A purrfect Halloween adventure awaits!

Come along now with me

And do not be afraid

Never minding the shadows of things that seem to be

Stay close and hold my paw

You’ve my promise -  I’ll protect you

With my ferocious nature and of course my claws.

We're off on an adventure

One of neither close-near nor forever-far...

Either neither way yet,

Time seems to pass so quickly

I see it in your brow – the worries and the fret.

With each later as the hour grows.

I know you cannot hear the trees

For the distance, it too has grown.

Walk with me now carefully, be of sure foot and paw,

through the dirt, dead flowers and old mossy stone.

You look a little pale

despite the golden fading light

so just a small suggestion if I might….

Keep you eyes looking straight ahead –

It’s truly better that way – you won’t think you see the dead.

I saw your imagination,

a child at the last stone.

It ran away from you and with it, left you dread.

For you thought you saw stranger things

than those in your home, thoughts safely tucked into your bed

Hush, no need to tell about them,

yes I’m sure some have big ears and wings

but I think it’s time I tell you….sadly, no one else these or those they see.

I think you're getting tired

and your eyes they play on you tricks.

I know it seems like days, on this path we go

but trust me, it’s really not so.

Yes, it is a very long and crooked little path,

set in the forest deep.

But see we arrived in less than one day’s time

Look up and see - the moon is still here and has not left to go sleep.

Come along still, our trip is not done

while we still seek the witch,

and though I do not see her, it does not mean there is n'vr one

For my catish-observation skills they serve me well

I am certain and tell to predict she didn’t go far.

Certainly she is still near.

For look past the door ajar

on a night like this even she would have taken a coat.

But there it still waits in the corner – take note.

Purrhaps, her familiar, Sir Black, is still here to attend.

On him for most matters, he too, you can depend.

Oh my whiskers, I failed and forgot

to tell you why we came this far, 

How could I not?!?!

Mr brofur, poor Crickett,

he has a need for snacks,  it all started when he was but a wee lad

and somewhere along the way...his middle began to sag.

And now the poor guy, the extra weight has made his legs shorter,

and his lower belly is starting to drag.

It’s something of a dust ruffle, yes I do suppose,

so look about and tell me if you see

any cures or spells to undo poor Crickett’s deeds.

Certainly he’s not the first and with this ailment of sorts

and so therefore mustn't there be a potion, a spell or purrhaps a charm

that can help my little buddy without doing him any harm

Oh look see, here comes Sir Black

with the secret Crickett-sag-drag-spell in his black paw pack.

Always so insightful, he knew before we arrived,

just what magic he did need

and strived

and succeeded

to completed

one drag-sag-dustruffle-reversal spell potion

to cause the dragging belly to disappear and be depleted!

A hundred thank you’s kind Sir Black for your assistance and expertise!

I’ll be back again soon

When I can stay for more than a bit.

And we’ll laugh and dance as happy little cats well into the wee hours of the moon

But tonight there is not time

For my friend – her bedtime draws very near

so here we are to leave

From the path whence we came.

To take a path, but not an exactly back path,

No need to visit something that might be waiting for our return

Back over and under there

Just common precautions, not at all applied scientific math.

I know for sure you are tired, I see it in your eyes

And though it seems a long way home,

We’ll be there faster than most time flies

You’ll have no explaining to do

of hours and days spirited away.

You see there are no worries, 

only four minutes did we spend.

Not a second more did we lose.

And there now is my dear friend Crickett, waiting for my return! 

Now some magic working I must do,

so run away quick,  and let your mind wander free.

For more magic and fun still awaits you

over there with Vanessa and her Matty – a rare and kind dogaroo! 

A special thanks to both of them, for hosting a purrfectly enchanting Halloween Event! And to you, for taking the time to stop by for an adventure! I hope you’ll stop by again – I so love adventures!


Halloween: Rearranging junk and it's dirt.

Out comes the bleach cleaner, windex and feather duster.

Next comes the vacuum cleaner, dust pan and broom.

The glass is polished, the dust bunnies banished and cobwebs disappear.


Clean some more.

What's a cat to think?

Is company coming?

Maybe Ed McMann to deliver the Publisher's Clearing House million dollar check?!?

None of the above?

Oh yes, how could I forget?  It's time for a little fall cleaning.  Especially for Halloween.

Clean?  For Halloween? Creepy, forelorn, haunting and dusty Halloween?????

"She" cleans before putting out the Halloween.  And I'm not referring to throw a sheet over the furniture. Does this cleaning thing sound logical to you?


You're kidding, right?

I see you are in need of some enlightenment.....Let's think about this together okay?  Although there are new Halloween decorations, "she" also likes to include those old beat up things "she" already has.  Most of which are probably held together with old glue and maybe a touch of dirt.

Or maybe more dirt than material substance.  

Having lived here these past years, I have decided that I've developed an immunity to every known dirt spore, dust monster virus, and  general old stuff allergen.  To live here, you would have to develop an immunity....or die trying.

Anyway, this old tattered stuff seems to be everywhere, no matter the season or decor.  Especially for Halloween decor.  "She" thinks it's purrfect.  And I'm smart enough to know better than to tell "her" otherwise.

Pitifully sad really.  

No, not pitiful in that old is what "she" prefers. (I've decided "she's" just weird that way.)  What I'm saying is pitiful because for days "she" cleans, straightens and rearranges vignettes.

Only to declare it complete when spider webs are added right back where they were recently erased from being. And the spiders themselves smashed with "her" broom or sucked up in the vacuum cleaner if they are on the porch.

And there are about thirty holes dug in the dirt with headstones sitting in them. Lots of dirt.  Lots of holes. I'm thinking purrhaps a gopher would be of great assistance next year. Or maybe I could dig some holes. Of course I'd even be considerate enough to leave a present or two in some of the holes ;) Betcha the gopher wouldn't be that nice.....

And complete/done includes dead crispy flowers as part of the decor for the dearly departed souls.

Natural elements such as tree branches and moss are purrfectly necessary too.  But when I try and assist, dragging in a lizard, "she" throws it back out the door. I assure you it would have looked better than that masked rubber rat!

Clean, straighten, rearrange.  So that faux-neglect of old, tattered, spooky and haunted can be added back in to create the purrfect Halloween setting of a neglected haunting decor.  

Wouldn't it make more sense to just use the existing dirt and cobwebs for some authenticity!?!?!??

Seems like an obsessive, compulsive disorder turned inside out.  Purrhaps?

Notes to self: 
  • Next year go ahead and proceed with natural fertilizer in the flower beds - "she" will thank you for the dead flowers later.
  • Collect about half a dozen lizards late summer. Timing is important so that when "she" finds them under the sofa they look mummified.  "She" will thank you for your contribution to the natural elements category later when the shock wears off.
  • Do not use the coffin as a litter box.  It leaves no doubt whatsoever as to the guilty party and results in being grounded for the month of October.
If you're read this far and have not been scared away by all this creepy old stuff, it would seem that you are up for some more adventures.  You are some kind of brave!

Please do stop by again later, so that I have company and someone to hold my paw during the really scary parts.  You see, I signed us up to participate in Vanessa's Halloween Party at the Fanciful Twist on October 16th!  Oh  yes, there's more to be seen......hang on to your whiskers! It's bound to be fun!