A Great Giveaway and News from Zoe

So how many of mew get lost out there blogging?!?  Yikes! Good thing the crowd is a friendly bunch because I certainly spend a lot of time out there after dark and into the wee hours.  As a cat, you probably expect this from me - you know prowling >^.,^<

I was supposed to post first and then prowl....key word: supposed to.  Don't ask me what happened because I'm not even sure.  One minute I had the "new post" page open and whoooooof next thing you know I was here and there and found a blog called YaYa Chique.  And they are having a giveaway of some wonderful vintage treasures!!  It ends soon, so you'd best light a fire under your tail and get a move on over there, if you want to enter!  And try not to get sidetracked into some alley promising a good mouse snack....

Okay, next thing....does anyone remember Zoe's adventure out into the studio???  Well while she was napping today, I snuck into her baskie and snatched up the pictures of what she found out there.  Not sure what all the fuss was about.  Purrsonally, I think she was just enjoying tormenting me. Here's the mess and the works in progress:

And here is the one that is finished.  This is a marriage of a hardback book cover, a vintage personnel file tab that accepts chalk, trims, a copy of a vintage picture, chalks and some scrapbooking paper and verses.  The theory as I understand it, is to organize and mark the different types of books on a bookshelf.  This one would probably by used to mark sissy girl's books.

"She" is also working one that could be used for travel and another for something masculine or antique.  Hopefully those will get done this weekend.  All depends on how much attention I require and I haven't decided.

And just for the record, yes, that is an old bear and no, I am not responsible for his condition, especially the foot.  He came to us just like you see him now.  He is a big "paws off" specimen.  Which is fine with me, he's so fragile there wouldn't be much satisfaction in tearing him to pieces.  I could finish him off in 45 seconds or less.  No challenge for a ferocious one like myself ;)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm off to prowl more blog alleys.....


"Her" catnip (aka her junk finds)

Meowllo! Great to see you again!  I'm so glad you stopped by fur a visit!  It was cold here today so my adventures outside didn't last too long.  But no matter, I've got adventures to share none the less!  "She's" been on a few adventures of her own recently.  Just yesterday "she" took off for Atlanta and check out the junk brought back!!!

Are you checking it out?!?!  "She" only put one in the picture, but how about that baluster section? I think it was from a church - there are actually two that "she" purchased!  Those will go well with the little altar in the office area, don't you think??  I'll have to show it to you sometime soon - it's pretty simplistic but it has plenty of room for me to stretch out and nap!  The altar, no matter how humble, is an impurrtant reminder to "her" -

Cats were once worshiped in ancient Egypt!

Oh dear..  I just realized that you probably need a better view of what "she" bought - let me share with you the pictures that I supervised (so much better in my furry opinion)....

And of course after "she" finished working on the tattered cat space, it was time to check out the store for something only "she" could hear calling her name (imagine that).  And "she" found them.  

Oh yes, multiple items!  Rowann, owner extradornaire, at Antiques in Old Town had those wonderful metal scoops!  White and slightly rusty - how purrfect!!!! And there are even little label holders!!!!!  I can see it They will be the absolute best after labeled properly - "Afternoon Cat Nap" and "Evening Cat Nap"! They are just my size - what a find this was! We both LOVE rusty and white!

And Cheryl, another dealer there had some beautiful lace trim that also had to come home.  Cheryl's booth is always beautiful, a cat could get lost in napland there were it not for everyone always shopping in her booth!  She is really that great!!!  Look at how she displayed this trim for sale: 

The dyed silk and velvet ribbon was purchased at Antiques in Old Town too!  And I wonder why there is never extra money brought home for my anchovy pizza habit....hmmmm. I'm beginning to see some injustice going on here...

