Ironstone makes you weird

So what is it about ironstone that makes “her” weird? I mean “she” brings this white dishware stuff home that has brown spots and chips, cracks and crazing and “she’s” so happy, I swear it wouldn’t hurt to tether “her” to the ground like the Goodyear blimp. I mean c’mon, if “she” floated off how would I ever get my snacks?!? All that would be lost, and over what?! Some ratty old dishes?!  And "she" pays money for this stuff!

Furthermore, would you believe that Dad is even in on it?! I’m not exaggerating – “she” has him trained to tell the difference between the new stuff and the appropriate sound of the sincerely older stuff. Swear on a tuna, it’s the truth. Poor guy. I don’t even think he realized what had happened before it was too late and he was committed with the knowledge.

"She’s" fallen to a new low though….there is a lady who keeps an eye out for “her” kind of stuff and just knew "she" would like this particular piece. It’s a pitcher. Check it out, last one on the bottom right.

It’s whiter than the others. And not exactly what I would call attractive. But that’s not what’s got my tail in a fluff.
It has a hole in it!!
Oh for meowing out loud! Don't you get weird on me, just because it is a heart shape.  It is still a hole!!!

“She” has never done this before. I think things are getting serious. I mean this thing won’t even hold milk!! At least the chip, crazed and brown plates and bowls will hold food nicely, but a pitcher with a HOLE?! What do you think - Should I turn the picker lady in for enabling “her” addictions? Anyone know the number for Ironstone Anonymous???


Roses and Innocence

It has a beautiful sound to it, don’t you think?

But here. In this house. The two do not co-exist.

If there are roses in the house, they are fair game for anything but a show of innocence. Call it more like a show of who can be the biggest terror for the day without getting caught. So, when Dad carries the roses into the house, I carry my furry little body out of the house - totally outside or in the screened in porch. And if I'm in the screened in porch, you can bet I make sure I am visible and that my paws are always in plain sight.

Sounds a little paranoid to you doesn’t it?

Trust me – paranoia is not the problem. Here is the reality of the situation. Follow me closely….

This is Tessa. Pretty cute, is she not?!?

Tessa was rescued from the neighborhood teenage terrors – some delinquent high school girls. They were throwing fire crackers at little Tessa shortly after the fourth of July, 2008. They threw them at her until she went and hid in a drain pipe. Meanwhile this is witnessed by Grammie, who calls “her” and tells her what’s happening. “She” runs over there to see the girls walking back down the street without the cat/kitten. Grammie last saw it hobbling down the street. But that was before it went into the drainpipe. The one right by the busy road.

“She” goes down there to try and find said cat/kitten or whatever the heck it is. "Kitty, kitty" is called several times and out pops a small orange furball from the drain pipe. And it’s running. Straight to her, but hobbling.

Fast forward when Grammie gets the flashlight and they find the small orange one has only three legs. Oh the horror. But breathe, go ahead…..the cat/kitten was born that way. There is no open wound, only some firecracker debris on her fur. She appears unharmed.

Three legs comes home with “her”. Dad is less than pleased. Until he finds out the cat/kitten is orange and white (his very favorite color kitty) AND she only has three legs. No problems then. None at all.

Orange kitty Tessa, never gets much bigger, no doubt testimonal proof to her tough beginnings. She is young and of course, everyone expects little ones to get into stuff. They don’t know better. Uh, yeah sure. She’s going to be TWO in a couple of months. Don’t think for one moment, she doesn’t know better. She is VERY smart – the following are things she knows for sure, without a doubt these are truths:
  1. Dad adores little Tessa
  2. Cute little kitties with only three legs are not supposed to be able to get up on tables and other high places (see pictures below - look closely)
  3. Three legs means you won’t scold me
  4. Tessa is the last one to be suspect when there is terror or trouble

So when the roses get pulled out of the vase or the petals have been plucked from the stem who do you think is really innocent?!?

Yes, dang the luck, I was a second too soon or a second too late to catch the actual chop licking, but you can see her little tongue, do you not??

Those are the roses.

That orange fluffball is the not-so-innocent one.

Need I say more?!?


Order out of Chaos

Now there’s an interesting concept don’t you think? Purrsonally, I prefer Chaos out of Order!

Hey, what’d you expect – I’m a cat and ferocious, did you forget?!?

