Picture happiness!

It was hot. Again.  Today.   No rain.  

Not even a spitball from Mother Nature.

So I opted to stay inside most of the day. And hoped for a few extra cat snacks using my handsome good looks and charm. But it was not to be that easy….

“She” was distressed about the quality of her latest pictures. I assured “her” that the pictures of us furry ones were still very good ones – showed our purrsonality and sometimes our more angelic side. Sometimes.

Arwen, who has lots of "character"

But “she” could not be consoled so easily. So out into the studio we went for some picture taking.

Quality picture taking.

Absolutely no hurry.

Total concentration because I promised not to barf up a hairball during the session. Do you have any idea how difficult that was to do? Much less promise?!?! But I needed to do something. I mean when a simple purr and head bonk won’t console “her”…well drastic measures were mandatory.

I think “she” was happy with about 1/3 of what “she” took. Which really isn’t too bad – I mean sometimes you have to take a LOT of pictures before you get the good ones.

At least that’s what I told “her” and what I believe to be true. You can’t get it purrfectly right every time, if “she” could…well “she’d” be a cat (or yes Howie, purrhaps even a dog).

Tessa who looks purrfectly angelic....at this moment

It was also a good creative push to work on my blog image. It was one of those things “she” had been working on for several weeks but just couldn’t find anything that really made me do the catnip crazies.

But  today there were some pictures that made “her” rethink the design and I think purrhaps, “she” is close, very close….so while I am a creature of habit….I’m preparing for change…..the way my blog looks type of change….soon.


In which I finally get "her" to do something...

Yep, I know, pretty darn amazing!!! I myself, am amazed at just how effective I was in getting "her" moving and productive.  It took many nights of laying on the pillow next to "her" and whispering in "her" ear....you are getting plump....purrhaps if you did some physical labor.....pretend it's not over 100 degrees out there.....I wear a fur coat and endure it just fine - no worries....really.....

It started one day last week here.....

For THREE days "she" sewed those burlap pillows in all shapes and sizes.  Stayed up late into the morning.  I sat outside the dining room on the sofa and waited.  For what seemed like forever....I mean I dozed off several times waiting.  So I left The Fluffy One in charge to ensure "she" didn't try and take off and neglect "her" responsibilities.  I mean, it was getting crowded in the office where the junk was waiting to be taken to the shop.  Multiplying like bunnies I tell you!  It was time...past due kind of time....good thing these weren't library books...."she'd" have to take out a loan to pay the late fees!

So anyway, Thursday I pushed "her" out the door and promptly locked it.  Told her to get to Lilburn and fluff up the Tattered Cat space and make it pretty and full again!  I challenged "her" old person memory and told "her" to remember to get some pictures - quality control being part of my supervision job description.....I think "her" and the camera were not getting along....not sure what's going on there.....

Lucky for "her", the wonderfully beautiful Rowann took lots of really good pictures of the space.  So this one time I guess I'll let "her" lacking camera skills slide.....this time.....if I get a few extra cat snacks....

Be sure and visit Rowann and check out the pictures taken by a professional!!!  And if you are in the area, we'd love to have you stop by for a visit!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


Thank mew!

Well the roar from "Where Bloggers Create" has quieted down and for the most part we are back in our studios creating.  Naturally, some of us are still out there exploring other studios - hey, I LOVE a good adventure!

Where was I going with that...oh yes, bloggers....that would be you!  Yep, YOU!  I just wanted to express my amazement at how many people came to visit me during Karen's event!  I am humbled to the point that even a good can of tuna in springwater seemed bland in comparison to all the nice people who left me comments and even became followers!!!! 

I have to confess (I do that well too) that I never ever ever expected more than a couple of people to stop by my studio.  I mean "her" studio. 

To see me.

Of course. 

Not to see "her" studio necessarily.  That was just a hidden side trip bonus thing.  Right?

  Sure, "she" tells me all the time how handsome I am and how much "she" loves me but I never expected anyone else to stop and notice me.  I mean some people don't even like cats.  But you stopped, gave me some good chin scritches, said nice things, and some even brought me some milk! 

My whiskers are all amess with the sheer excitement of it all.  Heck, I think some of my fur even fell out.  Really!

Sure, cats do shed but you should see it...I mean I think I may have some bald spots....hard to see anything in the mirror except my head because of my handsome-ness.