One more thing...how about this garden sink?  Dad bought that for "her" as a Valentine's day gift.  Check out the textures! Looks like a urinal to me, but these french garden sinks do look like that.  Don't they? Surely, I'm not expected to start using that, am I? I really prefer the nice soft dirt of the flower bed.  Nothing grows there after I'm through with it anyway.....oops.  You're not supposed to know that.  Let's just keep that our little secret okay?  "She" doesn't have a clue and it would be best if it stayed that way, you know? Please....

Although, another was also purchased for the Spring Open House, maybe I need to pay someone to sneak this one up there too.  I am so NOT whizzing in that thing!  mEwwwwwww!

So as you look at these pictures, you should be able to see, there is a confession "she" should be making...no, not the flower bed confession.  This:

Lace, rusty metal, white, bunnies, letters and numbers

I'm thinking we have an addiction going on here.  Anyone got the phone number for Junker's Anon???

I'm going to run off now.  I need to go take some pictures for her to bring to the confessional.  And a little colateral on the off chance the flower bed issue becomes known.  Anyway, I'll be posting them on the right side of the blog.  Be sure and check back for them.  And don't worry they'll be there when you come back.....how can I be so assured?

"She" doesn't have the user id and password for MY blog.

I am ferocious >^..^< 


Quality control pillow inspector banned from testing!

For those following the "studio saga" - the journey is not over.  Zoe has returned after a  long perioulous journey into the studio.  Remember, I encountered paper quicksand and so made a decision to send her in.  Those in charge should not be subjected to such dangers.  You wouldn't want me to leave the blog to the "others" would you?!

I didn't think so.

Zoe returned this afternoon.  But she is not speaking to me and refuses to even acknowledge pictures or give me a hint what she found out there.  So fine! I have taken her basinette into my own possession - I will have those forbidden zone pictures yet ;)  I want to make sure there is nothing like the mother lode of cat snacks out there....

Anyway, while Zoe was missing in action, I took it upon myself to take pictures of what was happening in another creative location.  (I wasn't really sure I could count on her.)  And look what I found....

"She" finished these yesterday evening...late, very late.  The top one is upholstery quality linen with vintage laces and trim.  The roses themselves are "her" creation, also out of linen.  The other two pillows are made of burlap, vintage trims, laces, buttons and some fabric that "she" liked the color of.  Here are some close-ups of the details....

Yes, those are mother of pearl buttons, whoever she is.  Not sure, maybe a relative or something.  Anyway, she said it was important to point this out - so I did.  Hopefully, mother pearl or whatever her name is, holds meaning for you.

And the last detail picture is of the linen roses and lace.  I tried several times to sample these - they looked like the perfect size for batting around and chewing on later, but I was chased off.  These pillows are going to the shop, Antiques in Old Town.  Rowann, please note: I DID TRY and run these through quality control, but was denied my rights as the official inspector, so "she's" on her own - if they fail QA inspection, blame "her".  Sometimes I have a hard time getting "her" to mind. 

I want to mention something because it's very important to me....Do you see the sunbeam on the picture above?!?!?!  Wowser! I couldn't help myself and stayed outside most of the day playing in those sunbeams.  And my whiskers tell me that it's going to be VERY nice this weekend...well nice for this time of year.  I'll take it!  I'm hoping that all of you have some nice weather, the fresh warmer air will do us all some good. 

Oh yeah, one last thing before I head off to sleep away the hours in Zoe's baskie - I also found this by the sewing machine:

The picture is almost too bright to see the details, but perhaps you can tell that it is flat.  Yep, flatter than a cat snack run over by the Hoover wheel.  So I ask "her" what is this thing?  I'm trying to figure out how to remind "her" that she forgot to put the catnip inside before sewing it up.  You know I don't want to hurt "her"  feelings, that usually affects the quantity of treats I get during the day.  So I just patiently wait for a reply. 

And wait. 

"She's" just staring at me. 

So I continue to wait and "she" continues to stare at me like I'm supposed to know or something.  Oh well there is no way I'm going to tell "her" what "she" obviously missed.  If I had a big sign that was printed with "CATNIP" that might be subtle enough.  Wouldn't it?