Found a nice lady last night. Well I found her blog, Frugal Luxuries. If I’d actually have found her in the person, she would only have been nice if I’d gotten a snack and some good scritchin. But since I was just cyber visiting, and I enjoyed her site, I’ll consider her nice, even without the extra perks. The nice lady’s name is Tracey.

Anyway, Tracey has got a project going in her craft room – yep, that’s right - to make order out of chaos. Currently, she’s trying to organize her laces, fabrics and that kind of sewing stuff. You know the fluffy, oh-that’s-so-pretty-Romeo-don’t-you-dare-stuff. Like that would really make me not get right into the middle of it and ferociously maul anything that did or didn’t move. Seriously, good fun I tell you.

Purrsonally, Tracey I would suggest after it was mauled, drug around the room, thrown up in the air, dead and no signs of life were left in said lace, fabric and assorted related treasures, I would pull the rug up and bury it under there. You know, kind of what I’d do with anything that I wanted to put away for later use or entertainment.

You do have a cat to help you with this don’t mew?

Hmmmm….no reply, this may be bad - indicating no, none, zippo cat-help with your project. And a cat is surely essential to my method of organization.

Well then, purrhaps I should share with you “her” method. Certainly not nearly as exciting, but I suppose equally accessible. So just in case you are currently storing things my way but are looking for a change or if you don’t have a Romeo in your life, how about these suggestions:

Glass jars and vases work so well in craft spaces – up and out of the way, but contents are visible. And if you have a lot of one particular thing, like thread or lace, you can always turn the jar around and around to see if what you are looking for is in there. “She” claims it’s safer that way than dumping it out on the floor and throwing it around trying to find what “she’s” looking for. Safer from what I wonder??? Surely “she’s” not referring to “safe from my killing paws”…..do you think?

And then here’s where I tell you about one of her weaknesses…..rusty old containers….yep, those dirty crusty rusty metal things. In this particular case, an old colander. “She” will line it with a not so great piece of fabric and then throw her laces or fabrics in there.

“She” is really into the display thing, so this fills a need and a function. Not to mention using some of the rusty containers, so when she drags home a few more, Dad can’t say ‘you already have 6 you are not using, what do you need MORE of them for????’

I hope this gives you some ideas - obviously not rocket science or the making of a catfood out of catnip.  But if nothing else, I had the joy of telling about one of her issues - rusty containers! I so love to rat on her when she misses my snack time.

Bet she remembers my snack tomorrow!!!


Places were magic still exists...

With the release of the movie, Alice in Wonderland,and all the talk and images, it's hard not to think about magical places. 

I found this photo by Maggie Smith.
Doesn't it look like a magical place you'd like to step into?

I love the book version of Alice in Wonderland.  And I'll probably love the new film version.

But I'll have to wait for Netflicks to get it.  It's not that "she" wouldn't take me to the movie theater.  I know "she" would because "she" knows I would love the movie and enjoy myself - andshe knows that in my excitement I might be hopping up and down on the theater seat.  Nope, she'd probably be okay and have no problem there either.  I doubt I would obstruct anyone's view really.  The problem would come when my larger-the-life, much larger-than-life  cat silhouette  was projected onto the screen as I was on the up-directional of the seat bouncing.  Yep, could be a problem there.

And besides, if I bounced too high, I might not land back in MY seat, but rather someone else's.  Someone who might be disappointed I was not the Cheshire Cat come to visit.  Although, I guess I could use his line (and I could honestly say), "we're all mad here".  But it wouldn't have the same effect, would it?  It would just be me, the bouncing-in-my-theatre-seat-Romeo.  So my better cat judgement tells me that I should wait for NetFlicks.

I think in the meantime, and this could be a long wait....I'll watch for rabbits.  And dream of rabbits.

Technically we live outside city limits, before all the building started., I would have told you we live in the country.  Slowly the city seems to be creeping towards us.  But there's still a few acres left where the deer wander, some raccoons, possoms and yes, rabbits.  None of them dressed out and carrying a pocket watch mind you.  But I can watch those rabbits in the yard and think about Alice and the Mad Hatter. I wonder....

If I went after a rabbit, would the Red Queen appear and beat me with her wand or whatever the heck she calls it?!?  Ewww....that would be a bad thing.  Would you want to chance the possibility of the Red Queen coming after you with her wacker staff?!?

