Collection of Fish Scales

Yep. Fish. Scales.

No. Not scales ON fish.

Fish ON scales!

I've discovered from many sources, that three of anything is a collection.

I have FOUR!

So I have a collection of fish scales.

Those of you with fur - you probably already have one of these yourself. And probably call yours a fish scale too. If you don't have one, I bet you'll probably be wanting one. Soon.

For everyone else, let me share my vast wisdom with mew...

This is a very nice fish scale.

It has a larger surface than most other fish scales.

It's a good day when you get to use this one.

Do you understand yet? No?

Okay here it is....take notes if you need to....a fish scale is what you place your fish on to tell if you are getting your fair share for dinner. Thus, a "fish scale".

Now you probably noticed however, that "she" is currently using it to decorate with. Normally, I might have to sabotage this but not right now. Because..

I got this new fish scale two weeks ago. Mom brought it home from the Hwy 127 Yard Sale. It wasn't a steal or even a deal. It was however, a fair price and "she" knew I would love this one. I think "she's" kind of partial to it too. Probably because it's white and crusty - how wonderfur is that?!?

It's out in the studio right now. I think "she" wants to decorate with it. Although so far "she" hasn't put anything on it.

Hmpfh. I say leave it be. I need to be able to put my fish on there.....

I'm linking to Debra at Common Ground: Vintage Inspirations and hoping like heck that I've done this correctly.....


BTW - if you don't already know about her giveaway, follow me on over to her blog. It's a great giveaway but don't drag your tail, it ends September 3rd.....


Jaime Haney said...

These scales are so cool! I didn't know that 3 of something meant it was a collection... I now am a collector of many things, including cats!

I like the name collector much better than hoarder ;)


Rebecca said...

How are ya
These are great
Love the scales

erin's art and gardens said...

such a very cool collection! thanks for stopping by my bloggy today!
happy friday to you,
p.s. the verification word is...striCAT! appropriate for your blog.

victorian parlor II said...

Hmmm...I don't have any fish scales but my mom did bring home two catnip fish with feathered tails the other day. It was great fun. I wonder what they weigh? I'll have to drop a hint for mom to get me a fish scale too.

Purrs and meows,


stefanie said...

you have the BEST collections!!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Romeo I know Charlie agrees with you about 'fish scales'. I only have one and it's not nearly as fabulous as the one 'she' found on the 127 sale! Still it can weigh fish@

Carole said...

Great scale ....fish or no fish.


Diane said...

Thanks for sharing "her" fish scales with us Romeo. That big one might be a good place to take a catnap - just saying! Diane

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Deborah and Romeo..I love you!!! and we had a baby kitty too..she lived to be 16 years old..a sweet quiet little gray kitty...have a wonderful week..I love the fish scale..all white and crusty..is there any "fish scales" on it.;)

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Great collection, Romeo! Thanks for sharing..

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi, so nice to catch up here. I have missed so much purring and wonders of the humans.
Purrfectly wonderful Romeo,
Miz Pennywinkle

Unknown said...

Very fabuloso!!! Wish we could find cool stuff like that around here. I bet it would look great with a fish on it....