This is Pitiful.....

It really is.  This post that is.  I think I forgot how to blog.

Is it possible that you could really forget how to blog?


I know it has been too long since I’ve been out here to post.  It's not that I haven't been trying to get out here for almost a week now.

And I knew it was time to come back, past due in fact, and yet I couldn't think of exactly what to post.  I mean I didn't have some grand adventure of tom-catting to tell you about – nope, don’t have the parts for that anymore, thank you very much!

What are you searching the picture for? It’s just a picture of moi, and no, you won’t see the missing parts.  They are missing, remember? Besides, that would not be proper. Sheesh.

Besides, it wouldn’t matter if I did have tom cat parts….you see a coyote has been spotted in the area twice during a three week period.  Coyotes and cats?!   Nope, no way, bolt the doors and lock the windows, bring in the mice and d*gs.  Yes, seriously.  Coyotes are not to be reckoned with.  So the only time I’m going out now is to supervise "her" outings.  Lucky for me, I had an opportunity last week…..

You can see that I am doing a fine job, yes?  I worked hard and slept well that night let me tell you!  But I knew that you wouldn’t be too impressed with my hard work as a supervisor, so I decided to drag “her” outside and see if we couldn’t find something interesting.  I know you like pictures and old tattered things, so I wandered off to the barn….

I have my own chair up in the loft, but the sun was already fading and the lighting wasn't good, so I’ll have to show you my chair next time.  It's old and tattered and it's alllllll mine! Not that anyone else would want it....

We wandered through the woods.  I was looking for something interesting.  And the ticks were looking for “her”.  So far, no sign of any.  Today. The ticks that is. Two days ago, you bet.  It isn't too early. Today though none.  Ticks. No ticks. Just as well because I still didn’t have anything decent to share with you. And a tick would have sent "her" straight into the house.

But we did stay outside and wandering we did find a few signs. Of new life. Of spring.

But many of you have already started seeing signs of your own.  So I knew that wasn’t very exciting either…..so then I decided to try taking a picture of the sun....well sort of…

I didn't burn my eyeballs because the sun was getting lower on the horizon. But we headed back to the house, before the coyotes came out for dinner.  The house....definitely not the most exciting place, but safe.

Well except for the lions waiting to come inside and be part of some grand scheme "she" has....

And safe except for the panther that sits in Dad’s rocking chair waiting to bounce me upon my return....

And what about the bird’s nest?  Oh sure, you think it’s harmless…..but how do you know? There might be a giant bird getting ready to swoop down and peck me on the head any moment.  Maybe a woodpecker, one of those big humongous, gigantic ones.....

It could swoop in and get me.  Peck a hole right in the old noggin and eat my whiskers.  At which point “she” would have to rush me to the emergency clinic because all my brains might leak out the pecked hole in my head.  And without any whiskers I'd bump into everything. Can you imagine?!? Oh, the horror.  And if I survived the killer-beak-bird-woodpecker, I have no doubt, that I would be permanently scarred – both physically and emotionally.  There’s a lesson there….not everything is as quiet and innocent as it may seem…..

Case in point....this is "her" office.  One day "she" decided that the seemingly harmless faux ficus tree had to go....  If "she" ever gets the room put back together, I'll tell you about it and how it is NOT and has NOT been quiet in there for four weeks.  And how that faux tree was not harmless. I wonder, does anyone else take this long for a redo?