Didn't think so.

So I'll just watch the rabbits in the yard.

And dream about magical places.

Until Alice arrives at NetFlicks...

this could be a long wait.....

Photo courtesy of Simon Howden


There are those who believe in the Whisker Bunny!

I am so happy to have found that there are others who believe in the Whisker Bunny!!!  "She" wasn't sold on the idea that there was someone out there other than mewself that believes in the Whisker Bunny.  I told "her" to watch and see. She left for the Open House Wednesday.

And you came by to visit and enter the contest.  Showing that you do believe in the Whisker Bunny!!!!

"She" came home and checked the comments on my blog. You know what she found don't mew?

Gee, who do you think was right about others believing in the Whisker Bunny?!

Yes, that is a smug little smile on my handsome furry face...sorry, couldn't help myself.  Purrsonally - like duh, who wouldn't and why wouldn't we believe there is a Whisker Bunny?!?  "She's" not too smart sometimes or maybe "she" just grew up and grew old.  That's when they get cynical and forget to believe in all things magical.  Like the Whisker Bunny and Santa Paws.  Maybe this will have some effect and cause her to stop being so grown up and believe....

So anyway.....I bet you would like to know whose names I drew, wouldn't mew?!

Okay, so here goes...using the random number generator (which btw is pretty handy)

KitKat and Larry who own Becky of BechindBlueEyes

Charlie who owns Linda of A La Carte

Mimi who owns Aoife.Troxel of Two Writers Daily Blog

Miss Puddles who owns Jody of Tumbleweed Trails

Maggie, Ginny, Mr. Ed, Lily, Cali and Sierra who own Deb of Just Cats

I want to thank each one of you who supported my belief in the Whisker Bunny by leaving a comment, becoming a follower and/or posting a comment on your blog!  I am sincerely appurrciative!!!!  I do hope that you'll come by again often - "she" is back and has kindly returned my netbook, so I can get some blogging done!!

Happy Spring efurryone!!!


Flowers from Grammie!

Look at what my Grammie made for me!!!  Isn't this beautiful?!?!  I love flowers and plants!  And promise, I won't be eating these....I only do that to the plants "she" brings home ;) Besides, Grammie is a Master Gardener and they have training in how to deal with pests.  Not sure if that includes plant eating cats or not, but don't think I want to find out.

The flag says, "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow".....

Hard to remember when the winter has been less than friendly, but it's true....first official day of spring is Saturday!!!!

Thanks for the flowers Grammie!


How about a different type of giveaway to celebrate Spring AND Easter?

There are a lot of giveaways out there!  Great ones!!!  And I've entered several in hopes of winning something for "her".  But ,well, it just hasn't happened yet.  I'll keep trying though - always important to keep "her" happy...you know if "she" isn't happy, well let's just say the tuna doesn't make it to my bowl ;)  So while I'm working on making her happy, I realized that a lot of you out there are trying to make your "her's" happy as well.  It's a tough job sometimes I know!  And right now with all of "them" craving spring so badly....well what's a cat to do?!

We've got our work cut out for us!  And it might be an unsurmountable dilemma for some, but I came up with a plan!  I got online and ordered up a few things.  (Not to worry "she" won't see the bill in the mailbox for several weeks ;)  I also told "her" I needed a few things made for my furriends and *poof* they were made.  No questions asked. I have "her" trained. Yep, sure do!  Although, I need to mention though that it took FOREVER.

So anyway, I thought that since "they" all want springtime, like last week would have been fine, I thought something to grow would be good, right? Even if it is for us, it's something to grow. And then some good smelly stuff for them.  And us.  And a few ready made snacks.  You didn't think I wouldn't have our best interest at heart here did you?

So here's what I've pulled together:

Organic wheat grass kit, handmade catnip bunny, Temptations (aka kitty crack), and a handmade lavender sachet for your special girl.  Stuffed with love into a handmade burlap sack trimmed with vintage lace!  It's a humble offering compared to lots of other giveaways, but cats don't need a whole lot do we?

Oh yeah, almost forgot - I've put together five of these!  So there will be FIVE lucky felines!  That's assuming there are at least five entries.  If not, well.... someone's going to have to sign up with Catnip Anon within a day of package receipt.

Entries are pretty standardized to blogging, but here's a refresher:

For one entry, comment on this post and be sure to leave your name (that's us cats)

For another entry, become a follower of my blog and please comment to let me know you have.

