fourteen years.

That's how long it had been since she had painted the office.

And probably will take close to that for you to read through this long post.

Fourteen years.

Pitifully obvious avoidance.

And as with most things, the longer you put it off, the worse it gets.

She knew it needed to be done.  But there was always some reason.  And as the years passed the room became more stuffed, making the moving of furniture daunting, if not downright hazardous to one's health.

But then perhaps because enough is enough, the day came when something simply had to be done.

As in now, right NOW.

For no real reason other than it was time. Way past time.

But what color???  At one point, not knowing what color to paint it was a reason for not painting at all.   So being at the point of a rabid frenzy, it didn't seem to take nearly as long as it could have been to choose new colors.

Base boards and crown molding went from some color named "Macadamia" and looking like bad caramel to crisp white.  Check out the color below....that's my sisfur, Matilda checking out the color on the mantle, probably thinking of coughing up a furball as commentary.  You can also see the color on the crown molding in this photo.....

The walls were a gold yellow color.  Here is the before picture to give you an idea of what the wall looked like.  Note that the mantle vignette is heavy on the color brown.  That soon became a bit of an issue...which you will soon understand.

So when this seemingly endless painting process was complete, there was still the putting it all back together.  However, it would have been sooooo boring to just put it back together the way it was.  And then there was the issue of the mantle vignette - which would have to be changed.  A shame, she really liked it and it gave us room to lounge.  But, she was ready for a bit more of a change. Heck you're already committed, so why not go a bit further?!

So furniture was moved again, lace panels handwashed, eclectic constructions of bed springs and posts removed, removal of some other smaller things, relocation of others, dust bunnies put out to pasture, and throw rugs removed.  Yes, it was an ugly scene in there for no less than three weeks, maybe four but who's counting at that point right?

It's finally done so allow me to share with you the revised, new and freshly fluffed office!

We're good for another..... fourteen few years ;)

From the kitchen and looking in, if you dare and the curtain isn't pulled shut....

This may seem an odd place to drop a stepback cabinet but it actually serves two purposes.  One if a bomb blew up in her office, you won't see it from the kitchen.  And second, if dinner is on fire, she won't see it and therefore has good reason to go out to dinner!  Can't see dinner burning, can't save it now can we.....

And of yeah, the stepback cabinet also holds all her office paperwork and files.  But that isn't nearly as important as the strategic location....

Now if you are looking towards the kitchen, this is to your right.  This cabinet in the forepaw holds sewing notions and fabric. The tall chimney cabinet holds decorating books.  Yes, it is full.  As if you couldn't have filled in that blank on your own ;)

 (The curtain in back of the chimney cabinet is part of the entry way separating her office from the kitchen.)

You may recognize the stars and rusted arch....remember those hung above the mantle for *cough cough* more than a d.e.c.a.d.e.....

Directly across from the sewing cabinet and iron arch wall....
and on the other side of the stepback cabinet.....

The bench made from an antique headboard and footboard.  With one of the pillows she creates. 
The bench came in from the studio and really works much better in here for us.  Why? Because it's closer to the kitchen and we can hear even the slightest rattling of dishes and smell the slightest whiff of food.

And hard to believe as it may be, she actually added a very small touch of color! 
Raspberry, pale pink and a pale green! (Wonder how long that will last?)

So if we were to skip past the laundry room door.....this bookcase stayed where he was.  However, the cabinet that was on top of the bookcase is now on the mantle; 
and the cabinet top that was on the altar is now on the bookcase.  
Got that right? Good cause there will be a test afterwards.....

And oh yes, don't ask me why it took her this long to figure out these two pieces looked better together than her previous configuration.  Had I been asked to put it together I would have come up with this eons ago.  But you knew that already didn't you?!

The photo shown above is my purrsonal favorite part of the office.  It's yours too right?

And on the other side of the shelf....the Princess of the house. 
Can you believe I have to share shelf space with this fluff ball?!?!  
Oh the sacrifices I make!

Details. Details.

And...check out the new wall colors....
which are supposed to be a very pale taupe/grey/brown tint and a deep brown above the brick work.

How does she expect me to sit here?!?

Moving on so that I don't tempt fate by knocking this pile right off that chair....
Remember the old mantle vignette (shown below)?

How about the new improved mantle?!?!
Now of course Matilda (shown above sleeping) is none too happy about this revision.....

See the problem of a vignette with mostly brown elements? 
Brown on brown....well even I know that's not going to work. 
And no, she didn't think about before she chose the color.

What's this - MORE color?!?  

But that's the last of it as we move around to the wall opposite of the bookcase, 
on the other side of the mantle.

This cabinet stayed where it was.  But the columns were relocated here from another area of the office.  
Not sure if they will stay there.  She has a birdcage that may need to go there.  
But for the rest of today, this is where they will stay.
(as I write this, it is after 2 a.m.)

