On a rainy day....

...when I am not allowed to go out.

....when I have to use the commoner's litter box (the horror).

So what does a junkyard cat do on a day like today?

I try and pound on the other cats so as to convince her I would be better off outside.

No luck.  I got time out instead.

During which I fell asleep.

For the rest of the day. Boring.

You didn't come here for boring did you?

Well to even the score for being on time out.  I'm going to rat on her......

Guess what she does when there is no junk to be hunting?

She plays with the junk she already has.

She has no shame.

While other people are being responsible....feeding their cats, playing with their cats, serving catnip to their cats, she is playing!

Working on the cover for her art journal.

I mean it's only been sitting there unfinished for months.  You would think a little responsibility on her part, on  a rainy day would be good use of her time.

 I think she's almost finished with it.  And it's a good thing because if she chooses selfish ways again tomorrow.....

well let's just say I cannot guarantee the safety of the art journal cover or the pages within.

Anyone care to warn her????


pity the humans

Yep, I do.


You listen, but don't hear.
(like when I say "meOw" and you don't hear me saying "let me out. nOw")

You look, but don't see.
(as in when I cough up a furball and Dad walks right through it and keeps on going)

You have a life, but you don't live.

Oh wait, maybe some humans don't really have a life.  Take for instance her.

Yeh, I know it seems like I am picking on her again.  But I'm not, it's just an observation. Honest.

And why this opinion you may wonder?

It's well founded I assure you.  Take for instance today.  Dad likes to drive around.  Yep, for no reason really.  But he lures her in to going along for the ride with a promise of antique shopping.  Hey, this doesn't sound so bad, right? I mean this could be the day she brings home something new for me to scratch up! Oh happy day! Now this is life!  An adventure waiting to happen.....

Don't get too excited thinking I'm about to show you some wonderful old crusty junk.

Because what really happened.......

Yes, believe it.  They stopped and took photos of chickens.  

Claimed it was at a stop that had the potential to have good vintage junk.

Really?!  So good that the chickens shop there?

Hello? Shopping where chickens shop, is NOT living life to the fullest!

Whole herds of chickens? Really?!

So I ask, "what did you buy?"

The reply: "Chicken feed for the chickens."

Really?! Does this look like a chicken that needs to be fed?!??


And what about the money for the chicken feed? Would it not have been better spent on something old and crusty? Something I could sink my teeth into?  Or roll on? Or scratch up?!?


Did you......maybe......bring me home a chicken????

...or a Rooster?!!!

......a nice big, plump Rooster?!?!?!


I see.

No chickens. No roosters. None at all. For me.

Pity the human.

Who lives here.

Because this cat is now forced to find something already here.

That hasn't yet been scratched  clawed  chewed "initiated".

Pity her.

She just went to sleep.....

....and I am unchaperoned....

....in a house full of temptation....

....and I am about to live life to the fullest.....