Anyway, I want to sincerely thank all of you.  It seems lame to just say "thank you" so I knocked a few of her books off the shelves out there in the studio and found a few images that I thought you might be able to use in your creations.  My furriend, Dawn told me how to properly scan them into the computer....I hope I did it correctly....sometimes my paws hit the wrong keys and *woof* too late I get something other than what I intended.

Purrlease help yourself here...I hope you enjoy!!!  And "she" told me no one would be interested, but if anyone wants me to host a tunafish party, let me know.  You are all such nice people, that yes, I would even share my tunafish AND milk!!!


"She" is making me bonkers!

In your innocence you ask "why?"

The studio flooring is almost complete.  Dad only needs to make a threshold from the office to the studio and one in front of the door leading outside (aka my escape route).  But yes, the hardwood flooring is in!!! 

That's good right?  Well sort of....

The carpet was ripped up, flooring tack strips gone, staples gone.  Bad kitty marks (not from me) on subfloor painted over with three coats of oil based Kilz.  Boards cut and measured.  Dad laid the pattern, Grand-dad fitted all the boards and "she" went crazy with the air-nailer.  All this in 2 1/2 days!  Oh yes I was delighted that they didn't goof off so that I could get back into my studio haven....I mean "her" studio...my haven....

It looks pretty darn good.  "She" picked it out just for me (certainly yes?).  It is called "Tobacco Road".  It is "hand-scrapped" and "distressed" - how purrfect is that???!?  It looks so good I started dreaming about getting a smoking jacket and a pipe to match the look- wouldn't that simply complete my handsomeness?!?

I even suggested new furniture instead of the junk in there now.  Dad said not to worry about the furniture.  He'd have the tiller run through the studio flooring and everything would match purrfect by morning.

I opted to let her keep the current furniture.  I'll just continue using it to sharpen my claws.  Eventually, it will fall apart.  And I'll blame the mice.  Or my sisfur, the large fluffy one she calls Angel....

Anyway, so I accept that there will be no new furniture (yet). 

Can I tell you a secret?  Come closer....I don't want her to hear...full disclosure....pay close attention here....cause I probably won't be allowed to repeat this if "she" finds out.....there are TWO stepbacks, ONE eight foot cabinet, ONE hunking workbench, ONE child's armoire, ONE hunking industrial ladder/shelf thingy, ONE adjustable architects table, ONE industrial wheel table, ONE industrial ladder, and ONE chair and a half with ottoman....

Did you get all that?!?  TEN, count them TEN pieces of hunking climbing surface space in a 270 sq. foot room! Oh yeah, and cat tree makes ELEVEN!  If I counted the gas fireplace that would be TWELVE! Any wonder at all why I couldn't get a good photo of the layout for my studio post?  Need one of those panaramic cameras to use while perched on the chandelier to get that photo!

Anyway, the furniture was put back in pretty much the same design as before.  Just changed around a few pieces.  Took out the cat tree for rehab.  And the chair but it's being replaced with a bench that Grand-dad made for "her".

So sounds like it's just about set for some serious cat naps, yes?


All of these space hogging pieces of wood and metal have vignettes, fluffs and thingys scattered over their flat areas.  Lots of junk.  By the truckloads.  MANY truckloads.

There is so much, it's hard to find a good clear space to spread out.  It is most disturbing to my concentration while I do my yoga.  All that noise when those little junk pieces hit the floor when I do my warm up stretches.  It's an issue I'm telling you.

Where was I? 

Oh yeah, the junk everywhere...."she" took pictures and was going to put everything right back like it was.  Good idea, yes? 

Would have been.

Except that when "she" swaped around a few pieces of the furniture and then looked at the pictures "she" decided there were a few displays that looked "weak".....

Weak?!  Isn't that just another way of saying 'I thought I liked it, but I changed my mind'?!?  Is this a woman thing?

Weak.  Hmmphf.

Weak in the knees maybe - remember who the nailer was while laying the flooring....and after I heard "her" say that "she" felt like a bus ran her over.  Well guess who's going to be driving when I throw it in reverse MOL!!! And let's not forget to load up some of that junk - clear some space coming through....

Just kidding.  You knew that though didn't you? My little legs can't reach the gas pedal.  Of course that won't stop me from hiring someone.....any volunteers?