She tried to slow roast me!

"She" did! I'm seriously feeling crispy! Can you believe it?!?!

Well here's how it came to be....

I should post, "she" told me. "It's Friday already and you promised to do better."

I did?!? I don't remember promising that.

Okay, I'll post.


Maybe. Like when it isn't so hot outside.

"She" told me that it wasn't nice to wait until December. Is this "her" way of telling me we are not even close to being finished with this hotter than hot weather?!?!

Oh my whiskers....I think they are melting into a puddle of whisker nothings.

Or maybe that's just purrspiration dripping off my whiskers. Either way, it's too hot.

But that did NOT deter "her" in "her" mission to motivate me to my responsibilities.

"She" cares... about my reputation. And carried me out the door..... into the slow roaster.....

I'm telling you it's mid 90's here, not a breeze, and the humidity.... and me with a fur coat on..... it's almost enough to make me take the dog clippers to the old coat.... almost.

In the early stage of roasting, I asked around to see if anyone else thinks it's roaster-hot.

Blackie, my brofur declined comment. As a former, Florida born and raised feral, I thought this was pretty serious testament. Still we journeyed on....

Hot? The bees think so. At least, I think that's what this girl said. It was hard to tell in between gulps of water. But I'm certain she was hot.

The flowers didn't answer. I don't think they had the energy. However, judging from their crispy petals, I didn't really need an answer.

"She" started getting hot, so we rested. Well, "she" rested and I rolled in the dirt. Hey, chickens do it to keep cool.... Remember, I was desperate to stop the slow roasting process, because I really was feeling like prime chicken roaster material....

Lucky for the chipmunk, I was enjoying the dirt so much I didn't even notice the little guy fighting off a feinting spell at the watering hole. (note, paws braced against the block to steady himself.)

Finally agreeing that purrhaps I was right (like duh), we headed back to the house.

Where even Tessa, was having heat issues.

It would have helped if "she" had remembered to turn the air conditioner on, out in the studio.....

See?!? I'm telling you, "she" is trying to slow roast us!

What about YOU?! Are you being slow roasted????


Going to a party!

Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict is having a birthday linky party for Baby Kitty who is EIGHT today!!!

Having never been to a purrday party before, I thought I might sneak out - you know kind of a sanity break from you know who.....ssssshhhhhh, I think I hear Baby Kitty coming to the door now.....

Happy Purrday Baby Kitty!!

I hope you are enjoying YOUR purrty (aka party)- nothing better than a good purrty with lots of snacks and furriends!!! I hope I'm not late. Had a bit of an issue with the first present I was going to bring you.

Little vole called me "dog breath"!

Sorry, I lost control. I ate him. No worries for you though - now I have the indigestion. And your new gift won't give you any smart remarks or stomach upset. Nope! Not a one because this time I brought you....


And I brought plenty to share!!! Enjoy, but remember to use some moderation or you'll regret it tomorrow morning. Not that I would know...I'm just saying.....moderation. There's a reason.

Oh oh, here come's your Mom.....

Hi Ms. Debbie-Baby-Kitty-Mom! I'm doing fine, thank you for asking....

What's that ma'am?

You want to see my permission slip from "her"? Um....sorry, I left it at home. But I promise, I'm a good cat, I won't cause you any problems.

I'm really a very good guy - "she" tells me that all the time. Recently, "she" started calling me "sugar lips". I know, I know, kind of embarrassing but it gets me extra treats, so I'll just play along.

The only time "she" doesn't seem to get me is when I swat "her" on the ankles. I'm not discriminating though - Grammie, Dad and even Grandad are all targets. No discrimination here! Only "she" seems to understand that I'm making a point best as I can - "hello?!! I am low on attention and love..." But only when I'm outside because there isn't anyone else out here but me, so I should be the center of attention, oui? No worries though, I'll behave while I'm here. We are having the party inside...right??

No, no ma'am I won't dig in the potted plants in the living room. I prefer the great outdoors, normally in the flower beds with the nicest plants. Roses are good, but gardenia bushes, those are my favorites. Anyway, thank you for your concern, but I already went before I came over.

A snack? Did you offer moi a snack?!?! Why yes, merci beaucoup.

The trip here in this heat left me famished. And since I don't get much food at home. No, being the kind soul I am, I send the food I don't eat on my plate to the starving cats in China. Yes, ma'am I do.

Well actually "she" does.

I think.

I mean "she" tells me to eat everything on my plate and to be grateful, there are cats starving in China. So if it's something I don't like, I don't eat it and I'm guessing that's what "she" does with it. I mean how could "she" not, it was "her" suggestion afterall. Me, well I'm just more than willing to help out others....could I have another one of those catnip cupcakes please????

Thank mew Ms. Debbie! Oh oh...sorry to eat and run but I think Baby Kitty needs some help over there in the living room. I think the one of guest dogs are looking to get into trouble....