For yet another entry, post about my giveaway on your blog and comment again to let me know you did.
  You are also welcome to use the graphic below to announce the giveaway. Be sure and include a link back to the giveaway post.
Here comes Zoe Cottonfuzz, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity, hoppity Easker's on it's way....and so is Spring! 
So while it may seem a bit early to be thinking of Easker, "she" will be busy and gone to the Spring Open House at Antiques in Old Town,, so I decided this week to be the perfect time to post the giveaway - no need to bring her attention to my spending habits....

"She" will be back on Sunday, so entries will be accepted through Sunday, March 21st.  Winners will be announced Monday, March 22nd, sometime after I've had my afternoon nap.  

Happy Spring efurryone!! 


Not all adventures occur as planned.

It’s one of those dreary overcast days.  Ewwww....

Normally, I don’t get to go outside early.  “She” is not a morning person.  If it’s before 11 a.m., “she’s” still horizontal.  Obviously, I am not tall enough to let myself outside, so I wait.  Most times patiently, other times a gentle acupuncture treatment applied to the thin skin on the back of her neck works well when I REALLY have to go out. 

This morning was different.  No acupuncture treatments necessary. “She” was awake. 

It all started out pretty normal -  Tuesday night: lights were out at 11:30 pm.

Then it went south in a big way.  Lights were back on at 1:45 am.  I didn’t even get a chance to get comfortable, much less fall asleep.

“She” made some tea and wandered into blog-land.  If you were up, you may have seen her come by for a visit.

Still awake.  Both of us.  What is the problem here?  I am really wanting some shut eye.  But my best sleep occurs with “her” in the bed, acting as my pillow.  Sometimes for my head.  Sometimes for my butt.  Not sure “she” ever notices the difference.  Well, except when I sneeze.

Or when I….

never mind.

Where was I? Oh yeah, it’s 3:30 now and we are both still awake.  “She”makes another cup of hot tea.  Yes, decaf.  I checked.

I go to the front window.  There’s a cat that has been coming to the window and looking in.  Regularly.  Started last week.  No idea what this is all about.  Sorry buddy, no I’m not sharing my bed or my pillow.  But he’s not there.  I may have dozed off for a few minutes.  Not sure.  Time during this hour seems warped. So I wander back into the kitchen and check the clock.

It’s 5:48 am.  The computer is still on.  “She’s” still in front of it typing away.  I wrote up a new profile and asked “her” to put it online.  Last week. “She” wrote the first one for me as I dictated.  When I read it, I felt my purrsona got lost in the translation. So this time, I check her work and read it twice.  It meets with my approval ( I didn’t give her any room for error).  I give it my approval with a quick smack of the paw on “enter”.

We work away on entering some information on my profile, that I had not added.  “She” seems to do okay with this and understands what I’m telling her.  Amazing really since she’s been up for what, almost 20 hours now.

I’m hearing birds waking up.  Oh now this is sweet – early morning birds?!! When was the last time I felt dew on my whiskers while listening to bird songs?!?!  Too long! Open the darn door.  Let me out I say.  Hello?  H.E.L.L.O.  Door.  Open the darn door! LET ME OUT….gotta go….I’m going to pee on your slippers…..ah, here she comes.  I bolt.

Freedom!!!  Wahoooooooo!  I do my duty and decide to meander.  At 7:43 “she” peeks her head out the door and asks if I’m ready to come back in.  Nope.  Nadda.  No thank you. See ya….

The weather is pretty nice right now, although my whiskers tell me there is some rain moving in shortly.  Still time to sight see though. 

Oh what’s this?  In the dried up old leaves?

Spring? Yes, Spring!!! 

It’s here! It’s really here!!!!!!  Flowers, birds and frogs a croakin!!!  Ah, pure bliss. Check this out too….

Oh, what was that? ….I think I felt a drop of rain.  Yep, sure thing rain.  Just a few more drops and then I’ll go to the window and ask to come back in.  I have to be a little damp – “she” fusses and provides towel service with a warm bowl of milk.  Always a good addition to the day.

(Clearing throat) Hello?  I’m ready to come in.  (Looking in window).

No movement.  Look left.  Look right.  Still no movement.  It is raining.  At least I am under the roof overhang.  But my stomach is already thinking of the warm milk.  I’m sure she’ll be coming through any moment now…..



