What inspires

Me?  Well a can of tuna fish or even watching the piranha in the small pond out front; a bird in the bird feeder, or a warm sunbeam or a bowl of milk.  It doesn't take much to inspire me.  I'm just that kind of cat - well rounded and easily inspired (with the right motivators of course).

What inspires her?  

Better have a seat in a very comfortable chair.  This could take a few minutes.

Her inspiration?

It's everywhere in nature...

...and in the studio...

...and in the office.

Vignettes here and there. 
In my office and studio, which she believes to be her office and studio.
No matter really.  It means she cleans them ;)

Inspiration tucked into corners and shelves.  

On top of cabinets and the cabinets themselves.

So while function is important, everything in the office and studio must also inspire. 

She has spent years gathering and changing out as well as adding furniture and small doses of inspiration.  Playing to get it just right. 

 It's one of those things that takes on a life of it's own - knowing a direction, not because it's in style or something everyone else has.  Gathering and just knowing that "this" is what inspires and what should be a part of the studio or office. A part of her inspiration.

Everything comfortable.  Everything with history and a story.  A gathering of items that culminate to a point in time during which there is not one piece of furniture that can be bested, and every detail scrutinized to be sure it's still "right".

So although she's at that point where not much has changed since the last time you glimpsed the studio or office, small details have moved around and perhaps been added to.  Maybe something subtle that began like a whisker tickle while vacuuming or dusting.

After all, for her, what surrounds her in the studio or office or nature inspires, and thus breeds more inspiration and creativity.  

Kind of like rabbits I suppose.

Or fleas.

Well maybe not like that - that's not such a good thing.  But yes, maybe like rabbits.

And what else inspires?

Bloggers who create.  Yes, that's right - YOU and you and you!  Everyone who has even one small ounce of creativity inspires her.  And yes, of course, those cats who own those same creative people -  well they inspire me.  To be a better, more creatively motivated cat....albeit still ferocious ;)  And right now there are a bazillion of you out there who have recently posted about your studios and attending Karen's party - Where Bloggers Create!  

So what are you doing here?!?  Head on over, I'll be there just as soon as I grab my top hat and a can of tuna for the road...... But before you go, tell me purrlease - what inspires you?