Finally, "she" sighs and answers (thank you, there is a cat angel watching over me), "Romeo, it's the beginning of a necklace.  That's the base, sort of like a pendant that I'll add chain and other things to. "

Oh dear.  What could I say?  Something like, 'you missed the boat on that one sister, let me rip it open, stuff some quality catnip in it and then maybe you'd have something worthwhile.'  Naw, nevermind.  Bad idea.  Let "her" live in lala land - they say ignorance is bliss.

There are actually four more of those things "she's" working on.  I bet "she's" real happy about now ;) 

Stay away from lala land - they make weird things there - scary things without catnip.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Who ate the last four days?

They were gone like a bag of cat snacks - four days! Or was it five?  Maybe it was me - where does a cat go for four or five days?!?!    Let me think, surely there is an explanation...well one day I got to go outside (supervised) and had an adventure with my barn buddy Blackie.  (He's a black feral cat, almost not feral any longer).  It was great fun right up until "she" decided that leading him out into the woods was not on the agenda. Hmmph! I was going to get to show him the ropes and instead I only got to demonstrate my ferocious nature by climbing a tree!  Did "she" even get a picture of that?!?  Heck no. I need to make a note in my little book to train her better on such matters.  Why? Hello? I have a reputation to maintain.  Instead of documenting my ferociousness, she gets a picture of this:

Now, everyone repeat after me....."Romeo is NOT a lazy boy, he is FEROCIOUS".  Everyone got that?!  Sheesh, I'd swear she's trying to ruin me!  I only slept a little bit each day.  About 12 hours as opposed to the cat norm which is 16!  The rest of the time was spent....well let's see what else have I been doing?!

Ummmm....oh yea!!!  I got lost in blogland yesterday. Totally and happily lost in blogland with Dorothy and Toto.  Nope we were no longer in Kansas (also known as Tennessee), but we went to Texas, Georgia, the east coast, California, boy did we travel!  I even got to sit on "her" fat cushy lap for the ride! (hehehehe I will have my revenge, see I AM FEROCIOUS!)

So even though we didn't win any contests at Patina Soul, we hit the jackpot of kitty snacks none the less!  How so you ask? You're dying to know aren't you?!  Thought so....Dawn over at the Feathered Nest announced my arrival in Kansas, Toto-land or in boring plain English terms - the world of blogging.  And *poof* people started showing up to visit me!!!!  Even people who don't particularly like cats! Yep, you read that correctly - did I mention my charm?!  Okay, maybe that's not it, although I can be quite charming.  And handsome, oh yes, VERY handsome.  Really! What? Oh, oops, sorry I got off topic a bit. What the heck was I writing....oh yeh, Auntie Dawn was so very kind and told all of you about me and you actually came for a visit!  So I simply had to go out and visit all these new furriends and curious passer-throughs.  I mean everyone was so very nice - no one threw anything or pulled my tail or even slightly hissed! Not a one!  So I got all excited over the possibility of new adventures and places to visit and I was lost for the day! Not a bad day to spend a day!  Many thanks to Dawn AND to all of you!! I won big after all!!!

What else have I been doing?  Well watching "her" and just waiting for her to goof up while sewing.  And she did -- now there's a surprise hahahahaha she spent the better part of an hour ripping out seams.  I'm sure it's much better now that she's re-sewn the mess.  Yeah, sure.  Still looks like burlap with a cat on it to me. What do you think?

"She" says this will be a pillow cover and has a nice vintage ticking pillow to put in it.  "She's" made a few for the space at Antiques in Old Town and rumor has it, some of them sold.  Once "she" adds the fluffy pillow, I'm loving them, so maybe some nice people have bought some for their cats.  Excuse me just one moment....oh for crying out loud...."SHE" wants me to mention that they are not made for cats, they are pillows to put on furniture to add a touch of character.  Okay, yeah, sure I told you what "she" said, but now let me add MY own comment -  put that pillow on whatever the heck you want and let your cat lounge, THAT will add character to any piece of furniture, especially when it gets a little furry!  Oh now don't don't fluff your tail, it looks like a toilet bowl brush when you do that.  Spring is right around the corner and the fur has got to go somewhere, right?   Now don't go getting any crazy ideas, cats are not attractive shaved, so just perish the thought. Thank you!

