Small details

Wondering where I've been or why I haven't posted?

Not really?

Well I'll tell you anyway since you are already here.

I've been right here.  Thinking about life.  Napping.  Catching a plant-eating rodent or two.

And waiting for her to stop pinning on Pinterest long enough for me to get some quality computer time.

Yep.  Not only that but, last week alone I wrote two posts. Without a computer - you know the old fashioned kind...longpaw.  I sure did!

No, they didn't get published.  The can-opener-turned-editor nixed them.

I thought they were pretty good.  Really.

But she said, "no, your followers will drop you quicker than a rabid flea."

"Post something that everyone can relate to or at least enjoy", she added.

Since when do I post anything that all of you don't enjoy?  Hmpfh!  Alright then - here it is. Safe. With pretty and close-up, non-ferocious pictures (excluding of course the very ferocious one above of moi...and handsome oui?).

And I'm linking up with Rebecca for Magnify Monday.  Which by the way, I had planned on doing anyway because it really is a great idea to stop and look and appreciate every detail that we have been given in this beautiful life!

Note: Rebecca was unable to host this link up party this week, for reasons unknown.  The link for Magnify Monday is to her original post announcing the party.

Don't forget you can click on any picture for even greater detail!

While I do hope that you enjoy this post, should you decide you want to read my previous, unpublished posts let me know.  I've got this expanding universe and linear reality of  measured time all formulated and theorized.  Ready for publication in a scientific journal or on this blog.

Together we could remind her just who's blog this is.  Storm the pessimistic self-appointed editor's office and let her know just how my followers really feel about my blog posts....just think about it and let me know.

Meanwhile, I think I'll go work on my next article... cognitive hibernation of warm blooded mammals.