Odd.servations of Ordinary

Also known as odd observations of everyday ordinary.

You got that right?

Good then. I'll get started. Just wanted to be sure we started on the same page because by the time I'm done, you'll be as confused as me....

Yep. You will be.

Almost all "her" flowers have moved into the Halloween season decor - you know brown, crumbly and sometimes black and dry as a bone. "She" sighs and carries on whining about it. So it would stand to reason that "she" would NOT be interested in brown or black or any color bland and lifeless.

Observation Number One: The chairs on the screened in porch need to be recovered. Been needing it for some time now. They were white, but they are beyond salvaging now, so off to the fabric store "she" went. Dad and I voted on lime green and robin's egg blue. Nice.

This is what she brought home.

What color is this?

Yeah I know it is NOT lime green and robin's egg blue.

Observation Number Two: A few nights ago, a wild hare got loose and "she" decided to strip the finish off an old violin. So instead of nice and shiny, it is now looking a wee bit....lifeless. And colorless.

Purrhaps, more early Halloween decor? Never mind that it is TWO MONTHS away.

Observation Number Three: The following night, another wild hare on the loose. Damn things are multiplying I'm telling you. If I'm neutered, they should be too.....I'm just saying.....anyway, Blackie is taking a very nice nap in "her" lap and Bailey is sunning himself under the lamp. Yeah, I know, the cat's weird I tell you - hotter than hades and he's sunning himself. As I was saying...but at this moment, "she" unceremoniously dumps poor Blackie so that "she" can take a picture of....browns and cremes....

Hello? You wanna take a picture of something brown and creme, but whine about your BROWN colorless, dead plants. Yep, sure thing.

Purrhaps, Dad noticed, although doubtful...but he brought "her" home some beautiful sunflowers today. "She" loves sunflowers!

Observation Number Four: I would like to mention..... "she" hates yellow. Yeah, I know - this makes no sense to me either. Can't stand yellow but loves big bright YELLOW sunflowers.

Observations of odd in an ordinary day.

I think I"m going back to bed now - my brain hurts.


Collection of Fish Scales

Yep. Fish. Scales.

No. Not scales ON fish.

Fish ON scales!

I've discovered from many sources, that three of anything is a collection.

I have FOUR!

So I have a collection of fish scales.

Those of you with fur - you probably already have one of these yourself. And probably call yours a fish scale too. If you don't have one, I bet you'll probably be wanting one. Soon.

For everyone else, let me share my vast wisdom with mew...

This is a very nice fish scale.

It has a larger surface than most other fish scales.

It's a good day when you get to use this one.

Do you understand yet? No?

Okay here it is....take notes if you need to....a fish scale is what you place your fish on to tell if you are getting your fair share for dinner. Thus, a "fish scale".

Now you probably noticed however, that "she" is currently using it to decorate with. Normally, I might have to sabotage this but not right now. Because..

I got this new fish scale two weeks ago. Mom brought it home from the Hwy 127 Yard Sale. It wasn't a steal or even a deal. It was however, a fair price and "she" knew I would love this one. I think "she's" kind of partial to it too. Probably because it's white and crusty - how wonderfur is that?!?

It's out in the studio right now. I think "she" wants to decorate with it. Although so far "she" hasn't put anything on it.

Hmpfh. I say leave it be. I need to be able to put my fish on there.....

I'm linking to Debra at Common Ground: Vintage Inspirations and hoping like heck that I've done this correctly.....


BTW - if you don't already know about her giveaway, follow me on over to her blog. It's a great giveaway but don't drag your tail, it ends September 3rd.....


Affliction Number One


Not a favorite subject around here.

It has always been "her" downfall.


No problem.

Memorizing a formula, a date or even a phone number.

No problem.

Algebra and Calculus.

BIG problem.

Math = mother of all fur balls (serious stuff)

So around here, we don't speak of math.

Probably explains how "she" manages to mess up dinner quite often. "She" made calzone dough once that was so hard the steak knife wouldn't cut it. Swears "she" got the measurements right..... sure "she" did.

Math. Need I say more?

So can I ask you.....

In a house where math is a very bad word,

how come there are so many numbers around here?!?

Can you say, "a.f.f.l.i.c.t.i.o.n" ???

Good, I thought you could. This is....

Affliction Number One.

Number Lust.

And oh yeah, one more thing. I wanted to let you know, I will be telling you about more of "her" afflictions, additions, obsessions or whatever you prefer to call them.

Why? Because I CAN count and there has NOT been enough kitty treats being handed out to meet my daily quota. Just saying and this is after all MY blog ;) You are game for this aren't mew?!? If not, just let me know and I'm going to sell the information to the local newspaper.....