Well, I do believe that purrhaps it's time to mingle! I see lots of furriendly faces I know....Charlie, Kramer...wow, this is going to be FUN! Thanks for inviting me Baby Kitty! I hope this is your bestest purrday yet!!

Hey, I saw that....get your paws outta that cake, it's not time for that yet! Manners! Sheesh! C'mon let's go visit everyone.....


You see one when you visit blogland.

Most blogs have done it at least once. Some even do it on a regular basis.

I've lost count of how many times I have tried to be "the one".

Whatever am I rambling on about?!?

Giveaways. Free gifts of friendship and blog love.

There's always several going on at any one time.

And yet, I was never one of the lucky ones.

Not that I didn't try mind you. For over a year I entered "her" name and mine. But *sigh* it was not to be. It seemed like we were branded... "losers" ....

Until NOW!!!!!

Yep, it's true, I finally won a giveaway!!!!!!

Alicia from Altered Bits chose me! Yes, ME! The Romeo!!!! I am just so excited, I can hardly contain myself! I NEVER win anything.

But I did win! This beautiful collage pack arrived just the other day! Wonderful paper treats to create with!!! There are even birds and eggs - two of my favfurrites!!!

And Alicia mentioned ME by name. On her winners post and in the enclosed note with the gift. No, not "her" but ME. ME. ME!!!!

Hey, come on, work with me here. How many cats do you know that have won a give away???

I rest my case!


Thank you Alicia!!!



Never enough of it. Sure, efurryone gets 24 hours in their day. And I cannot tell you how many times I've reminded "her" of just that. 24 hours. Not one minute more and not one minute less. Yet, I always hear about there is "no time", or "not enough time" or "not now, I don't have time". Well, purrsonally, I never seem to have a problem with time. Got plenty, thank you very much.

Six weeks ago or was it seven now....I decided to help "her" out. I mean after all, I have a purrsonal interest in "her" time. Especially when it involves one-on-one Romeo time. You know snacks, petting, ear scritching, snacks (worth mentioning again) and going on adventures with me, followed by....yep, more snacks.....

So I set out to determine just exactly what to do about the above mentioned shortage of time. I am proficient at multi-tasking so helped "her" with the list of 'things that need to be done'. First on the agenda was ripping up carpet and laying hardwood in the living room.

I decided that extra help would get the job done faster.

It did. "She" moved faster for fear that the sofa would end up crashing through the bannister. Carpet ripped up, floor painted with Kilz and hardwood flooring laid in record time. There was extra time in "her" weeks as a result. So we repainted the living room.

Then there was a 50 year Anniversary party for Grammie and Grandad. Weeks were spent planning and getting ready for this big event. Now every hour of every day was spent on this one, so there was time to do other things. Like sleeping. Which by the way seems to take up entirely too much time in "her" day. So I have suggested sleeping only every other day. My theory was that in doing it this way, the day would actually contain 48 hours rather than the standard 24. I mean we all consider sleeping part of "a day", right??? So if you only sleep once in 48 hours, I say you had a 48 hour day!!! Another time challenge solved and Grandad got to smoosh cake into Grammie's mouth. Don't try this at home though - you can only get away with this, if you were married 50 years.

Also during this same time, I submitted an application to the Country Living Fair being held in Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. I didn't think "she" would mind, and being the business manager for the tattered cat, I felt it was my duty. And well, "she" told me "she" didn't think there was time to do that on top of everything else. So I made the decision for "her". Yes, yes, I know, I should be an advisor for Fortune 500 companies.

But there were the pictures to be submitted with the application. So I had to convince "her" to take some pictures. If "she" had time, I would sign her up for a picture taking class. Why? Because it took her just over 100 pictures to get THREE to send in with the application. Gee, wonder why there wasn't enough time that week to do the other things that should have been done. Like washing Dad's underwear. No matter, he turned them inside out.

And now? Well, "she" has been sewing and working on getting ready for the show in October. I help when I can by laying on things to iron out wrinkles on fabric and for the furniture and such to ensure quality. It saves "her" time I'm certain.

And if it's furniture or some small old thing, I lay on it. If it doesn't withstand my weight, it was inferior quality and it doesn't go further than the old trash can. Once again, Romeo comes through and provides more time in "her" day.

Before October 1st, there are two more rooms that will have to have carpet ripped up and hardwood laid. "Her" trailer will need to go in for repairs (remember the hail damage). "She" did manage to get the cars brought in for their repair time estimate. One is scheduled for August, another in October and the third at the end of November. Nothing I could do to help with "her" time on that one, my leg doesn't reach the gas pedal. But while "she" was doing that I did come up with a possible help for future time challenges.

I created this little guy. He's a special rabbit called, "when time multiplies". Maybe I can find him a mate and then well you know....time will be everywhere!!!!! Over run with time! "She" says it will be more like 'run OVER by time'....ah, so cynical. I'll let you know how it goes.....