Am I getting old?

”She” went to Illinois last week and I opted to stay home.  That's what happens when you get old isn't it? You prefer to stay home.  But the weather there was at least 30 degrees colder with fur-parting winds, some rain and threats of snow.  I don't like being cold and having my fur blown off my body - so does that mean I am getting old?  I mean really, who in their right mind would willingly make an eleven hour drive for cold weather???

One of "her" traveling finds on the trip
“She” would.

And “she” did.

Told me "she" needed to check in on a few relatives – one in the hospital fighting an infectious nasty something or another; and another having recently had an emergency heart bypass and now in assisted living.  Some serious stuff and totally not my idea of a friendly alley to prowl. So I declined to go with. I’d probably end up with a fur ball or something from the seriousness of it all.

“She” also wanted to go up to St. Charles and check out the Flea Market for possible business options.  Again, I declined, don’t need no fleas!  So I told “her” to get the information, check it out and get back with me so I could make the executive decision.  Gotta keep her on a leash or at least a bungee cord regarding business matters.

What “she” did NOT tell me was that “she” had plans to also meet Rebecca.  Yes, the Rebecca of Vintage Living.  Now if I’d known that I may have considered going.  Maybe.  They had lunch together with “her” Aunt at a wonderful little Italian restaurant, Chianti’s. And they talked and just had a good time.

Beautiful Ladies - THE Rebecca and Aunt Bernice

Without me.

How is that possible?

 Yes, I’m pouting.

Or was. Until I saw what “she” brought home for me…

From the Iowa Junk Gypsies - LOVE this mirror!

“She” said that there was some wonderful folks there 

One of the nicest and loveliest gals was here at Willows
.....and some very talented ones with nice displays that I would have enjoyed.  Check out “her” favorites....

Willows Beautiful Garden Display

Special attention to detail was a signature of the gals at Willows

Lisa of The Frenchman's Wife had the most wonderful French soap!
Willows creativite touch!

The Frenchman's Wife Display

Did I mention that I got some kewl  new junk?!!

New bling and a shoe for my tail....
Life is good.

Even if I did NOT get to purrsonally meet Rebecca…