's wrong with this picture?????

Figure it out yet?  Look below, here's a hint.....

I mean c'mon how the heck did she get out there so fast.  Tessa must have been velcroed to my tail.  Which she likes to do whenever I come in from outside.  But to travel this closely when I've been inside now for THREE flipping days!?!?!  Wait, what's this......

Ohhhhhhhh....I"m telling on you!!!  You just wait until "she" gets home, I'm tell on you Tessa.  Of course if you barf up those fern leaves I won't need to say a word, Grammie will tell "her".  You will won't you Grammie?!?

*sigh*  Well since I'm obviously not going to get some space, I'll go back inside and surf some blogs looking for furriends and cat babes! Not so bad, especially since I'm getting some help from some of you out there.

Thanks Becky and Liz for suggesting those links - I have gone out and done some visiting.  They were very nice kitties - even the sorta bald ones.  And next trip Linda's Charlie-Cat is coming with me!  So let Tessa eat the ferns and hog the wicker planter, I'm gonna go find me some babes!! C'mon Charlie.....


On the prowl....

Wahooooo! "She" has gone away for a few days to Washington DC! Now how cool is that?!?!

No, no, not for "her", for ME! I mean c'mon, uncensored cat bachelor time!

What to do, with all this free time?

Something that I wouldn't normally be allowed to do of course!

Like duh!

I knew this go-away was coming, I'd heard the rumors and rumblings during dinner conversations.  And I've played nonchalant about it, pretending to not know or really care.  But this past weekend, I decided to apply myself to the task at hand.....thinking of what to do with my free time.....when "she's" gone I'm not allowed outside, so it would have to be something inside...a bit of a challenge here....

deep concentration required....no, I'm not sleeping silly, this is very deep meditative cat thinking going on here....

....and then it came to me......and I smiled....for I had a plan....

purrhaps it was the sun and warm air.....

or purrhaps the deep concentration.....

but "she" left the computer behind and so I was free to.....

troll for  cat babes!!!  

So on my first day of freedom, I am going out to visit as many blog sites as I can.  Naturally, only those with cat babes!  Must check the mirror, on the prowl to impress....yep, looking handsome and very well thanks to my recent weekend in the sun, my whiskers are glowing.....day one is going to be a good day!

If you are reading this and know of any good sites with cat babes, interested in being friends with a handsome, fercious tabby, please leave me a link of where I might stop by for a visit.  Thanks furry much!

I'll be back again shortly to update everyone on my adventures....


“She” asked ….

…. what is it about paint that attracts cats?  

Have you noticed that there isn't a cat in sight until you pull out a paintbrush and start painting?  We show up from as far away as the Emerald City or Munchkin Land if necessary, no distance is too far to travel for a paint adventure.

Now, I’m not talking about painting as in beautiful canvas’ on an easel or even watercolor painting.   Sorry, but this type of painting bores us so badly that we typically fall asleep waiting for something, anything exciting to happen.  There are seldom any possibilities for adventures with that kind of painting, even for the most imaginative cat.

The kind of painting I’m referring to the good old fashioned paint brush and gallon can of latex paint.  It’s the best kind of painting really.  Crack open that lid of the gallon of oh-my-gosh-goopy paint and you’ll soon have guaranteed action!  What follows are two examples, demonstrated by Arwen. 

(yes, that is paint on the end of her left whisker)

 This is for those fans of Romeo adventures, who are looking to create your own adventure….

“She” painted the window seat (this has been a couple of years ago now) and stood guard while it dried.  Well, it’s a lot like waiting for water to boil…..it seems to take forever if you stand there.  I believe “she” used the excuse that it was bathroom time or something equally weak.  Yes, WEAK.  I am confident “she” was simply tired of standing there and waiting for the paint to dry.  No cats around so certainly there was no harm in walking away for a few minutes.   

(I can tell by the look on your face that YOU know better, don’t you? )

The very second she walked away, the bells went off.  Humans don’t hear them because of their defective ear parts.  For us cats, they can be compared to the bell at the fire station.   Anyway, first on scene was Arwen.   And unfortunately Arwen was also last on scene because this time “she” really was gone for only a minute or two.

Arwen who is really fast, especially for a girl, got a perfect  10 for execution of her adventure – she simply meandered into the living room, jumped up on the window seat and walked the entire length and jumped down.  Simple, but oh that Arwen, she was so smooth about it.  Purrsonally, I think she was already planning it when the paint can came out.  Anyway, she left the most purrfect little footprints embedded in the almost dry paint.  It really was a masterpiece.

And the only reason Arwen got busted was because she didn’t have time to clean the white paint off her paws.  Bummer sis, but still a fine paint adventure if ever I saw one! For those of you wondering if she ruined the masterpiece....not too badly.  "She" simply used the imprints and painted them a different color, immortalizing the adventure forever.  Or at least until it gets painted again.

The second example occurred yesterday afternoon.  This time, “she” was painting the side door and the window next to it.  And to “her” everything seemed to go just fine.  No one jumped up on the window sill or pushed against the door as it was drying.  This time it would have appeared there were no cat adventures in the paint at all.  Well at least until Arwen walked by later that evening…..

You may think that purrhaps “she” should be thinking “what is it about Arwen and paint?”.  And “she” probably was thinking that….

...right up until she found paint on Zoe’s whiskers. 

“She’s” still checking the other cats for signs of paint.