Hmmmm....what else, (now that everyone has settled down - you did, didn't you?).....oh yes, "she" has also been working on some paper crafts.  Almost got lost in that mess. Stepped into the studio and almost immediately felt the quicksand of paper and supplies and backed my furry little tail right on out.  But I knew I should explain some of the activities of the missing days so what to do?  I sent in Zoe to take a picture and haven't seen her in hours.  She should never have left the comfort of that burlap pillowcase.  Maybe tomorrow she'll find her way out of the studio disaster with a picture and I can share it with you.  In the meantime, how about a few pictures of things she claims to have been working with for the past few days:

What is it with those buttons, lace and fabric stacks???  I think she's in love with them.  "She" will sit for hours with those things and they don't even purr.  She claims to be selecting some of them to include in her creations.  Yeah, sure thing.  I'm not sure I'm believing this story.  Surely, none of you are obsessed with buttons, lace and vintage fabric, are you????  I would really like to know if I should be seeking help for "her"....


WOW! Patina Soul is having a giveaway!

Okay, so I was headed over to the cat tree but got side tracked....and now I've posted a comment on the blog of Patina Soul, wanting to participate in a giveaway!  And I bet you think I've lost my little furry mind don't you?  What was that?.....'what would a cat do with a JunkGenius gift certificate' or any other lovely little piece of "junk" that is offered?!?!  (BTW - she loves Tammy's JunkGenius offerings).  Why I'd trade it with "her" for a couple of cans of tuna ...wait, make it salmon!  Did you forget just how smart this little junkyard cat is?!?!  Hmmmm....which has me thinking....there are a few other giveaways out there.....maybe I better see how this one goes.....Goodnight, I'm going to go dream about salmon, big hunking water loving SALMON!!!

Cami's "hint, hint" - request granted...oh dear....

A warm hello! Snow here today, not much but enough reason for me to stay inside and nap.  I don't like getting my feet cold or wet - see I'm not only ferocious but smart too!  So with no adventures outside to share, I guess I should invite you inside, out of the cold and show you around just a little bit.  I wouldn't want anyone getting lost and certainly don't want to scare anyone with my style.  Cami, of Creating Myself, hinted at seeing more of my style - I hope you don't regret it Cami.  Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!  So here goes...

The book vignette above is one "she" loves.  These books are fragile, tattered and older than dirt.  Seems like there is one or two in there from the mid-1800's.  I'd check but she doesn't even like for me to chew on the plant, so I know that if I started rifling through the books looking for the dates, she'd get cranky.  So how about if I show you something else....

I love the skirt below - it is perfectly imperfect!  The silk is shattered in several places but it has the absolutely most beautiful flowing train I've seen on a vintage skirt!  Thankfully it is lined and I think that has helped strengthen the weight load on the yards and yards of silk and ruffles. Not that I could get away with playing hide and seek under all that yardarge but....  It would be the perfect local for an ambush on an unspecting sisfur.... one can dream right!?

Come a little closer and check out the ruffles....

And this is yet another dress form - "she" has a total of six.  Yep, I'd say she's got a collection of those things wouldn't you?  This one isn't as much fun as the shown above but it does have a nice velvet coat, if I could just figure out how to get it down, I bet I could nap for hours on it...

Okay how about one more?  This one is out in the studio -- the stepback is a reproduction, but I love it with the rough wood.  It was great for sharpening my claws until she put tape on edges and a scratching post in front of "my spot".  What a disappointment - I had to change a promising habit!!

