this cat does not do rain....

... unless I can be dried off with a nice warm fluffy towel.  Which I am told, there was not a single one to be found at the Vintage Marketplace in Springfield, Ohio.  So I am very happy to report that I had the foresight to stay  h. o. m. e. I can see that I amaze you with my keen senses, leaving you speechless since I don't hear you...

So while I was at home, where it was also cold and rainy, I was inside snoozing in comfort.
Meanwhile 400 miles away, she unloaded in the rain...

two hours into set up and it's still dry in the tent

four hours into set up -
note lunch on table....cookies and water

...sold in the rain and froze her tail off in the rain.  Such dedication for me and the acquisition of monies for my catnip! I should keep her right? Better to send her out into the rain, than risk freezing my whiskers off and getting drenched.  The results would be horrific! My fur would take days to return to it's glorious shine and my whiskers or lack thereof.... oh my fur stands on end just thinking about it! Let's move on, shall we.....

It was so cold, one very kind customer took pity on her numb fingers and gave her their extra set of gloves on Saturday.  If you are reading this, a huge thank mew!!!!  If her fingers had gotten frostbite, however would she feed me?!?  It really was that cold!  Four shirts and a heavy sweatshirt on Friday was not enough.  So on Saturday she wore four shirts, a denim jacket AND a sweatshirt trying to stay warm.

So now you've got a feel for how bad the weather was.  And you might be dreading what I'm about to tell you regarding the show sales.....

There were very few people on Saturday due to the cold, rain and hail.  A day that should have been the best of the three days.  It was the worst sales on record for a Saturday.  And that's thirteen years worth of sales data.

However, sales were very good on Friday and 45 minutes before closing on Sunday.

 The afternoon sun and warmer temperatures Sunday afternoon certainly helped convince a few people to come out. And sure made it a lot nicer for load up.

This show was probably one of the craziest, unpredictable, out of the norm show sales yet.  But in the end when the trailer was packed and she was ready to go....

....there was very little to pack up! 
How purrfect is that?!!!

So you see, it was all good!

Now where is my catnip?!?!!


still out there....

It's true! I'm still out here and yea she is too.  Not that you are particularly interested in her - I know it's me you come to visit.  Of that I have no doubt.  She's too boring.

If this was her blog she'd probably tell you about all the flowers blooming and that I had my anal glands purged.  Me, I'd let you know that the winter killed off the gardenias but not the ticks and I wanted to kill the veterinarian.

She'd probably also mention that she's been working like a dog and I would tell you that I've been working hard supervising (cats are VERY good at this). I work much harder than she does.  And I'm also much quieter while I work.

Note: paint on head....do I get workers comp for this?
She has been making a lot of noise for months now.  Building, hammering, measuring, hand sawing with the miter box, ripping up old nails off a barn door and just general woodworking, rabid woodchuck style.  And all this so I can have a few extra catnip plants this summer.  You know, thinking about it, I AM grateful!  So long as she doesn't delay in getting those catnips in the ground asap.

So how is what she created and gathered going to get me catnip?  I'm sending her off Wednesday morning (only after my breakfast naturally) to Springfield, Ohio to sell all this stuff.  And while many folks are familiar with the wonderful Springfield Ohio Antique Show and Flea Market, did you know within that venue is The Vintage Marketplace?!!?  The brainchild of the Junk Mistress herself, Sue Whitney!  And what a show Sue, Jon Jenkins and the staff puts on! And I'm not just saying this.  Seriously. Great. Show.

At The Vintage Marketplace you'll find all kinds of talented vendors and fantastically magical goods!!!!  And this year they have all kinds of great perks for the customers!  Giveaways and drawings for $500 and $250 shopping sprees just to name a very few things.   If you live in the area, this is a show not to miss!  And if you're not in the area? Catch a bus, train or pull the rusted tricycle out of the garden and head over! It's so worth it! Whisker promise!!!

Here are a few more things that I'm sending out with her......

I'm also sending the camera with her. I'm hopeful she'll bring back some good pictures.  She should be hopeful that she has time to get some pictures.  "Why?",  you may ask..... she either brings home some good photos or I pee in her brand new walking shoes.  It's just that simple!  Check back with me in about a week for the outcome.  In the meantime, the betting office is now open.  Pictures or wet shoes?  Let me know....