And in the center...the desk is still where it was.   
But the top of the desk and in front of the desk has changed a bit.

And then there was the altar.....
which is now on the backside of the stepback that blocks the view to the kitchen.  

And as before the altar holds her sewing machines and her notebooks of magazine pictures and articles.  She added wheels to the altar, so it can still be utilized for it's shelves on the backside!

And right before you go out to the studio.....

But we can go no further.  
I have been grounded as of this evening for evils against tiny innocents.
And really, I will be lucky if I can get out of kitty jail (aka the doghouse) in time for the studio tour.
Which will begin July 12th at Karen's "Where Women Create"......

I really hope to see you there. 
Because if I am still grounded, Matilda gets to do the tour.  
That's her in the picture below.  She's taunting me, isn't she?!?!
Oh the horror.

Maybe you would consider boycotting the studio post?
Or how about a "get out of jail free" card....purrlease.....


visions of wonderland

How to begin?  Or better yet, where to stop!

There has been so much having happened, that it makes this cat feel like he's high on catnip.  A very dizzying effect for those of you not familiar with the stuff.

Many of you might remember the day I came through and contributed my genius solution to a not so reliable transportation issue.  Well I'm happy to report that although she did not take my suggestion, the truck did make it to the show and back.  Of course every day was an adventure and none of it good.  Yes I heard every word of it and would love to tell you about all the dirty details.  However, for some reason I don't remember a single word of it.

So moving right along....wait a second.....got a cramp in my back leg....eek....mEoW.  Actually I think my foot fell asleep.  It's hard to find a decent chair in this place.  Purrsonally, I think she needs to add more down fluff to that cushion. Guess I'll wait until she goes to bed and order it myself.  The internet is a wonderful thing - they'll never suspect it's me ordering feathers!  I mean after all I can't order that anchovy and salmon pizza from the same company so they'll never put it all together.  Yes, yes, I know genius idea again.

Now while thinking of the purrfect chair, I am reminded of my most recent genius solution to a less than purrfect chair.  There was one in the loft of the barn.  She had put it up there because the mohair covering was beyond repair.

Now I vaguely remember that the chair was put up there for me to lounge in, being fond of the barn loft and all.  And of course the chair was okay for a while but what fabric that was left was soon enough history.  And I abandoned it for fluffier locals.

Of course I still went up to the loft.  It's really a good place to escape from her smooching lips and lightning storms.  Which of course have about the same fur raising effect on me.  Anyway, on one such occasion I noticed that someone had been visiting my chair.  Alarming no?

No!  It was a mouse.  I nice furry...plump....little.....rodent. But we are not going to talk about the little-leave-mouse-turds-in-my-chair vermin.  Because no one but me knows what happened to him and I am not talking.  But suffice to say he did not visit that chair very long after I discovered him.

So with the turd-ball-maker out of the picture, I designed a grand plan for the chair.

It took something like "forever" for her to get this done.  And it's not exactly what I requested.  But I suppose when indigestion sets in and I need to eat a plant leaf or two, ivy will do since I doubt I'll be digesting it.  At least not for very long.  Yeah, yeah too much information I know.  But you'll thank me when you get indigestion and my methods work!

Anyway it does have kind of a ready for the compost pile Alice in Wonderland feel to it....and picture me as the Chesire cat perched on the back....oh my! the picture oppor-tuna-itties that await me!

Now, if I could just get comfortable on that single board....more fluff needed here too it would seem.

Or maybe I'll just wait until it grows more.

The ivy that is. Not the chair! I don't need that much more room to perch!

And while I'm on a roll with Alice and the Cheshire cat..... one last project that I supervised. From afar. But that still counts, right?

 I sent her over to paint on the walls at Grammies house.  And in keeping with my favorite new way to view things.....

Not too impressive I know, nor representative of Alice or the Cheshire Cat.  Until you realize......

That this flower is over seven foot tall.  Yep! And in a bathroom no less! Now we're meowing, right?!

This one is not as tall as the other two and is growing out of the mirror.  (yes, I saved you having to see her reflection in the mirror - you're welcome).

Although I instructed her to paint three, I failed to be specific when I sent her over to photograph them later.  She photographed two.  You're right, I didn't tell her to photograph all three.  See why thorough  instructions are so important?! At least she did paint three.

So to finish up my catnip induced state of mind, I will close with this.....

While you're busy reading this, I am going to start working on the next TWO posts! Hard to believe I know. But I still have more to share with you - the office was painted and furniture moved around (a post all it's own).  And Karen's "Where Woman Create" is coming up soon and there have been changes to the studio!  Pretty excited to share these and this will be a great time to give everyone a tour, so I hope you'll check back again!

Until then, sending you rumbling purrs and warm sunbeams to nap in!