Well did anyone survive this...is anyone left in the tour group????  I tried to be sensitive and not overwhelm or horrify anyone but it could have easily happened.  "She" has been referred to more than once as "over the top" in her purrsonal style, so if this post with it's pictures did you in, blame "her".  If by some small chance you survived and like it, I get credit okay?  Have a wonderful weekend!!


How many hours a day do cats sleep?

Okay, so around 11 this morning I asked to go outside to...um well you know.  I will not lower myself to climbing into a box and *** unless absolutely necessary!  I have standards and morals or something. Anyway, all appeared pretty normal for an hour before lunch - most of my brofurs and sisfurs were still sleepy eyed, not yet fired up for the day. 

Outside, the weather is brisk, but not too bad with my fur coat on - about 41 degrees.  So I meander through the woods and check for wayward cats - this is MY territory and I do monitor it very closely.  (Remember I am known as "ferocious") But I see no foolish cats today and no sun, so I only stay out for a couple of hours.  Upon my return I find this:

Okay so can someone tell me why Snoopy has to lay ON the cat pillow?  Is the chair not soft enough?  Geez, don't let Mom know - this is her chair and she thinks it's just fine.  The pillow however, must be heavenly.  I mean he can barely keep his eyes open for the photo?!?  He is seriously snoozing so I ask Crickett, 'how long has he been up there?'  Crickett doesn't know, he forgot to put his watch on this morning and his internal clock only works for snack time.   Well I suppose it's not that important as cats are known for sleeping about 16 hours a day.  Well let me tell you - obviously Snoopy is fully aware of this and I guess he's trying to prove it.  Here it is almost 11 PM and well, see for yourself....
Amazing really - how does he keep it all on that little pillow???  He's wearing me out just looking at him - think I'd better go take a nap.  Mom's going out in the studio to make something with paper.  And well I much prefer something with fabric to tear up so might as well....at least for a few hours.  I hope everyone sleeps tonight as well as Snoopy did today!


A Cat's Junkyard Style

What would a cat know about style? Lots - I know what I like, what else is there to know?  I don't need to keep up with the latest trends, and why bother.  I mean really! It's so much easier to just be me and be true to that.  If I stay true to what I like I don't ever have to worry about getting it wrong. 
"Be yourself, everyone else is taken!"
Love that quote, not sure now where I read it.  Maybe one of you knows who wrote it....would love to give that incredibly wise person credit! 
So what do I enjoy?  I love things that should they break I won't be sent to the dog house....real things that can be imperfect, have a history of being loved, and are one of a few, not one of many.  I've posted a picture to give you a hint....

There are several columns in this display....and I have, yes, I confess....I have sharpened my claws in an act of desperation.  Yep, sure did.  It got "her" attention and she then let me outside which is all I really wanted anyway.  But she didn't yell and scream - not that she would take kindly to shredded toothpicks made from any of these columns, but they are useful for getting a message across.  And the mirror comes in handy too...I never know when I might need to impress someone with my handsome looks.  It ensures that all my whiskers are properly aligned...those are important matters, not perfect furniture.


Do cats lurk?

No, not really.  They p---r----o----w-----l!  And that's what I've done since the blogging thing became "the" thing.  It's not that I didn't have much to say - I'm a talker, most tabbies are.  It's that my mama didn't think she had much to say.  And she usually doesn't (the words, "snack" and "wanna go out" can only be written about so many times).  Being human, she totally discounted what I might want to say! But I'm here, present and accounted for and here goes...my blog.  All mine!  So while you may notice that my blog is new, I've been here all along, prowling and thoroughly enjoying the world all of you create here on line!

I love the posts that express honesty, those with french decor, those showing off their prized junk, and those sharing artistic creations and style!!!  And of course, the sites that admit to having a cat who owns the house, make top marks on my list! At times, humans under estimate our abilities and value, so it's nice to see that some of you admit to your weakness of letting a cat own you!

I'll be posting my adventures.  Fun. Ferocious. Finds.  I hope you'll come back and visit.