Okay so this adventure is not exactly what I’d planned for today.  But I did get to go outside early and I welcomed the birds, the frogs and Spring!!!

Wednesday’s confession: 
Sometimes, it’s okay if things don’t turn out the way you’d planned.


Sunbeams make me happy!

PurrpurrpurrPurrPurr - this is the sound of a happy cat!

This weekend temperatures will be warmer in the day!

I'm going to nap in the sunbeams and dream of.......

What will you do this weekend?

I wish for your today,
a warm sunbeam
a kind word
a smile to brighten your day
and a ferocious purr to warm your heart!


LuLu said...

So a few of my furriends wrote to tell me about their snow.
Sherry in western Massachusetts said they had TWO FEET of snow.  Someone send that poor woman some fishing waders! Boots simply won't work at all!

And Deb in the Bayou said it's snowed twice this year.  Since when does it snow in Lousiana?

Cami in Texas and Linda in Atlanta, Georgia say it's been that way there too - snow?!  So there's no telling where I was transported to via tornado express.   Although Cami was kind enough to suggest that maybe I never left. 

Oh dear. Do you think purrhaps, it's the catnip?

My furriend Lulu said that I should find a pillow and take a nap.  I think that's a very good idea.  

She has such good ideas that LuLu! Case in point....she is having a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers!!! Whoa!!!  I wonder if I'll ever have that many followers?!?!  Congrats to LuLu!!  Be sure and hurry over to leave a comment - it's a wonderful giveaway, custom tailored to the lucky winnner!!!

Tomorrow, I think I shall go out on an adventure and find signs of spring!  "She" will be working amongst the junk, getting ready for the open house.  So I'll have an excuse to got out - yes, "she" requires adult supervision when I let her outside.  Everyone stay warm and grab a ray of sunshine....it's good for napping!


360 Minutes

Is six hours.

Is a really. long. time.

Seriously! A lot can happen in 360 minutes.

360 hours today starting at around 8 a.m.  Wake up and find that your otherwise peaceful junkyard domain has had a tornado rip through.  Went for a tornado ride - whirled and swirled through the air.  As a sound sleeper, used to distractions, this distraction was no different than the norm and I continued to sleep.

But when I awoke during the 360 minutes, I find that I am no longer in Tennessee.  Nope.  Because this will be the fourth time it has snowed this winter and it is snowing B I G hunking frozen white stuff.  In Tennessee, it doesn't snow more than once maybe twice.  Where I used to live.  In Tennessee.  Toto? I don't think we're still in Kansas Tennessee.  Look out the farm window, if you don't believe me.

Still a part of 360 minutes.  It continues to snow and doesn't stop.  The flakes are huge.  Where in the world do you think they have huge snowflakes? H U G E hunking snowball size snowflakes?  Not Tennessee.  Not Kansas.  Toto, where are we?

There are others here.  Where ever "here" is.  The local grocery store becomes a crazed flurry of chatters.  Pushing. Shoving.  Long lines to check out while others stock up on supplies.  And still it is snowing.  And the line at the check-out continues to grow....

And it's still snowing.  Where did that stinking dog put my boots?  No I don't have any snow boots.  I have rain boots - it's what we always need in the spring.  In Tennessee.  I didn't need boots for snow in previous springs.  I sure need them now. Toto, where did take off to with my boots?

Where am I?  Obviously somewhere other than Tennessee.  Because it's still snowing.  Really SNOWING!  Any suggestions where the tornado dropped me?  Just curious.  Really.

I am calm.  Really.  If this is Oz, and it might be I will not be afraid of the wicked witch or the flying monkeys.

I lived with "her" and "them" in Tennessee.

Where I used to live.

I am calm. Yeh, seriously. Calm.

As long as the muchkins don't show up.  But let me tell you, the minute I see them coming up the sidewalk, I am going to hitch a ride on the next tornado or snowplow.  Whichever comes through first.  Anyone got an empty cat bed and heater vent that I can rent? I still have my allowance from last week.  A new shiny quarter. Or maybe I can catch a plane back home.


I think.  It has finally stopped snowing.  But don't think for one minute that I'm still not going to try and find that stinking Toto dog and get my boots back.  I might need them.  A lot can happen in 360 minutes. Don't you think?